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Chapter 9

My trip from heaven to the earth was short and very hurtful. Tyler’s actions hurt me. I had my suspicions that somehow there was his father involved. But it was Tyler, who gave me happiness and then took it away. Still, I missed him. I know, I was pathetic, but I couldn’t control it. Not that I tried hard to do that. Maybe if my parents were at home I wouldn’t be missing him so much, but I was alone. Tasha’s family went for a short trip to New York. They proposed to take me with them, but I refused saying to them that I want to clean the house before my parents’ return. I lied, but I knew it will be for the best. I wasn’t the good company right now.

I woke up in the middle of the night, trying to understand where I am. Occasionally I fell asleep in the living room. My phone was going crazy and my first thought was about Tyler. Could it be he calling me? To tell me that he misses me?


“Miss Davis? Miss Vera Davis?” The unknown man’s voice sounded firm but demanding.

“Yeah, it’s her. Who are you?” In an instant, I realized that something bad happened. My insights had been frozen.

“I’m so sorry to inform you, but your parents got into the car accident. It was lethal, for both of them. My condolences.”

With those words, my world was falling apart. It can’t be true! It’s some nightmare and I am still sleeping! Just then I heard a knock on my front door. I got up from the couch to open it. There was the police to inform me formally about my parents and it was the last thing that I remembered. I passed out.

The week after the accident flew like a flash. I remember almost nothing from there, not even funeral. Tasha and her parents took care of me since I didn’t have any relatives in the USA, insisting that I could stay at their house as long as I needed it. I cried my eyes out and I was desperate to hear Tyler’s voice, but it was no use. Even if he said, that we were over, I knew, that he will be able to reassure me even a little. But there was silence.

With the beginning of the second week from my parents’ death, I started falling apart. At school, I’ve been told that I can take a week or two to recover, so of course, I used their permission. I went home and started drinking and smoking. Tasha found me unconscious in my parents’ bedroom, I was drunk as hell. I told her everything, how much I missed my parents, about me and Tyler. God, she was angry that I hid that from her. At the same time, she loved me too much, so we were crying together in the end.

“You know, Vera, you’re so good at hiding things. I guess you’ll make a really good spy!” Tasha tried to joke to cheer me up.

“Yeah, a spy with a broken heart... How pathetic!” I hiccupped.

“Maybe I’m crazy, but what if we could call your Romeo? I think he was honest, he wanted to be with you. What if it was all his father’s doing? He forced him or threatened? We need to find out what the fuck is going on!”

“You’re right! I wanted to call him once on the first day. But since my parents I just... I should give it another try!” I pulled my phone and started searching for Tyler’s number. Finally! He didn’t pick up from the first ring and I was ready to give up when I heard his voice.

“Hey, Vera!” He whispered, but I didn’t notice any glee in it. He didn’t hear my voice for almost two weeks and no emotions even? Guess, we were really over. Alcohol in me was bubbling sending my nerves to the edge.

“Long time no see, Tyler, or read... or hear...Fuck!” I was mumbling, it wasn’t a good sign. Tasha sat before me with pity in her eyes.

“Are you drunk?! What time is it? Shit, these time zones are killing me. In Spain is already 3 in the morning and you kind of wake me up!” He raised his voice at me, now sounding angry.

“Listen, Ty...” I fell silent in mid-sentence.

“Tyler? What are you doing on the phone in the middle of the night? You scared me... I woke up and you’re not in the bed with me. You know how much I love to be wrapped in your arms at night!” Hearing those words broke my heart in pieces. And I was sure that after my parents’ death it was impossible to feel such pain again. But no, here I was with my suffering heart aching more. It was her, she’s in Spain with him, sleeping in his arms. Cindy. He told me, that he’s getting back together with her. Why was I so surprised? Because in all my stupidity I’d hoped that he’ll be with me no matter what.

“Cindy, please, I need to take this one. It’s important! Go back to bed, I will be back soon.” Rage started raising inside me. Why am I still on the phone? Am I in hell already, because it feels like it. But I still was there, holding my phone like it was my last hope.

“It’s not so important, Tyler. You should go to your beloved Cindy! It was a mistake to call you!” I screamed at him, trying to reduce from sadness and anger. Tasha’s eyes widened from my words.

“Hell, Vera! I told you the truth, I wanted to be with you, but I can’t! It’s complicated! And I know, it’s hard to believe me, but I needed to do it!” He was outside, as I heard the sound of waves.

“Yeah... Of course, I should believe you! Geez, Tyler! It’s bullshit!”

“Vera, no... Listen to me!”

“Don’t. Spare me your explanations! I needed you, needed to hear your voice because I thought you cared about me. Gosh! It even sounds stupid! My world was ruined a week ago and I was alone in it... Tasha, sorry, it’s not like that...”

