His Possession (Toxic Love I)

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Katherina Blackwood's life takes a huge turn when a mysterious man claims her as his.

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Katherina Blackwood

I’m gonna be late!


So freaking great!

Slipping on a gray sweetheart top and matching it with a black jean, I started combing my tangled black hair. I was so lazy last night to braid my hair before hitting the bed and my beautiful silky hair as rewarded me now.

I took my own time combing it by taking divisions. My hair stops right above my navel and I like to grow till it covers my ass. After spending my useful ten minutes, my hair is all done swaying perfectly with curves at the end.

Picking up all the books from my study table, I dumped it in my small bag which actually didn’t help and rushed out of my room with a black shrug and few heavy freaking books in my arm.

I rushed to the dining table, placing my books and shrug on the table and my ass on the seat. Breakfast was already on my plate, so wasting no much time I took a spoon of pasta and shoved it in my mouth.

‘No one’s going to steal your breakfast, honey.’ Mom said while making a sandwich.

‘I’m late mom! Why didn’t you wake me up?’ I asked glaring at her.

’You’re a 19-year-old young lady who is very well qualified to set an alarm and wake up in the morning on time for your school. Also, unlike you, I have better work in the morning than to wake you up’ She giggled like some adorable kid.

‘I believe the better work is teaching my sweet little sister not to pee in her pants at night, right mom?’ Hearing this my sister sitting in her old baby chair threw the spoon right in my direction which of course flew above my head.

‘Mommy!’ She started wailing on top of her lungs which I ignored and continued sipping my juice.

‘Kat!’ Mom hissed and started consoling her.

‘Bad Cat! Bad Cat you are’ My sister said pointing her little finger at me.

‘And you are a bad dog, bad dog’ I mimicked her voice and rolled my eyes which only made her wail loud.

‘Katherina stop that!’ Mom said. I shrugged in response and ignored my mother’s glare.

I finished the last fork of the leftover pasta of the previous night and got up, lifting up my books and the shrug.

My sister is no longer wailing, she looks peaceful and mother is busy packing her lunch. I stood for a second wondering how to spoil the moment, that’s when Mom saw my reaction and her eyes widened in fear and she mouthed no. I smirked and let out the ‘no’ words out of my mouth.

’You know what, Bella? Ursula loves —


’— teddy bear, and it’s said that she comes at night to —

‘Katherina Blackwood!’

‘— collect them from cute little girls like you. You better hide yours’ I mimicked a voice of some guy with throat infection which is like a monster’s voice to my sister and fake glared at her before running towards the main door so mother wouldn’t smack my head for the war I just started.

No sooner did I ran when I started hearing Bella’s wail and vessels shattering. I opened the main door and closed it behind, all the screams and wail dying inside as I stepped out into another cloudy day.

Arabella, my little 6-year-old has a weird habit of throwing things when she gets emotional. Yeah, surely not a wired habit. And troubling her is one of the best feelings, ever.

It’s an old small-town famous for its tourist spots. From mountains to creeks and beautiful landscapes, the town is a package of forest due to which the temperature is always moderate, attracting people all over the globe to visit here. But since it’s a town, it also has its disadvantages. Some of the town people get educated and leave this town for a better living while the others stay here and live with the little living. There’s a gas station, few restaurants and lodges, and few shops which are enough for the limited population.

I’ve always imagined city life and wanted to move to a city once high school is done and the closer, I approach towards graduation, the worse it feels since I’ll leave the town for college. Peddling faster in the empty wet road, with the clouds painted white and grey, threatened to shower down for late afternoon rain, I could see my school from far distant. Students are rushing already in, which means I’m late. Again.

When I reached school grounds, I parked my cycle hurriedly making it crash over the others and toppled down.


I saw our school security, snapping his head towards the source of noise and his eyes turning into slits when he saw who was responsible for it.

‘Not again!’ I heard him shout and stomp towards me with his security stick pointing at me. He doesn’t use the stick to beat anyone, except the boys who love playing pranks on him, getting rewards from his stick to their butt ‘You come late every day and cause havoc before even entering for your first class!’

‘Sorry, Oliver!’ I shouted back and rushed to my biology class before he could catch me and take me to the office.

My biology teacher is a Chinese woman in her late 30s with a straight short hair just like her height and a huge spectacle on her non-existent nose. She’s cute but knows when to be strict with us. I just hope she’s in a good mood today. The hallway was empty as I ran towards my first class and when I reached the door, I opened slowly and popped my head inside. The whole class turned their heads towards me and so did my teacher.

‘Uh...mo-morning Mrs. Chihua- I mean Chunhua’

Mrs. Chunhua glared at me. I have addressed her as Chihuahua a couple of times by mistake and received her wrath of humongous assignments. I don’t know when she’s going to cut my tongue and teach that a subject.

