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"Sweetie, know this hell will freeze over before you have any chance with me again." Holding my head high and feeling confident in my words as I stare him down. One way or another, he will have to get this through his head that I'm not an option. But my confidence begins to slip away as he playful boylike charm faded away, and pure lust clouded his eyes. Leaning closer to me, he placed his palms down on each side of me, closing me in, as if I might run. " Ya know my little Acushla; I allow you to think that you will get rid of me that easily but remember this, you are my addiction Tho you say you want nothing more than to be coworkers or associates, I, on the other hand, know that it won't turn out that way. My lips have touched every part of this little body of yours, and I was able to do that in one night. That memory is burned and seared into my brain, your moans and cries ring in my ears all day long. But no matter how long it's been, I still taste that liquid honey that spilled from you honey pot that night, so if hell has to freeze over ill go to war with Satan himself for it."... He Mia is a 26-year-old rough around the edges, fiery black women. Her life has had up and downs, but she thought she found the one until she met Conner O'Sullivan. One night of drunkenness, excitement, violence, and passion caused every single one of her emotions to jumble together.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


I’ve spent forever preparing myself for a night of passion, something I dreamed of for a few years. It was the night I was going to give myself entirely over to Brandon in just 6 hours, I just had to do a few lady things to do and call Megan the moment I got home. As I left work, I got a few good-byes from my awesome boss/partner and my coworkers, but I noticed most of the male attention was on my ass exiting the building.

See what I have learned is that I’m a beautiful woman and have had men and women explain what makes me attractive. My height makes me cute and innocent I’m about 5"2, my skin complexion is golden honey I get that from my mama. My eyes are big, bold, and brown, something that was said that could pull man soul from his body. My ass is two sizes too big for my body but was told it fits me well, I could go on for days and days of the comments I’ve heard the most. But the best one yet is my name lol my name is Mia Lovejoy from the mouth of my man

“Your last name shows who you are as a person; you’re a type of woman that loves hard and brings joy to others.”

just thinking about it made me blush. The moment I got into my car I call Megan

“Hey bitch”

all I could do is laugh at her. She’s my best friend and has not changed a bit.

“Megan, are you going to say that every time I call.”

“Maybe but......”

she paused for a moment debating if she was going to say something, and I already knew where she was going with this.

“Sweetie, I want to do this it’s been a long three years, don’t you think he deserves this, don’t I, don’t you think? I do”

hearing her take a significant intake of air

“I know I want you to be sure, he has been rocky the last year and a half, and I don’t want you giving up something you held on for 26 years to a dirtball like that. Do you not remember the conversations you’ve had with me when he didn’t come home until 4 am talking about looking for work or staying too long at his boy’s house? You haven’t caught him slipping yet, but the signs are there. I’m all for you finally letting loose and being free, but before you do this, do you know and trust that he’s loyal? After all this drama and pain, are you still in love with Marcuse, or do you have a love for him?”

I felt the tears stream down my face as I pulled into the driveway of my home

“Megan, I know I love him. I think we are just in a rough spot and doing this will open a new door and change us, can you support me.”

I felt like I was waiting forever for my best friend to respond, but it was only seconded.

“Yes Boo”

I smiled leaving my car and going into my home

“So, if this is happening tonight, what’s the plan on getting him to the hotel without him knowing ?”

“Well, we have a date at his favorite restaurant tonight, and after I’m just going to request, we go on a walk instead of going straight home. There’s this amazing hotel about ten minutes away from the restaurant, and on our lovely walk, I’m just will announce to him dramatically and say, “Take me, baby.”

I could hear giggling on the other end of the line

“You’re going to seduce the pants off that man.”

I walked into my room, opened my closet doors, and looked for my hot dress for tonight, which cost me a pretty penny.

I knew that this would be something that he would enjoy and totally willing to take it off without a problem.

“So, I know you got a fuck-me dress, but what are you wearing for that cherry popping moment?”

I smiled and blushed at the same time


“Huh... what do you mean?”

I laid my dress out on the bed, walked into my bathroom, and started running a bubble bath.

