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Chapter 12

I was the last to come to the conference room, I almost dragged myself here, clenching to my phone. 30 minutes ago my contact from the provider’s company told me that maybe everything will be okay. I was too afraid to jinx it, so I just sat at the table keeping my mouth shut, waiting for the call of confirmation.

“Miss Davis, I heard that there is something wrong with flower delivery. Can you tell us about it?”

Dang! I was so concentrated on the phone, trying to make it call, so I didn’t follow the discussion. Only Nate’s voice brought me back from this trance. I looked up from my phone and stared straight in his eyes.

“Of course, Mr. Donovan. There is an issue with white orchids, which were requested for decorations. But I think I managed to solve this problem. I am just waiting for the confirmation from my contact.” I answered to him, trying to sound confident. Nate was starting to smile at me when Amanda’s voice broke this spell.

“You think so? You were supposed to be a hundred percent sure, that everything is more than just okay with decorations. Now you’re telling us, that maybe, maybe you’ve managed to solve this? It’s unacceptable, Miss Davis!”

“Amanda...” Nate tried to make it easy for me, but unfortunately, he forgot how strict she could be.

“No, Mr. Donovan, Miss Davis was in charge for this little piece of decorations and she failed! I think it’s obvious. No matter what will happen with these flowers, that girl won’t participate in the event.”

“I am sorry, I’ll be back in a few minutes,” I said, quickly getting up and ran for the door to escape from this suffocating atmosphere. What the hell was I doing? I am an adult now, but right now I felt and acted like a little girl! And these tears! Shit, I am hopeless! I stayed here for several minutes, leaning on the wall around the corner of the conference room. Just then my phone rang. It was a call from my contact from the provider’s company! I wiped away my tears and answered.

“Michael, please, tell me you have the good news?!”

“Yes, Vera. Everything is perfect now. You don’t have to worry about these flowers any longer.”

“Oh my god, thank you! Thank you so much! You’re my savior!”

“It’s the least I can do for causing you so many troubles.”

“Thank you, Michael! I need to go back to the meeting now. Bye!” I said and hung up. I closed my eyes to calm myself. When I opened them, I saw our CEO. He was standing before me.

“Looks like everything is fine now?” Nate was smiling at me.

“Yeah... I’m really sorry for all these problems. I hope the event will go as planned and everything will be perfect.” I answered his smile, shrugging my shoulders a little. Of course, I felt disappointed because of not going to the charity ball. But I was glad that my efforts weren’t in vain.

“Well, I guess, you will see it by yourself on Saturday.”

“I guess... Wait, what are you saying exactly? Am I allowed to be at the event?” I stared at Nate my mouth agape.

“Vera, don’t look at me like that!” He started laughing from my expression.

“I am sorry, Nate, but this is really unexpected... Oh, shit... Mr. Donovan... Ugh...” I shut up, covering mouth with my hand.

“Vera, you’re adorable! Yes, you’re allowed to be at the charity ball. I’m inviting you right now.” Nate winked at me and kept smiling.

“But Amanda said... I failed with my task, so I thought it will be my punishment.” I mumbled to him, trying to figure out what’s happening there.

“Amanda could say what she wants, but I believe that I am still the boss here. When I say, you will be there - you will. It wasn’t your fault in the first place, but you did everything in your power to fix it. So, Vera, what do you say? Are you ready to come back to the conference room? Because I think we made our colleagues wait for us too long already. Even if personally, I would prefer to stay here with you.”

I nodded and followed him. In the meantime in my head was an explosion. What did just happened between me and Nate? He literally said that he prefers my company over all the people in the conference room. And I’m really going to the charity ball! Oh my God! I can’t believe it! I need to collect myself, otherwise, I will be looking stupid with a huge smile on my lips.

“Very generous of you, to come back, Miss Davis.” Amanda scolded at me, pursing her lips in a thin line.

“I...” I started to explain myself when Nate interrupted me.

“She was talking on the phone about flower delivery and she solved this problem. I believe, Miss Davis deserves only praise for her work, Mrs. Myers. By the way, I already decided she also will be attending the event to ensure that everything goes at the highest level. I hope that I answered all of your questions, am I?” Nate became really serious, hell, he’s even hotter like that.

“But...” Amanda tried to object, but when she saw his face, she stopped. “Okay, may we continue?”

