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Chapter 11

Just as I finished my story our front door opened and Dean entered with pizza boxes in his hands. His eyes roamed over me and Chloe with tearful eyes, over two empty bottles of wine near the couch and his eyes went wide.

“Oh my god, are you insane? It’s only 5 and both of you’re already drunk. Did you eat something at least?”

“Nope, but we’ll eat right now. Because our knight in shining armor is there to save us from starving!” Chloe said with a hiccup.

Dean only nodded, his eyes locked on me. Hell, this trip down memory lane took too much from me, but I know it’s not the end for tonight. Here’s standing a man, to whom I also owed an explanation.

We were sitting together in our living room, whilst talking and eating pizzas. Our conversation was about everything and anything at the same time, some small talk between three of friends. I sensed that Chloe felt uneasy from all of my memories about Tyler. I was uncomfortable too, but because I was catching up Dean’s glances in my direction too often. Finally, Chloe went to her room, announcing that she wants to go to sleep. I sighed, releasing my emotions from today.

“Vera, can we talk?” Dean’s voice sounded nervous.

“I suppose, yes.”

“What was it about today? You and Chloe? What were you talking about?”

“About my past... I told her everything about Tyler and me...”


“Yeah, it was hard, but I guess I needed it. It helped me to understand something.”

“I believe it has something to do with me... Am I right?”

“Dean, listen, you’re amazing, and you’re handsome and intelligent, and kind...”


“But... You and I won’t work. I will end up hurting you and ruining our friendship. And you’re very important to me... I can’t, Dean, I am sorry.”

“Well... I have a feeling that you’re already made up your mind about us. At least can I say something?”

“Of course.”

“I really like you, Vera, like a lot. But I will respect your decision no matter how much I am against it.”

“Thank you, Dean... May I suggest something to you?”

“What is it?”

“Do you know Megan from the marketing department?”

“Tall blond?”

“Yep, that’s her. She asked me about you, were you seeing someone. Maybe, just maybe, you will try it? Ask her for a date?”

“Vera, I am not sure. I don’t think that’s reasonable. I really like you and asking another girl on a date? It’s not fair at least to her, don’t you see it?”

“Dean, it’s just one date! Ask her to go with you for a coffee? Believe me, I know how hard it is! When you’re into someone and trying to move on! But I do know without even trying you’re shutting yourself from people. She might surprise you, that Megan. Please, Dean?”

“Okay... I will ask her next week.” He grinned to me and I instantly felt hot. God, why did he need to be so handsome? So I just had been sitting on the couch ogling him. Tonight it was too much wine even for me.


“Huh?” I just zoned out looking at Dean and now he was standing before me. Awfully close, actually.

“I said, come with me. I guess you’re too tipsy to continue our conversation tonight, so I just will help you to your bed.” Dean leaned and clasped my wrist with his hand. Okay, I gave up, he’s too irresistible. I let him walk me to my bedroom. There he let go of my hand almost immediately to close the door. Now we were standing near my bed, looking into each other’s eyes.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, Dean...” I said to him, as he made a step closer to me. At the same time, I wasn’t moving away. So much for resisting, Vera.

“Based on your words from yesterday and how you were cuddling to me last night, I may to object here.” Now Dean’s hands were on my hips and damn, I was enjoying this feeling. To hell with that! I leaned and kissed him on the lips, in seconds he responded to my kiss as his hands started to explore my body.

“Just remember...” I said to him, breaking our kiss.

“Yeah. Yeah. We won’t work, I get it. We’re just helping each other, that’s all.” Dean said, starting to kiss my neck.

“Oh, Dean...” I moaned, so good it felt. “I actually was going to say, that our friend is behind this wall, but...”

“Just relax, Vera. I’m sure, Chloe will understand.”

“I am just...”

“Vera, please... I wanted you for so long... So be a good girl and shut up already.” Dean said, shutting me up with his kisses. And I finally relaxed, losing myself in this moment. Maybe I will regret this tomorrow, but right now – it was too perfect.

Next morning I woke up in Dean’s arms and it felt good, by the way. I was just a little bit afraid that I won’t be on the same page with him after last night. But luck was on my side this time. It wasn’t even awkward between us when he and I both woke up. Dean had breakfast with me and Chloe and then left, kissing me goodbye on the cheek.

“So...” Why it awfully sounded like déjà vu? Chloe was sitting at the table and watching after my every move.

“You need to stop with these forced conversations, Chloe. I am not so patient, as you think.” I answered her with an annoyed look on my face.

“Forgive me of my curiosity. It sounded that you two had a very good time last night, so... I just thought, that maybe as I was so understanding for your situation...” Chloe pouted her lips.

“Fine! It was good. But we decided to stay friends. The end of the story!”

“You’re kidding?! Tell me, you’re kidding, Vera!”

“I am afraid not. We discussed it yesterday and decided it will be best for us.”


“There is no “but”, Chloe. Dean and I became friends with benefits for one night and it won’t happen again. He’s going to ask Megan from your department for a date”.

“Is it your idea?”

“Definitely. But he accepted it and I am really glad, that I can stay friends with him. He’s too perfect, Chloe... Now, as you know about my past, you know I will ruin him and our relationship. I can’t do this.” I said to her pleadingly.

“If you say so, babe. Tell me, how good was it? I want details!”

“Gosh, Chloe!” I giggled, but eventually, I told her about my night with Dean. We spent all day at home and it was really fun and relaxing. Guess, after all, Dean actually helped me to release my tension.

Monday and Tuesday were a total blowout, with all these final preparations for the charity event. All employees from our department were working hard, fixing all upraised issues. When Amanda announced to us there will be the last meeting about planning on Wednesday, we all breathed in relief. At that meeting we were also expecting to hear, who from our team will be participating in the event.

On Wednesday my self-composure made a crack because one of our providers of flowers called to me, saying that there is a delay with delivery. So I was chatting almost non-stop by phone, trying to find a solution to this problem, when Amanda came to my desk, reminding about meeting in 5 minutes. It was a disaster!

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