Telling him the truth I was hurting my friend. She didn’t deserve it. Just then I felt numbness and realized that all this alcohol is going out of me. I handed Tasha my phone and ran to the bathroom screaming to her “Don’t you dare to talk to him!”. When I was done, I returned to the room only to find Tasha had been talking to Tyler, obviously.

“... car accident... She never told me anything about you two, but I... I know, Tyler, it’s surreal. She’s a strong girl, but obviously not enough... She needed you, now I know it... Fuck, why life is always like that?! No, I don’t think it’s a good idea... She won’t speak with you... Make sure you will do it... As soon as you will be there... When?! Yeah, I’ll make sure. Bye!”

“It doesn’t matter, Tasha... I don’t want to see him or hear anything from him! All of his words were a lie! Pretty and convenient lie! I know better not to trust guys like him and still, I was caught up in his trap! Shit... I miss my mom so much...”

“Vera, correct me if I am wrong... Before this nightmare... Were you happy with him?” Tasha talked to me cautiously, choosing every word.

“Yes, but it doesn’t matter anymore! I won’t be with him! He broke up with me before we even had the chance to start our relationship!”

“Girl... He was devastated to hear about your parents... He concerned about you...”

“I don’t care! He could easily go to hell, I won’t bother! You know, what I want right now? Maybe we could find some dope?”

“Vera, no! It’s stupid! You will regret it!” Tasha was terrified with me, but of course, I didn’t listen to her.

Just like after my parents’ death I didn’t remember too much from this week, but this time because most of the time I was drunk or high... When Tyler returned, he didn’t come to see me. Instead, he was throwing a big party. My sober self wasn’t planning or wanted to go, but my high self... well, I guess it’s easy to figure out what has happened. I was high enough to not to think what I was doing. Tasha tried to watch after me at the party, but I sneaked out from her and walked right into Tyler with Cindy. His hands were on her waist as she stood before him, they were laughing and looked like a couple in love. I pretended all this time, that I was okay, that I didn’t care about them. But it was a lie.

I turned around trying to find the way out and bumped into someone. It was Kith. He caught me by my waist and steadied me.

“Whoa! Watch where you’re going next time... Oh... It’s you, Davis... I didn’t expect to see you here tonight. Shit, I am sorry for what happened to your parents.”

“Yeah, thanks.” I tried to free myself from his grip.

“Vera, are you high? Because your eyes kind of talk for themselves... What if I suggest you to take your thoughts from your grieve with another way? More enjoyable? What do you say?” Kith smiled at me seductively. He was a pretty guy but too mean in my opinion. I glanced back to Tyler and Cindy, they were kissing now and words came out of my mouth before I could think about it.

“Lead the way, Evans, before I changed my mind!”

He didn’t need me to tell him twice. He took my hand in his and walked with me to the second floor. I let that happen in the first room on our way. Kith was nothing like Tyler, he was rough and even cruel. He fucked me from behind, pulling my hair in his fist. He was hurting me with his thrusts and my breasts were aching so much he squeezed them. When Kith finally had his orgasm I felt relief. Tears were rolling from my eyes, I was sober from this.

“God, Davis, you’re so tight... It felt like heaven... Just wow!” He zipped his jeans talking to me. I stood there adjusting my clothes, not daring to turn back and look him in the eyes. Just then the door opened and I heard the voice, from which everything inside me had been frozen. I knew now that having sex with Kith was a mistake and I didn’t want for anyone to know about it. Especially not him.

“Kith! I told you before! My parents’ bedroom it’s not the place for your hookups!” Tyler stood in the door frame and he didn’t see me, because I was behind Kith. Silently I prayed that he will leave the room and wouldn’t find out about me in there.

“Sorry, buddy! But it was just like a rush hour, so badly I wanted this girl!” Kith turned, grabbed me by my waist and in seconds I was standing before Tyler with a stunned face. In his eyes, I saw disbelief, like he tried to understand what happened there. Next thing I knew he pinned Kith to the wall.

“What the fuck?!? What did you do to her?!” Tyler was on the edge of rage, while Kith looked confused.

“What the hell, man? What is wrong with you?!” Kith pushed Tyler away from him and now they were standing and glaring at each other. “You won our bet, Davis’s not a virgin anymore and she’s hot. Why can’t I have her? Before it wasn’t a problem for you! You always shared your girls with me! Besides she agreed on sex with me! That girl here is a whore! She let you finger her in your car the second time you talked to her! So why do you even care?”

Hearing it, my heart skipped a beat... Kith knew about the car, did Tyler tell him? Wait for a second, he said something about a bet.

“What is he talking about? Which bet? You did a bet on me, am I right?” I finally managed to find my voice and looked Tyler straight in the eyes.