“Megan, I’m not wearing anything under that dress I’m going straight commando.”

she then preceded to scream into my ear

“Gurl you nasty, how did this come about.”

“Well, I really started thinking hard about what I wanted to wear, but when I brought that dress, the material was perfect for me to wear without anything. This dress could show how much I want this man, and a plus side to it all is my ass would have a lot more bounce, and you can almost see my nipples.”

I turned off the running water the moment I realized my tub had almost reached its max.

“Damn bitch, you thought about this who knew your virgin ass had it in you, you have your sex bag packed away for the weekend?”

“Yes, mom.”

I giggle, “I just trying to make sure you good.”

“I know boo, well I’m going to let you go I need to start the ritual.”

With that, we said our good-bye’s and I slid into the hot water and proceeded to wash every inch of my body. I planned to make sure my body was on point tonight I had gone yesterday and got rid of every single unwanted hair on my body and then went in for a massage to relax me.

I relaxed a little longer in my bubble bath, but I needed it, this was about to change my life, and I felt it. I dried off and lotion myself with cocoa butter when walking past my full-length mirror I chose not to look at myself naked because I knew I would back out. I placed on a robe and started to work on my hair, I wore my hair natural to work and decided to go with something different. It’s rare for me to put heat on my hair, but I wanted it to be silky straight, who knows I want my hair pulled. The issue was my hair takes days to strengthen, I guessed I picked the right day to tame it.

After two long hours of my hair, I was content with my hair, then started to work on my makeup I decided to go very little just some color for my lips, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. I slipped on my dress, and a pair of nude heels and grabbed my clutch and I was out the door.

I told Marcus to meet me at the restaurant because I didn’t want to jump his bones right then and there, I can’t even trust myself for one second, or my legs would be wide open in the back seat begging for him to put me out of my misery. I texted him to let him know I was on my way before I speeded off to my destination. It took me twenty minutes to get there; I looked down at my phone a realized that he had read my text but did not respond, I’m assuming he was here, and I felt my heartbeat speed up. I walked in, greeted by a host.

“Hello, miss, do you have a reservation?”

“Yes under Lovejoy”

he smiled and checked his list, and then escorted me to my table. When I arrived, Marcus was nowhere to be found. I turned to ask the host has the other guest arrived, and he commented I was the first one to come. I took a seat, and my heart saddens. I ended waiting a good half hour before I texted him again, asking where he was. After about two minutes, my message said that he had read it, but no response, I was trying to stay positive and wait a little bit longer. My phone then ranged, and I quickly picked up without looking at the screen I just wanted it to be Marcuse,


I completely sank into my chair; it was only Megan.

“Megan, what’s up.”

“I need you to come down to Suger.”

" Boo, you know I’m waiting on Marcuse on top of that this nigga is running....”

“This nigga is here, hugged up with some bitch.”

I felt my blood boil, and I started to see red.

“Be there in 30 min.”

I hung up on Megan without saying a word to her, I walked right out of the restaurant and hopped into my car heading home I need to pick up a friend of mine before I head to the club.


It was another Friday night hanging at my club, and all I could say is business was booming. I usually find myself at home locked away in my offices or Ireland, but tonight I couldn’t do it I needed to breathe. I’m tired of being Conner O’Sullivan, the businessman, or the asshole. I just wanted to be regular tonight I will.

I was sitting in VIP with a bottle and a few of my friends surrounding me. Though the club was lit, I wanted something more entertaining than being surrounded by a bunch of gold-digging females. As I sat on the couch, I watched everything that was happening around me; bodies were dancing, intoxicated people, and people who defiantly having sex on this dance floor.

But what caught my eyes was a beauty walking through the doors with rage running across her face and her eyes searching for something or someone. Her eyes finally found the bar with a girl waving her down, so she headed that way with speed. I was so intrigued by these women that I made my way to the bar just to hear this woman’s heart out. I made it to the bar before she did and took a seat two stools away from her friend, I ordered a drink and watched this shit unfold.


