Reincarnated as The Duke's Daughter

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"I became Calla Victoria Antonette-Hamilton, the Villian of this Novel or so you thought it..." I, a 30-year-old medical student suddenly died due to cardiac death and suddenly became Calla Victoria Antonette-Hamilton, daughter of John William Aaron Hamilton, 10th Duke of Hamilton and 5th Duke of Bardon and His wife, Princess Sophia Marie of Telbia. Weird names but, I am reincarnated. Reincarnated inside a novel and The Duke's daughter.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: Hamilton Family

I, Calla Victoria Antonette-Hamilton was just a 30-year-old medical student from Country P. In the modern worlds if you know what I mean. I have never expected that I would die from Cardiac death because of excessive fatigue but what I did not expect more was I would reincarnate in my own favorite novel. Unfortunately, I have been reincarnated as 'The villainess' in this novel.

My father is John William Aaron Hamilton, 10th Duke of Hamilton and 5th Duke of Bardon. He is a bit strict when it comes to my older brothers, Alexander Liam Hamilton and Philip Hamilton. My father a powerful ruler of our Province, The Province of Mazidonia and was a retired knight when father married my mother.

Princess Sophia Marie of Telbia. My mother married my father not just because of politics but she married him due to love. You see, my mother was also a retired knight. In order to protect their Kingdoms, the kingdom Seiya and Telbia collabs to fight the Kingdom Agia. On the battlefield, my mother and father fell deeply in love with each other.

"Tory! Why must you push yourself in studying!? You're still young! Don't study like you are running out of time!! Come! Have some snacks." Mother said.

A 22-year-old with Silver-haired, green eyes and the splitting image of Duke John came inside the study room with his wooden sword in his right hand. "Mother, I came to see my little sister."

"Oh! Philip! Would you change your clothes, please! You'll get sick!"

"I'm fine Mother! I just want to see Tory!"

While Mother and brother are chatting, I looked at my reflection on the mirror in front of me. In the mirror, a chubby little girl is holding a book. She looks at the mirror with innocence. Sapphire eyes, yellow blonde hair, and her beautiful face that resembles Princess Sophia. She is me. Calla Victoria Antonette-Hamilton or my nickname, Tory.

I stood up and went to my favorite handsome big brother, Philip. "Phil! Up!" Philip smiled at me and gladly picks me up from the ground despite me being a 12-year-old girl. He held me into his arms and because of his height, I could see all of our surroundings. Philip kisses my cheeks. No, rather than kissing, he is torturing my cheeks.

"My cute little sister is so cute and a genius!!!"

Mother left because she is needed in father's army. The Arcana Army. She is his genius strategist and trainer. She brutally trains our soldiers.

If you are wondering what is the difference between soldiers and knights. Well? Soldiers are in the army and Knights are warriors. The Arcana Army is the strongest in the Seiya Kingdom. Someday, My brothers will inherit it.

Speaking of my brothers, My big brother Alexander is currently in abroad. He is the eldest and what I've heard, is also a genius. It makes me wonder if Philip is jealous of our eldest brother but seems like he isn't. Philip is also a smart guy and very strong. He told me that he will become a knight and protect me. How sweet it is!?

"Now, Tory, How about we go on a trip? Maybe visit the Snowy Mountain since you like snow so much?"

Snowy Mountain? I don't like going there but I like it when I look outside the windows and it's snowing. I do not want to physically in contact with the snow. "Tory doesn't want to go."

Then another man came inside the room. The man looks like Philip but an older version of Philip. "Tory, come here!" He spread his arms which indicates that he wants me to go to him. Philip lets me go and I ran towards the man.

"Father!" I ran as fast as I could toward my father. I have never experience having a father when I was on earth. The old me has a very sick mother who died when I turned 19 and an older brother who run away from his responsibility. Thus, I have decided to love this family.

My father and I cuddled. He kissed me on the cheeks that made me giggle. I love my parents because they are loving and caring."How is my little Tory?" He happily asked me.

Philip suddenly wanted to snatch me from Father but wasn't very successful because Father dodged and made Philip stumbled. "Philip, you need to train your balance."

"I am happy to see you too, Father." Philip sarcastically said as he dusts off his pants.

Father chuckles and pats Philip's head. "You did well today. Now, off you go! You, Young man, need to change if you don't want to catch a cold." Philip bows and planted a kiss on my cheeks before he goes away.

"Now, Tory, tomorrow morning, I would like you to come with me in the Palace. There's someone I want you to meet."

I raised my brow. Don't tell me I will meet the King of Seiya. I heard that he is a ruthless King when he was young. The King changed when he married Queen Izabella and had a child with her. "The King?"

"You'll know when we get there."

Who could it be?

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