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I squint at the zig zag of blue sky surrounded by fluffy white clouds. The sun beams down on my skin, which is destined to remain pale no matter what. It has two tones- snow white with a sprinkling of freckles, or lobster red. I swing my arm over my eyes as the clouds part, making it too bright to even squint.

'Put on your shades.' I hear a gruff voice order, as my dad throws my sunglasses in my direction. I obey, my eyes widening with relief. 'Its like you're a martyr.' He mutters as he sinks back onto his sun lounger.

'I'm not. I just like the sun on my face.' I shrug as he remains silent. He knows I like arguing for arguing sake, so he refuses to respond. My mother on the other hand clucks her tongue.

'Del. Don't be difficult.'

'I'm not-'

'Don't argue with your mother, you'll never win.' Smirks my dad proudly as I roll my eyes. I sit up on my elbows, gazing out at the beach, soft blue green water lapping the white sand lazily. It sure was beautiful. This was probably the last family vacation I would be party to, considering I was now nineteen. I was going to study travel and tourism at college soon, so this was like my final hurrah, if you will.

The Bahamas.

It was beyond idyllic, and my parents had used all their savings up so we could come here. It was their dream holiday, and after repeatedly telling me it was the last one they'd be paying for me to come along on; they booked it. I watched the bronzed bodies in neon bikinis and red shorts frolicking in the surf as they soaked up even more sunshine. Pfft, as if they needed it. Try being egg white.

'Del, a beer please. Your mother will have a white wine.' My dad commanded as I glared at him. He was always ordering me around and it wound me up something chronic; but here I was on an all expenses paid holiday in The Bahamas so I kept my mouth quiet. I pulled on my beach dress and my straw hat as I pushed my feet into the flip flops that sat beneath my lounger and searched for the bar.

'Atta girl.' Beamed my dad as I threw him a look which went unnoticed. I failed to understand how my dad tanned in a glimmer of sunshine, and my mother was naturally tanned due to her Cuban heritage. I literally defied genetics. All I had inherited was the waist length silky black hair, which I was grateful for considering the alternatives. I weaved my way through the sun loungers and towels to the bar, where a girl grinned at me.

'Hey, what can I get you?'

I sighed my order out as I gazed out to sea, wishing I was on a boat out there, just me, myself and I. I liked my own company, I didn't need companions. Something about taking on the world intrigued me.

'Let me guess. In a past life, you were a pirate.' A voice drawled from behind me as I turned with surprise. One of the bronze bodies stood behind me, dark blonde hair slicked back as his crystal green eyes gazed at me playfully. He was stupidly attractive, which meant he was no doubt an absolute knob jockey.

'I dont believe in any of that, sorry.' I shrugged as I turned back to the bar. This didn't seem to deter him though, and to my annoyance he slid into the seat beside me.

'Seriously? You don't believe in fate, or destiny?' He sounded genuinely perplexed as I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. The drinks were placed in front of me as he frowned, glancing around us. 'Oh, I get it. Honeymoon?'

I furrowed my brow at him in confusion as he nodded at the drinks.

'Oh.' Two drinks. 'Yeah, something like that.' I mumbled as he nodded respectfully.

'Can I get a Jack and coke?' He flashed a smile at the barmaid who flushed a deep crimson under his gaze. Urgh. 'Congratulations. He's a lucky man.' I blinked rapidly, unable to lie to save my life. But in this instance, to avoid said knob jockey I needed to.

'Thanks. Have a good vacation.'

'Oh I'm sure I will. I'm here with my family. It's my dads birthday so I got a free ride along.' He smiled again, my stomach flip flopping as our eyes met. 'Ryan.'

Great. Now he wanted to know my name. I glanced around desperately as a tall guy strode towards us, clearly on a mission to dive into the ocean. I took my opportunity, beaming in his direction.

'Hey!' I smiled in what I hoped was a familiar way, praying this guy took the bait. He glanced at me before nodding warmly.

'Hey yourself.'

Ryan watched us coolly, a smile playing on his lips.

'Fiance?' He questioned, raising an eyebrow at me. I watched the tall guy leave as he jogged to the shore, glancing back at me invitingly.

'Uh, yeah.'

'What's his name?'


'Excuse me, Ryan. I've gotta go.' I left, heading in the opposite direction to my parents, hoping Ryan would forget me as I snaked my way around the beach, desperately trying to hide. I didn't need any attention from a guy like that, no thank you.

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