The girl with brown eyes

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"Mr Delgrosso, tell us about your mystery girl!" one of the interviewers asked. There was a brief silence from me as I saw everyone is quiet and waiting for my answer. "She is everywhere... She is weird, unique, unpredictable and extremely rowdy!" I smiled as they laughed. "She is a tenacious girl with a high spirit. She moves everywhere with this glint in her eyes which wants to see every beauty possible in the world. She walks like she owns the place. That confident smile and powerful eyes which burn with passion to achieve her goals with a glint of mischief took my soul and heart away with her.." I said with a distant smile remembering her beautiful face and her infamous glare. Everyone was recording whatever I said. Some were smiling while some have a neutral face. "And I am proud to say she is my weird, powerful, childish, tenacious woman."

Romance / Erotica
Varsha Chindam
4.9 20 reviews
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Chapter 1

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“Sweety, go and help aunt Lyla. Don’t stand here.” I gave an awkward smile to the old lady and started walking towards the kitchen. I don’t know who this Lyla aunt is. I met them when I was a five-year-old kid and looking at them is very foreign to me.

“There she is, baby come here.” I heard my mom’s sugar-coated words gesturing me to come near her. I placed my fruit juice glass on the table before padding towards where she is. My hands started sweating as I saw a group of people observing my every move.

“She really grew up, she was so small when we last time met.” One of the women commented. Well, you met when I was five and everyone is small at that age.

“She is going to start her senior high this year.” My mom said and I clearly know my mom is acting in front of these people. She never speaks to me this politely.

“That’s good, have you thought about your college? Which stream you chose?” a fair looking lady asked. Before I could answer her my mom beat me off by opening her mouth.

“Oh, she is going to medical stream like her elder sister Chole. We already planned everything for her, she will be staying with Chole and I am happy that Chole will be there to take care of her.”

I stood there awkwardly as the women asked my mom a few questions and she answered while I listened to their words.

“My kids and everyone are in the backyard, why don’t you go and join them honey.” the fair lady said with a smile. She seemed to be a nice lady but who knows. I nodded my head smiling a little before looking at my mom. She nodded her head and I walked away from there.

I took a deep inhale and observed the interior of the house we are in. My mom brought me to a get-together party of her friends. My summer vacation is going end in two days, I will be a senior this year and I don’t understand what I am going to do. I don’t wanna go to medical school. I am not passionate about medical school or career like my sister chole.

I am not in the mood to talk with anyone, I tagged along with my mom because I don’t wanna anger her. Isn’t it funny that when we were kids we make a checklist or bucket list the things which we want to do when we grow up, as we grow up those things fade away.

I don’t want to go to medical school but my parents already planned my life, at any cost they will send me to a medical school just like how they made chole go there. Chole wanted to do interior designing but they made her go to medical school.

My dad owns a small grocery store while my mom is a head nurse in the hope hospital. Right from my childhood everything is decided by my parents. What dress you wear, where you go, where you need to sit, what you have to eat, when you have to sleep. Everything is decided by my parents. Sometimes I feel like running away from all these restrictions.

I saw how Chole cried every night for leaving her dreams and chasing for something she doesn’t like. She wrote me emails saying how hard and frustrating it is there and I don’t wanna go to that hell. I have my plans and I know I'm going to risk everything to achieve my goals. I'm just waiting for the right time until my senior high ends. I don’t wanna end up like Chole, I love my sister so much as she is the only one who understands me well and I know she is going to support me for whatever decision I am going to take.

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