“Fuck!” Tyler cursed and looked away from me.

“Yeah, it was here, at his party. We played a “Truth or Dare” when Cindy told us that she heard your conversation in the locker room. It happened, that Tyler just chose to make a dare, so I suggested him to seduce you. And he first.”

“Kith, shut the fuck up! Don’t say another word!” Tyler almost screamed, but at the same time, he was frozen in his place. Kith just shrugged his shoulders and continued:

“Ahem, at first, yes. But then he came back to me and said he wanted to make a bet, that he could easily seduce you in two months. He even promised to make you fall for him... Of course, he won this bet, your slutty behavior didn’t do any good for me and my money.” Kith fell silent. Me? Inside I was already dead.

“I see now... All of this was a bet... Okay. What did he win?” I sounded cool, but it was just an act, brave face before the audience.

“A box full of very proper whiskey.” Kith answered, he was looking confused, trying to figure out what was happening here.

“Oh... I remember this box! God, now everything makes sense! Thank you, Kith! Not for the sex, you were too rough and aggressive, but for the truth! And you...” I shifted my eyes to look at Tyler. He looked back at me, there was sadness behind his eyes and pain. “I don’t know how you live with yourself... You’re just a horrible, horrible person... I hope it was worth it... And Tyler, don’t you dare talk to me. Like ever again!” I said it and almost ran from this house and from this man. I was hurt like hell, but this situation really made me sober from everything. I came home, collected my belongings and the next day I moved in with Tasha’s family. After weekends I was already at school. I quitted smoking and drinking, worked hard on my grades and in no time I was again on top in my class. I blocked Tyler’s number and avoided him in the hallways and classes. I was still grieving, but I realized that my parents wouldn’t want for me to live like that. They both were full of happiness and always made fun of me when I was sulking. So I tried my best to bring my life back on track.

But if I wanted to be honest with myself, I needed to admit, that I missed my friendship with Tyler. He became really close to me in a few months. I understood, that there wasn’t a future for us as a couple and he hurt me too much, but I missed our talks and jokes. Yeah, there was Tasha for me, but she wasn’t enough.

It was a week after graduation when I was sitting at the café near the mall. I was drinking latte and deep in my thoughts when I saw that someone sat down to me at the table. It was Tyler, he looked very wary like he was afraid that he will scare me away.

“Hey.” It was all that he managed to say to me with a little smile. “Can I sit with you?”

“You’re already seated.” I was calm, even if it was our first talk since that day at his house.

“Well... How are you, Vera?” Tyler asked cautiously.

“Fine. What do you want, Tyler?”

“I... I don’t know... I saw you there alone and I desperately wanted to talk to you... I miss you, Vera.”

“Shit, Ty...” I sighed and looked in his blue eyes. “Maybe, I am a masochist. Maybe, I am making a huge mistake right now, but I miss you too. But only as a friend, Tyler... That’s all.”

“If you would want at least to be friends with me again, I will be more than happy! I want you in my life again, Vera. These past months were...”

“Tell me something I don’t know... Ahem, what’s next for you, Tyler? I heard a rumor that you and your dad will move to New York. Is it true?”

“Yeah... My parents are getting a divorce... Dad bought an apartment in New York and already relocated his office... I’ll also go to college there.” He looked sad, telling me about it.

“I am sorry to hear about your parents, really. But hey, New York was always your dream, you wanted to go there. You told me that, remember?”

“And yours. I remember it too. So? Are you planning to chase your dreams about life in the Big Apple?”

“Well... Tasha and I will go to college here in our hometown. But you’ll never know, right? Maybe some day I will move to New York too. When are you leaving by the way?”

“Next week... Vera, can I call you sometimes? Or see you, when I will be in town?”

“I don’t see reasons why one friend couldn’t call to another. So the answer is yes, to both of your questions actually.” I smiled at him. It was so good to talk to him again. But then I remembered. “But wait, what about Cindy? Wouldn’t she be against our friendship?”

“Cindy could go straight to hell, I don’t give a fuck about her opinion.”

“Why is that? Last time I saw you with her just ...” He didn’t let me finish.

“I broke up with her, right before graduation... But she begged me to not to make a scene, so... That’s why... I don’t want to spend my time with you talking about that girl.”


“I didn’t want to be in a relationship with her for a long time... I wanted to be with another girl, very beautiful and caring... But I did everything wrong and ruined all...” I knew he was talking about me, but no, I couldn’t let this conversation go there.

“Tyler, no, please. I thought we agreed to be friends, that’s all that I could promise you. I closed this chapter and don’t want to go there ever again.” He looked defeated after my words, then he sighed and said.

“Sorry, Vera... I didn’t mean to... Well, what are you planning to study at college?”

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