All The Wrong Reasons

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What if all the reasons you are together are so wrong, yet feels so right? *** She is the first woman he loved... Stacy Kia West was the princess of his high school and he, the commoner adoring her from afar, until one day she wasn't so unreachable. They became friends, or so he naively thought. The first woman he hated... "One day, you will be standing where I am and then you will know how it feels like. To be neglected. Belittled. Stepped on. Rejected. Broken." Now she is back and he is ready for his revenge... But revenge, cold and aloof is difficult when he is hot for her, when she brings out old feeling and new passion and stirs both his heart and body. And it is destiny. They are destiny. His broken heart and her broken dreams. His vengeance and her ego. His hurt and her heart. They are puzzles. Will they find the exact pieces and fit in? Or just fall off?

Romance / Drama
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Prologue: When Young Love was...

"Money isn't a problem for me. I can buy everything and anything in the world. I need to just say the word." - Stacy.

"I can't waste my money, man, not yet. But one day I will be able to spend it without counting every penny. I will make sure that day comes." - Gregory.

Prologue - When Young Love was...

(10years ago - St. Xavier's high school - lunch break)

Gregory Thorne had always stayed in the background. Invisible. That was how high school worked. He was what one would call a nerd/bookworm/loser. He was at the bottom of high school's feeding line, always looked down. Always mocked by the ones from top of the feeding chart.

But he was fine with that. He didn't mind the names or the actual would be losers calling him those names. He was fine with being a loser here. He was fine with being called names, fine with being a victim of bullying and mental abuse.


Because he knew he was getting away in six months. Only six months and then he would be gone. Long gone from this hell hole.

After that, he wouldn't be the loser.

He wouldn't be the one working two shifts, one in Starbucks and the other in some derelict night club to make their ends meet. He wouldn't be the one who was having a kid at 22, and could not support himself. And he wouldn't be a college drop out. No.

He would be the one hiring guys who mocked him and called him hurtful names to type some inconsequential documents as he ran his empire. He would be that guy who would write their paycheck and sit in the comfort of his couch, in an airconditioned room, while they sat on hardback chairs, sweating and back aching.

"Loser-thon." Kyle Busch said as he bumped into Greg. Greg ignored it. It was easier that way.

"Are you deaf? Or maybe you are just a pansy?" He grabbed the tray that had a dead bunch of leaves they called a salad 🥗 here in the school cafeteria. "You eat this? Even cows can't eat this, poor little shit." Kyle smirked at him, his eyes narrowed.

Of course, he was poor. His dad was working day and night to feed him and his sister and to send them to school. And his mom was helping as much as she could.

But I am not going to be poor, not always. Gregory thought with a frown. I won't.

"Leave him alone, Kyle."

The voice made Greg's heart hammer and his intestines were doing funky routines. It was a dance he couldn't do no matter how hard he tried. Unfortunately, he had two left feet.

His palms, which were cool a moment ago was now sweaty. And hot, it was so hot in there.

The crowd parted for her, as she glided through it and stood in front of them, looking like a majestic queen.

He was merely a mortal.

Her long blonde hair shone in the sunlight filtering through the windows. Her blue eyes were ice, and Greg was happy it wasn't him that was facing her wrath. Her face was contorted in a scowl, that looked bad on her pink lips. Beautiful lips.

Gregory had dreamed of those lips when he was asleep, but he wasn't what you called a dreamer, he was a realist and he knew she would never go for someone like him. But still, he dreamed, awake, as well.

The heart, it was a problematic organ. It desired even when the reality was so obvious. It yearned and longed for things that was out of this world, even when the reality was so in your face.

His heart was just as problematic. Of course, he knew, he was smart and so he knew. He wasn't oblivious to the fact that she looked like a princess in her branded dresses and his tee shirts from thrift stores were always one size too big for him.

But still, he wanted to kiss her. Kiss those red lips that looked plump and tasty. He wanted to touch her, tangle his fingers inside her hair and get lost in everything she was. He was a teenage boy at heart, and loser or not, smart or not, he wanted her. Her beauty. Her heart. Her body. He wanted her with a passion that sometimes scared him, sometimes shamed him.

"Stacy, dude, why are you defending this loser?" Kyle asked in a whiny voice. Guys like Kyle should never be at the top of the feeling line, but sadly, he was. And if this was the way high school politics worked, Greg was better off as a loser.

"Kyle, you dumbass, just go away." She said with a wave of her elegant fingers. "Don't make me say that again. You know how I get when I don't like something." It was all said in a voice that matched frost. She waved a hand in dismissal and Kyle went all blubbery and red.

"You weirdo, why is she suddenly going all Mother Theresa-" Kyle grumbled something under his breath and walked away or more like stomped away, leaving Greg staring at the creature in front of him.

"Thanks." Greg said to her in a whisper. His voice felt weak and shaking. She looked up at him with a small comforting smile that instantly relaxed his body.