‘Morning Miss. Blackwood. I think you may come in’ Her voice was curt and steady.

I walked in quietly, my classmates giggling and I didn’t realise why till my teacher’s voice stopped me abruptly.

‘Miss. Blackwood, I don’t think that helmet has any work here. So if you could please keep it out’

My hand quickly went to my head. The class gave a laugh, making me go red.

‘Oh I’m sorry, I...I’ll keep it out’ I almost threw the helmet out and dashed to my seat.

The class started and as usual, there was silence. Mrs. Chunhua is one of the finest teachers of this institute and also the kind of teacher who sticks to her work and not gossip about students the other teachers in the staff room.

‘So, if the sperm doesn’t find an egg to fuse in the fallopian tubes, it’ll survive there for 5 to 7 days. Any doubts?’ Mrs. Chunhua asked the class.

‘How do the sperms survive for so many days?’ The class nerd Kylie asked.

‘It’s due to the woman’s cervical fluid that nourishes and provides proper nutrients for the sperm to survive’ Was her answer which Kylie scribbled furiously in her book.

After biology was English, one of my favourite subjects because I can sleep in that class. Mr. Moris does nothing but stand in the front of the class with the text book covering his face as he reads non-stop, not letting the chatters of the class interrupt him. After that was Mathematics, another brain eating subject. I passed all three subjects of morning patiently and went to the cafeteria for lunch to meet my best friends Isabella Clearwater and Anna Hemming who were already seated in our usual place.

We three were attached to our hip since kids, as our parents are pretty close to each other.

Isabella, the beautiful fair blonde and Anna, the most sensitive among us with dark brown hair, matching her eyes. They were busy talking to each other that they didn’t see me coming.

‘Hey’ I said and sat in my seat.

‘You were late this morning’ Bella said.

‘Again’ Anna finished giving me a mean look.

‘Yeah, and the most surprising part is Mrs. Chihuahua didn’t talk about that’

‘Mrs. Chunhua’ They both corrected with an eye roll.

‘I prefer Chihuahua’ I mumbled and took out my toast.

‘Toast for lunch? You eat whatever you want, whenever you want and you remain in shape’ Anna said eyeing my toast.

‘My specialty. And come on, it’s not necessary that toast must be eaten only for breakfast and not lunch’ I shrugged at her.

‘Did you see Kevin by the way?’ Bella asked me.

‘Chris told me that he has joined football again, so they are training for the upcoming match’ I said with the toast in my mouth.

‘He didn’t inform me and it’s pouring out. Where the hell is, he?’ She complained

‘Chris told me last night; we’ll see them after school, don’t worry’ I replied ‘I’m only worried about the upcoming exams’

‘There is an entire month to go,’ Isabella sighed. She hated studying; fashion has always been her priority.

‘And I haven’t started yet,’ I said, taking a spoon her brown rice ‘Mathematics is fucking me sideways, I need to score that subject’

‘As long as I pass all the subject, I’m not grounded at home’ She said and looked at Anna who was lost in her own thoughts ‘What’s up with you? Did you finally see yourself naked in the mirror?’

Anna smacked her arm and looked at us ‘Do you guys remember the house in Green Street, the one we toilet papered at night while walking down that way?’ Anna asked nervously.

’Yeah, what about that?′ I asked, furrowing my eyebrows at her.

‘Anna Hemming, we didn’t toilet paper a random house on that street. We toilet papered a guy’s house who called me a fat ass’ Isabella corrected Anna.

Anna ignored her and what she told next, took our breath away.

‘Means the same. Now listen, that guy has shifted right next to my home’

‘What?’ Isabella gasped.

‘When?’ I asked.

‘Last night’ She replied ‘And I also believe he must be the new kid’

I shuffled in my seat and looked at my friends with a determined look. Isabella has already gone pale while Anna looked worried about the whole situation.

‘Okay here’s the thing, he doesn’t know that it was us’ I said.

‘He does know Bella. He’s almost sure that it was her. The only problem is he didn’t get to see her ever again’ Anna spoke, looking at Bella.

‘Yeah, that’s right Anna. He might be knowing that it’s her, but she didn’t see him after that park scene and c’mon he’s just a random guy who teased her. It’s not a big deal’ I tried to believe my own words.

‘It won’t affect her in any way only if she doesn’t show her stupid face to him when she comes to my home!’ Anna’s snapped.

‘Right’ I said looking at Bella who is in the first stage of a panic attack.

We had girls out a month ago. We were in the Greet Street when I and Anna went to buy ice cream leaving Bella alone, which was a great mistake. They were a bunch of guys near a local park and one of them teased Bella and called her a fat ass. She fought back and threw a stone at him which landed on one his actual fat ass friend. They started to chase her as she ran through the street and we hid ourselves in the ice cream shop for what seemed like an hour.

