My Treasured Princess

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What happens when two actors fall for each other even after knowing everything will be at stake.Be it personal or be it professional they will be gone "I know that scandal ruined my reputation but I want to regain it in a right way not with another lie of dating someone." **** "One flop do not define my whole career. If u do not fail, u get bore with your success. Flops are not ur enemies but ur friends because they brought you back to reality from ur high sky." **** "Being a distant friend and being in a relationship is two different thing. Are u sure u want to do this even after knowing our parents will be after each other throats" "They can disown me for all I care.." **** "We are celebrity that doesn't mean we have to put everything on SNS or media. We too love to have our privacy. That's why people imagine things and even ship us with another actor, that's okay.. Totally okay. But what's not okay is when the celebrity u are shipping is a married man and you are praying that he get rid of his wife. " **** The life of actors can be seen luxurious and happening but this life is not easy.. Constant worry about fame and popularity, insecurity, jealousy all are the part of this life.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

In a big mansion, a handsome boy was sleeping like a baby.. His fans would become bankrupt just to see his this look. The black and red decorations were for him to feel like a devil in his own hell. But the scene was totally different.

Bad boy of the industry was busy dreaming about his princess. It's been so long he didn't meet her face to face yet he had every news about her.

He couldn't meet her normally.. Most of the time they meet in party where nobody gave them second glance even if they were talking.

Because of their families messed up past, everyone just imagined that they should be enemies so if they were seen together anywhere it would become the headline of next day's newspaper.

He couldn't attend many parties and missed the chance of meeting her.. He knew she would be angry but he also knew she would never express it.

She is so beautiful.. His eyes didn't leave her when he first saw her.. Thanks to the kids zone of every party, he got chance to talk and play with her. Growing up some tension between them increased and it had nothing to do with their family. They couldn't understood it first but later they understood what it was. They felt the electrical pull towards each other whenever they were close.

Their friends would often tease them saying they just need to stand together and people could easily see the chemistry. Irony was no production house saw their chemistry to cast them together.

He was dreaming about the time they spent their time under the moonlight. They were in a birthday party with Disney theme. She dressed like Princess Aurora and coincidentally he dressed as Prince Philip.

She was looking like a real princess from that time he started calling her his princess but never called her that in front of her. That night he got to hold her hand. Her hand was was so soft and delicate, he was afraid that he could break her.

He was smiling in his sleep but it turned into a frown because of the frantic voice of his manager.

"Sir, sir.. Manik sir wake up...!"

"Go away Jimmy.." Manik mumbled..

"Sir wake up.. It's urgent."

"The world is ending?"

"No but Nandini mam's world is surely tumbling down."

Upon hearing Nandini's name Manik sit up, fast. "What do u mean?"

Jimmy turned the TV on and a breaking news was going on..

'Actress Nandini Kapoor is found guilty in tax evasion. The report saying she didn't pay her tax since last two years.. We all know that she has given us back to back super successful projects in this two years. The National Tax service notify her about it this morning and its already a viral topic. We didn't hear anything from the actress yet but she called a press conference at 2pm.

Hope the 'Doll' of the industry have some solid excuse for this or else it can hamper her career.'

"What the hell!! So much happened and u come to tell me now? And what is this why am I not informed about it before?" Manik shouted angrily..

"I don't know sir, the investigators didn't mention about it.."

"Every month I give them money to run a monthly check on her and this sh!t was happening from two years and those losers didn't report! Call her now."

"I did but her phone is off and her manager's phone is busy."

"I couldn't protect her.. Don't know what's going on with her.. Let's go." Manik said coming down the bed."

"Sir, we can't attend her press conference it will make everything worse."

"I am going to my condo.. I can't be in peace in this mansion."

"Ok sir.."

Manik was in the mansion where his parents stays.. He spent his free weekend days there and stays in his condo in other days. He got ready fast and went downstairs where his parents were sipping wine with a smile and watching the breaking news.

" Poor girl. Maybe paying for her mother's sins. Shila Kapoor loves to fly high now finally she is crushed on the ground. Never had any trust in Shila Kapoor's upbringing." His mother said in acidic tone. Manik felt so angry, he knew his parents can go very low but this much..

" What do you think? What will happen?" His father, the center of all the problems asked.

"This kind of scandal affects our career badly. God knows what the public will do."

Manik angrily left the house.. His parents were celebrating her loss. He knew her there was no way she would try to take dishonest way. Then how that happened? He couldn't even able to talk to her..

Jimmy was driving the car, scared as hell. He knew Manik will break few things as soon as he reached. Manik got a massage and he was looking calm from that time. He didn't even break anything after coming to his condo.

Manik sat on the couch in front of the TV and patiently watching the Press conference. He texted her earlier asking if she is okay. He did not expected a reply but she replied. She said not to worry she had everything under control. She actually had, her face wasn't giving anything away. First she said what she had to say.

'I know it's a real messed up thing. It basically happened because of my ignorance. I was so busy that I didn't check that the money I am giving to my tax accountant is actually being used or not. I just thought why wouldn't she? I am paying her for it so she is bound to do it. Police have arrested her and she gave her statement how she used the money I gave her to pay my taxes. Never thought she would do it but I am willing to pay the taxes and the fines that comes with it. It clearly happened because of my ignorance so I am going to make it right..'

The reporters were quickly writing her statement and now it's the time for the questions.

Q: 'Mam how can we believe that u are not paying the tax accountant for lying?'

'U can cross check with the police if you want they have all the proves.'

Q: 'If you didn't know it then why didn't you answer anyones call after the news got viral?'

'Because I needed to figure out what went wrong so that I have answers to give u.. It needed time so I couldn't.'

Q: 'Ur haters are going to use it against you what u want to say?'

'Haters are going to hate whatever we do but this time they are right in their place. This kind of sensitive matters deserve peoples hatred.'

Till the time the conference ended, Manik was annoyed because of the reporters useless questions and Nandini had to sit there and answer. But he was satisfied with the result. Everything had been cleared though few people would brought it up every now then but other than that its fixed.

His stomach rumbled. It made him remember that he didn't eat anything since morning. "Jimmy where is my lunch?!"

Latet at the evening he was reading a script of a series and he was very much liking it. But he was disturb again by his manager's panicked voice.

"What now, Jimmy?"

"Sir.. Sir someone filed a complaint against you and it's all over the news.. They are saying today is the day of breaking news"

"Nonsense.. What complaint and who filed it?"

"Don't know who filed it but she is saying u ra.. raped her and now she is pragnant and refused to accept it." Jimmy closed his eyes as Manik throw the vase near him shouting,

"What the f*ck!"

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