"Gregory, " He never knew she knew his name. It was such a satisfying feeling, knowing that she had known his name. It made him feel like he had found a new software. "If he ever did that to you again, dump your leaves on his head. Don't just stand there. Okay?" She said as she pointed to his salad and he nodded, feeling like a dumbo. He couldn't muster a word when she was in the same vicinity as him. When she was talking to him, it was whole another story. Leo would call it as "The Stacy Effect." Which was not funny.

"Hey, is that an A on your computer essay?" She looked at the paper that fell from his book when Kyle was being an ass and bumped him.

"Yes." Greg said as he bent and picked it up.

"Awesome. I am almost failing it." She looked at him with her probing eyes and then she nodded as if she had found an answer to whatever question she had in her head. "You can say no, but can you-can you please tutor me?" She looked at him, azure eyes wide with pleading and he nodded. He didn't even think before he nodded. He just nodded.

Who was he to say no to her? He was a commoner, and she -she the Princess. How would he dare say no.

"Okay. Umm, s-sure."

"That is awesome. Thanks, Greg." She clapped her hands and bounced away, her blonde her bouncing along, leaving him sighing at her back.

Did that really happen?

He kept thinking about it and almost bumped against the wall as he walked all the way to his next class in trance.

(6 months later)

It took him a lot of courage to do what he was going to do. And a lot of encouragement from Leo Shine. His only friend in the school, who was just as much a loser as him.

"Man, take charge." Leo said as he tuned his guitar with a smile.

"Look at me. Do I look like someone who can take charge?" Greg pointed to himself. And his loose tee shirt and the glasses.

He did not look like a guy who could take charge. Not really.

"But, y-you are going to change the world." Leo said with a look of determination in his eyes.

"And you want to be a rockstar. And look at you, still playing your guitar in the basement. We all have our weakness, man." Greg said with a nonchalant shrug.

But finally, Greg had agreed to do that, when Leo had said something that was kind of acceptable. And wise.

"What if she said no, at least, you would have tried. No regrets."

He was ready to ask her for prom. It was such an overused concept according to him, but still... It was also kind of a defining moment in the end of an era... High school era.

He was ready for a no. He had almost accepted that it would be a no. But he hadn't been ready for what she had done.

She had done something Kyle Busch hadn't.

She had taken his heart in her hands and broken it without even thinking twice. Cruelly. She had used him and threw his trust in his face.

'but... I am so out of his league. He is just a - what do I say, a charity case?!'

She was. She was out of his league. But she shouldn't have done it that way. And he wasn't a charity case. He would never be a charity case.

She had used him and thrown him away like a garbage. Like the dried green salad.

And he... He never forgot that.

He could enave forgot that.


Life is like a rollercoaster ride. It has twists and turns and curves and bends. Dark tunnels and open skies.

Sometimes you were stuck inside a tunnel for so long, troubling to breathe, afraid of the dark, while someone else infinitely enjoyed the sunny skies and birdsongs and warm breeze.

Greg and Stacy were in that rollercoaster ride. He was forever trapped in the tunnel. In the dark. He so badly wanted to come out of it. To walk out. To be out there where he wanted to be. To be looking at the sky.

She was in the side everyone liked to look at. Sky was above her. It was her limit. Everything around her was shiny and glittery and sun shone wonderfully over her.

And one day, the rollercoaster started to run in reverse.

Bringing her to the places she hated, him to light.

Bigger skies grew in front of him, urging him to explore every new horizon. His dreams and hopes, they were now visible to him, to everyone. He was closer to the sky.

She was sucked into the tunnel that had no light or air. No way out. It way suffocating. Her dreams and hopes, they are obscured by the overwhelming darkness.

And one day, their cars would come together and they will meet. Again.

It would be like stars colliding.

And it might be the best or the worst thing that has ever happened to them.

But it is all fated...

Their past and present and future.

The old story and the new one.

Tell me what you think 💭?

Remember Gregory? ¥ou would have fleetingly remember him from when Logan had a meeting with him to build him an office.

And Yup. Stacy is back.

And also expect more of your favorite characters and some twists along the way.

Please use my link -> to enter my profile and read the story. If you are coming for my stories, please use this link.... (so that I can get paid. Thanks.)

((Hola peeps. I am back. With this story about Stacy, your favorite villain 😉 and also a new horror story.

Please check it out: kill me. Save me. (It is for a contest, so your views and comments and hearts are much appreciated.)

Kill me. Save me.

~ Heartbreak will kill you. ~

'How to save a heart from heartbreak? Saving it from their owners! Hearts are beautiful and to put them through such kind of pain, over and over again, just barbaric!!! They just don't know that death can be liberating. They are cowards. Me, I help them heal. I save them from themselves. Does it make me bad?' - Love, Me....

There is a killer on loose, a caring lunatic, who is killing people, almost gently, caringly. With an Angel's touch - Angel of Death.

Detective Rosalie and Harish is in race against time to find this person before they kill anymore.

Share your comments... Kindly.

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