After that scene, Anna met him again a week later when she was on the way to her Grams. She immediately called both of us and we followed him to his beautiful house. We being the best friends for life planned to pay back by toilet papering his house at midnight after the lights are off. We had so much fun that night, sneaking in the middle of night into a private property and toilet papering the home with the help of ladders we brought with us. The security guard was fast asleep on his chair, and Isabella had the guts to shove a tiny leaf inside his nose which made him sneeze loudly and sit back alert on his chair, but we were gone by then. After that, we never stepped into that street, especially Bella because he has seen only her, not me or Anna.

No longer dwelling on the on the situation, men and Anna tried to lift up Isabella’s mood by talking about her fashion topics and went got ready for gym class. The best part of Monday is, all the three of us share the same afternoon classes.

On the way to the class, I saw Megan Barbara and her minions leaning on the locker, probably gossiping about fake nights they spend with the football team. Most of the words that slip through her rich matted lips are fake and shitty. The popularity she has here is because of her father, who is the mayor of the town. It’s also due to that reason she lost me as a friend when were young. The four of us were together but as we grew up, pride got the best of her and she drifted far apart from us. The worst part is she went against us in everything like an enemy. We don’t understand what made her so cold and selfish.

‘Little Blackwood wore the same bellies today, doesn’t it stink?’ Megan said in a disgusting tone for which her so-called best friend Veronica Davis made a disgusting face as if she’s trying to puke. I ignored her, like I always do.

‘I’m glad you’ve taken an interest in her stinking bellies. She’ll be very happy to give it to you’ Anna sent a flying kiss towards.

‘Puke on Barbara’s wig, Veronica’ Isabella snapped back.

Megan looked like a fuming dragon, smokes of anger releasing from her ears and Veronica looked pretty troubled. We chuckled softly and walked faster to the basketball court where Mr. Peterson, a buffy look South American around six feet tall in his late 40s was already waiting for the students to arrive. He’s a kind of man who aims for discipline and obedience from his students.

We all lined up, girls and boys in separate lines. His voice boomed loud and clear in the silent court hitting the roof and the walls.

‘As we all know that this year, we have an inter school sports competitions and I expect us to win the basketball tournament. Training will start from tomorrow, morning at six a.m. and at evening after school. Two hours of practice every day, excluding Sundays. We have not won the trophy from past two years in a row. I hope you students won’t disappoint me and the school!’ He ordered.

He paused for a second and glanced at all the boys on the line hoping to find a scowl expression but the students know better than give him the satisfaction and face his wrath.

‘Ladies’ He looked at us ‘No gym classes. Boys line up!’ With that all the girls parted in their own ways, some went out while the others sat in the seats watching them play.

‘We won’t be having gym classes until the Sports Day gets over!’ Anna squealed in happiness. She hates gym classes; they are the worst nightmares with dodge ball being on top of the list.

We sat and gossiped a whole hour because we couldn’t get out to the ground due to the rain, before attending our other classes that went by swiftly. When the last bell rang, I informed Isabella and Anna that I’ll meet them in the football court before making a run to the football court.

The air was cool when I stepped out and walked on the drenched football court. I saw that the coach has left and the boys were really worn out, sitting on stone bench. I quickly spotted Chris with Kevin and made my way towards them.

‘Chris’ I called out running towards him and bumped into his tired body. He almost lost his balance, but chuckled over my shoulder and turned around to wrap his arms around me.

‘Missed me too much I guess?’ He smirked looking right into my eyes.

‘You have no idea’ I mumbled and placed my lips on his dry ones. He kissed me back tenderly, pulling me closer to his body.

‘I wanted that’ He said softly after we parted and slumped his head on my shoulder. I ran my fingers through his sweaty brown tendrils. Anna and Isabella came arrived and Isabella is already in Kevin’s arms, her back pressed against his front as she started talking about her day. Anna sat next to them, joining their conversation.

‘You need to rest’ I said softly running my fingers over his arms, up and down.

‘Hmm’ Was all he replied and lifted his head from my shoulder to look at me.

‘I’m sorry I’ve been such an asshole lately. Practice takes almost all my time, that I’m unable to spend my days with you’ He spoke tiredly, his heavy lids trying to remain open.

‘Take your time, I know how important football is to you, and how important this match is too. I’ll wait’ I said softly looking into his deep blue orbs that never fails to fascinate me.

I smiled softly and placed a kiss on his forehead. He grinned cheekily and squeezed my ass making my eyes wide open.

‘Chris we are in the field!’ I snapped, he only grinned and buried his head in my neck.

‘You guys need a bed?’ Anna growled making all of us chuckle.