When I made it to the club, I already cried six times and almost killed someone on the road out of anger. I parked and headed to the front of the line, where I came face to face with Sammy, the bodyguard, and from the looks, pity was all over his face. I went to step inside the club, but he moved in front of me

“Mia sweetie, I need you to promise me you will behave in this club.”

“Sam, you think I’m crazy.”

He looked at me one time and made me laugh, and lord knows I needed it.

“Ok, maybe I’ve done a few things in my past that make you think this, but I’m good.”

“Mia, just last week, you almost beat a woman’s face in for looking at you funny, listen I know your hurting, and if my boss was not here tonight, I would have taken it upon myself to beat the life out of him.”

I smiled

“Sammy I got you, sweetie, I won’t do anything that would be to out of hand now would you let me in?”

he moved aside. Before I make it into the club, I heard Sammy say

“Tell Megan’s thick ass to stop playing and come and get it.”

he made me laugh again. Sammy has been chasing after Megan for about two years now, and I could see her ass caving. The moment I step foot on the dance floor, anger-filled me again, and I wanted to find Brandon and rip his dick off, but instead, I looked for Meagan. There were people everywhere, and it was becoming hard for me to find her, and for a moment, I was worried that I would see Brandon first.

I walked right into the moving bodies, squeezing between people, my toes being stepped on, being hit on by random men. I looked over at the bar and seen Megan jumping up and down to catch my attention; I pushed my way to people until my hands made contact with the bar. I looked up at Megan and got right to it.

“point him out to me.”

she shook her head quickly

“No bitch you need some liquor. First, I don’t need you to lose it in this bitch and embarrassing me, “bartender.”

She snapped her fingers, and the bartender laid ten shots in front of us, I looked up at her like she was crazy.

“I hope you don’t think I’m drinking all these all I want to do is find Brandon and end this relationship with a bang.”

She forced a drink into my hand.

“Right now, I need you to calm down first, drink every one of these shots, and let it settle in, and I just might point him out to you.″

I turned back to the crowd and looked for a moment to see if I can find him on my own, but it suddenly became overwhelming.

“You won’t find him.”

I looked back at her giving her a look that could kill “Mia, just drink it; you know I got you, but I need you to cool down” I picked up the first shot and downed it.

“Fuck it.″


I have to say I’ve never seen a woman take some mine shots in my life. After her tenth shot, I’m positive in the next 15 to 20 min this woman might be out for the count. What I’m really trying to figure out is what guy in his right mind would in here cheating on her.

“Mia, Do you feel relaxed enough?”

She was sitting in one of the bar stools with her face in her palms.

“Megan let’s just get this over with, I got a Glock strapped to my thigh and might or might not shoot it.”

. My ears perked because I for sure don’t need someone shooting up my club.

“Mia, see this that crazy shit I’m talking about!”

“Listen, at this point, all I want to do is scare him. I got way too much going on for me to be on death row for murder.”

Her friend looked really concerned and kept looking at one of my VIP Sections on the corner. There were about 30 people in that section, but for some strange reason, I could point this corny dude out a mile away.

I texted my Security team and asked them to remove the people from the section that didn’t know me but don’t withdraw this guy and his date. I asked them to stay on their toes because a gun could go off. My last request was to let the women at the bar in metallic gold and red dress in. It might be a stupid idea, but I wanted to give this woman this opportunity to close that door.

“Mia just...go easy this is a club you know, and Sammy job could be on the line, I bet he didn’t pat your ass down.”

“No bitch because he got distracted with a conversation about you, I told you I’m not stupid I won’t risk his job.”

With that, I got up from the bar, headed for the VIP section, and comfy on the couch near this so-called man. A few moments later, Mia was heading this way and so was her friend, when they got to the steps they waited for security to say something to them, but it never came. Mia’s eyes were burning a hole into the man, who was practically dry humping some chick.

When she walked into the section, her sex appeal owned the place, I could see some of my friends even drooling. She took a seat at the end of my couch and made herself known by her presence, but dude never turned around. But she was patient she just watched it happen, about 5 mins into watching them dance Brandon asked his lady friend was she ready to leave. She surely was willing, but when Brandon turned around, he looked like he had seen a ghost.