And with that, our meeting continued as if nothing happened. Looks like we actually managed to prepare everything that was planned. In the end, I was really happy, looking forward to Saturday. When Nate dismissed everyone, I decided to stay a little longer to thank him for saving me from Amanda’s anger.

“Mr. Donovan, I really want to thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I am sure I wouldn’t be at our charity event.”

“You can call me Nate and you’re welcome, Vera. It was nothing. You deserve it, to be there.” Nate smiled at me and I couldn’t resist smiling back.

“Well, good night, Nate.” I started to walk away from him.

“Goodnight... Vera, wait... May I give you a ride home?” I turned to him, Nate looked a little nervous. It was cute, though. The man had power, especially when he was in his “boss”-mode. Now he looked like a regular guy, asking for a girl’s number. Shy and very handsome at the same time.

“Oh... Thank you for your offer, but... My friend is waiting for me.” I said to him the truth, we agreed in the morning with Chloe to go home together. I honestly regretted this decision now.

“Does your friend happen to be Dean Mitchell from the financial department?” Nate said, his brows furrowed and lips in a forced smile. Why did he look at me like that? But for the moment, I’ve made a mental notice. Nate knew a lot about my personal life.

“No, it’s Chloe Bennet, she’s from marketing. We’re roommates...”

“I see. Well, goodnight, maybe next time I will be more successful.” He smiled with his usual relaxed smile.

“Maybe, Nate. Bye!” I said to him and walked out of the room. Thanks to the ride in the elevator, I had time to think. Well, it’s official now, without any doubts. My boss likes me and it’s mutual. How could I not? He’s handsome, intelligent and sexy as hell. But Chloe is my friend and she likes him... What am I going to do with it? As I exited the elevator on the first floor, I saw my roommate, she was waiting for me.

“Are you ready to go home, Vera?” Chloe asked me with a huge smile.

“Absolutely! You never guess who will be going to the fancy charity event this Saturday!”

“Shut up! Really? Oh my God, I envy you already! You will see all these famous and rich people and Nate also will be there. But there is one problem, Vera.”

“Which one?” I looked at her suspiciously.

“As I remember your wardrobe, you don’t have that kind of dress...”

“Shit! What am I going to do, Chloe?!”

“Well, Vera, you’re lucky! You have me as your friend. We’re going shopping tomorrow after work. Oh, and remind me, please. Does Tasha still have this Manolo’s? I saw her in them at the party a few months ago.”

“Yes, she does. We bought them together in the spring. I love you, Chloe Bennet. You’re a genius!”

“Yeah, yeah, heard that before. Come, Vera, I am really hungry and I want to go home.” Chloe smiled at me, as we walked out of the building.

The next day I went shopping with her and I bought a beautiful Armani’s dress. It was a masterpiece, red maxi dress with satin inserts on the back and neckline and with a low back. This dress was underlining all my curves in the most sensual and beautiful way. It was wise of me, to work on my body so hard. Tasha borrowed me her Manolo’s black stilettoes, which perfectly fits with my black clutch. I felt like a princess in it. Chloe agreed to do me a make-up. When she had been finished with the last touches of her brush I didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror. She braided the small section of hair and pinned them to the back of my head, while the rest of the hair was styled with large curls and now it is cascading over my shoulders. Chloe also made smokey eyes and put red lipstick on my lips. Red dress with my black long hair were combining perfectly, it was a total jackpot for my features.

“Oh my God, Vera. You’re so beautiful! I am even afraid to let you go to this event. What if Nate will fall in love with you?” She laughed, saying this. But I was nervous because of her words. I knew about our CEO’s sympathy. The question was, do I want to explore his feelings further or I want to stay away from him? Heck, I need to figure this out and fast, otherwise, I may hurt Chloe.

“Thank you so much, Chloe! You’re a magician! Oh... The car will be there in 10 minutes, I guess I need to go and wait for it. Don’t wait for me, Chloe. I don’t know when I will be allowed to leave. Amanda was a pain in my ass all these days.” I sighed and walked to the front door.

“Are you serious? I will be too excited to go to sleep. Even if I fall asleep, please Vera, wake me up. Promise?” She looked pleadingly at me.

“Okay, Chloe. I promise. I really need to get going.” I finally reached the doorknob and walked out of our apartment.

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