’You know you should date that camera guy —

‘Henry Stuart?’ Anna finished Chris statement as a question.

‘Yeah, that guy. He really seems to have an interest in you’

‘Shut up Christopher! He’s such a malnutrition guy, not my type at all’ Anna snapped back.

‘Oh, c’mon I’m sure he’s built at the place he’s supposed to’ Kevin said, Anna turned as red as a tomato, her fingers gripping the bottle in her hand too tight for her convenience.

Knowing what’s coming next, Bella moved forward and within no second the bottle in Anna’s hand was emptied on Kevin.

‘You gotta be fūcking kidding me! You better run for your life before I catch you’ That was all Anna needed to hear. She ran in a speed of Royal Enfiled 350 while Kevin chased her with the speed of 5 Suzuki Hayabusa. We three sat and watched them with amusement, Anna running like a madwoman in the court as Kevin laughed at her and finally caught her by the waist.

He lifted her high up in the air, he came walking towards us and without a warning. threw her right on Bella.

‘Ouch’ I exclaimed with a pain expression watching beside them.

’You asshōle! What did I do?′ Bella shouted at him while Anna felt relieved as she was thrown on her and not on the hard ground.

‘You did know she was going to do that, didn’t you?’ Kevin asked.

‘Yes! So what?’ She challenged.

‘That’s the result’ He said coolly.

‘This is not good’ I mumbled softly to Chris, he just chuckled.

‘No sex for seven days!’ Bella said.

Kevin froze on spot after hearing that.

‘I told you it’s not good!’ I said loudly this time and we started laughing hysterically looking at poor Kevin.

After what seemed like hours, we left the school ground. Anna and Bella left together as Kevin need to buy few pills for his mother. Chris insisted to drop me off as he hardly gets any time for me. He put my cycle in the trunk of his old black 1970 Dodge Charger R/T, after getting a long lecture from Mr. Oliver, before we took off.

We reached my home in no time. I stretched my arms and yawned like an uncivilized woman but Chris was looking at me with pure amusement and love. Removing my seat belt, I got up and moved towards him, settling on his lap.

‘Guess you missed me too much’ He said chuckling, holding my waist.

‘Yes, but I know you don’t’ I replied softly and enclosed my arms around his torso and placed my ear on his chest listening to his rhythmic heartbeats.

He chuckled above me ‘That’s not true. You know how important these matches are to me and how much I love football’

I hummed in reply and we held each other listening to Give me Love, running in his stereo softly. It’s peace when I’m in his arms. God, how much I missed him.

‘Give me love like never before. Cause lately I’ve been craving more’ He started singing, I chuckled softly and placed my head on his.

‘And it’s been a while but I still feel the same’

‘What a charm’ I said.

He laughed before smashing his lips on mine. Our tongues danced in dominance playfully, and finally, I gave in. He explored my mouth before kissing my jawline. His head came lower and lower, kissing the spot between the neck and shoulder.

‘My, my, my, my, oh give me love. My, my, my, my, oh give me love. My, my, my, my, oh give me love. My, my, my, my, oh give me love’

‘You sing so childishly’ He chuckled in my neck and sucked my favourite spot.

‘I didn’t sing’ I moaned, drowned in my own pleasure.

‘You just — wait’ His body stiffened all of a sudden. That’s when my reflexes started working faster, the singing continued.

‘My, my, my, my, oh give me love. My, my, my, my, oh give me love’

Our heads turned towards the source of the voice and there stood my little bundle of mischief dumping all the contents from my bag.

‘Arabella!’ I squeaked, she snapped her head up, her wide eyes looking at me.

‘You didn’t get chocolate today, Cat?’ She asked looking at my empty bag. Chris chuckled and opened the dashboard. Arabella shrieked looking at the dashboard filled with chocolates and took as many chocolates her tiny hands can accommodate.

‘Thank you, Chrisy!’ She beamed with happiness.

‘You’re welcome, munchkin’ Chrisy smiled at her with adoration.

‘Okay, you got what you wanted Bella, now leave’ I said sternly when my cheeks were burning with embarrassment.

‘Okay!’ she said and was about to close the door when Chris stopped her.

‘No kissy for Chrisy?’ He asked with a fake frown on his face.

‘I’m no kissing you like my sister!’ She made a disgusted face. I buried my face in Chris’s neck in embarrassment.

‘Here munchkin, on my cheek’ He said. Ara quickly climbed up on the seat and pecked his cheek.

‘Good night’ She screamed out and ran away to home.

I remained still when and Chris kissed my neck.

‘She’s gone’ He said.

‘I know’ I said and looked into his ocean blue eyes.

‘I love you so fucking much, baby’ He said looking deep into my brown ones. I rubbed my thumb on his cheek, smiling affectionately at my love.

‘I love you too’ I said softly.

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