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To never fall in love with rich guys and to never make a bet when feelings involved. Vera Davis knows it better than anyone or she thought so. At one night in the bar Vera's colleague Chloe becomes really desperate with her crush on their handsome CEO. So Vera suggests the only possible decision in her very annoyed and drunken state – to make a bet on him. With return of a person from her past everything goes wrong from the very beginning, Vera founds herself in a total whirlwind, where past and present combined in the tight knot. Even if Vera knows how to protect her heart, sometimes it isn’t enough. Because heart wants what it wants without any reasonable excuse.

Romance / Erotica
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And here I was.

Standing nervously outside my boss’s office in the middle of the Christmas party.

Only three months ago I couldn’t even imagine myself in this situation.

Little did I know how it will be when I proposed to Chloe to make a bet on our CEO.

God, she was really desperate with her crush on him. So I only did it for her, to help her to draw his attention, for him to notice her.

But everything went wrong from the very beginning.

Right now my insights screamed to me, that I needed to be in another place. But I guess today, after all these years when I was following my heart, I finally decided to think what is best for me and how to protect myself from the heartbreaking.

So I took a really deep breath and knocked on his door, only to hear his voice.

“Come in.”

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