“So, this is what we do now, baby?”

Mia’s friend Megan had her arms cross mean mugging the shit out of him.

“Baby? Brandon, what is she talking about?”

Mia began to laugh, but this laugh was almost psychotic.

“Well, Brandon, what do I mean by baby,” he just stood frozen. “Well, since he won’t tell you, I will. Brandon has been dating me for 3 years, actually is our anniversary today.”

Her lips were smiling, but this smile was tight, almost trying to keep it together. The young woman was mortified.

“Are you fucking kidding, you’ve been playing me this whole time.”

She turned to Mia and apologized.

“Listen I’m so sorry when I met him a year ago he told me he was single, and I believed him.”

She then ran out of there like her ass was on fire, I looked over at Mia, and she was furious.

“A year, you fucking piece of shit.″

that’s when Brandon snapped out of it and snapped

“Bitch, who the fuck do you think you are.”

. “Aham”

Clearing my throat, I entered into there conversation causing everyone to turn and look at me, this was the first time Mia looked at me. I almost hesitated, because I knew I could add to the fire

“Excused me, but that’s not the way you speak to a woman.”

Bandon looked at me, giving me a side look but turned back at Mia, completely ignoring me.

“Yeah, so what I should have told you, but I figured if I played nice, you would have given yourself up to me sooner or later. So, during our last year of dating, I played around in the sheets with someone else.″

Her hands instantly started to hike her dress up, and her so-called boyfriend assumed the worst.

“Don’t you think it’s a little too late for that sweet....″

Mia pull out her gun and cocked it, Brandon instantly fell back onto the couch, everyone else in the VIP section was not even fazed by it. Probably because this section was for more of my violent friends per se, they were entertained more than anything.

I mean, there’s a beautiful sexy woman with holding a gun about to blow.

“Do you really think that I would let this shit slide? Do you think that you could play me for a fool? You’re a bitch nigga, and you will always be one in my fucking eyes. Shit! I was going to give you my virginity tonight.”

I almost choked at her comment. She was waving this gun, and Brandon was moving out of fear that it would go off. She stopped and looked at her friend.

“You tried to tell me, but no, I guess this is what love does to you.”

Megan’s face saddens. Shit, my heart even gave a tug, she looked back at Brandon.

“It’s funny they say love makes you do crazy things, but I think anger is a whole nother ballpark. What I want you to do is get your bleached shit out of my front yard. Your 2003 beat down car out of my garage, and peacefully return the one I’m making payments on. I want the credit cards, the brand-new shoes you got on, the Rolex because those are gifts you buy for a nigga that’s yours.”

Brandon stood up and started walking towards her.

“You can’t live without even if you wanted to, now put the gun down.”

This guy was bold, he has really lost his mind. She began yelling, and I knew the alcohol was taking over.

“Live without you? Nigga are you sure it’s not the other way around? because I’m positive, you are the one who can’t live without me.”

Next thing you know, Mia pointed the gun at the ceiling and shot it, people on the dance floor started running and screaming. I jumped up and stood in front of Brandon, facing Mia.

“Listen, I know you’re upset, but we have to go someone has definingly called the cops.”

She looked at me with tears in her eyes, shaking her head no. Sammy came running up the stairs with regret on his face.

“Sammy gets Megan out of here, I’ll get her out of here.”

He grabbed Megan; she started yelling and telling him she wanted to stay with Mia. He picked her up and put her over his shoulders and headed to the back door. I turned back to Mia.

“Listen, sweetheart, I’m really sorry for your situation; it’s truly fucked up, but if we don’t go, you will be in trouble.”

I stuck my hand out for the gun, she hesitated but handed it over, I tucked it into the back of my pants. I grabbed her hand and started leading her to the back doors, while Brandon laid on the floor, curled up like a baby.

Once we exited the building, we sped walked to my BMW, and I assisted her in getting into the passenger seat and closed the door.

I can’t believe that I’m assisting someone who shot a hole in my ceiling and broke a few lights because of the beautiful woman with big brown eyes, soft plumped lips, and one hell of an ass.

How can I excuse this?

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