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Chapter 15

I woke up near noon, grabbed fast breakfast and went to Tasha’s home. She also lived in Brooklyn, not so far from our apartment building. I lived there with her together when we first moved to New York. But as soon as Jake and she became more serious, I decided to move out.

We met with Jake Jones at our college and almost immediately became friends. There were always been three of us – me, Tasha and Jake. He’s handsome and athletic, like Michael B. Jordan type of guy, and besides all this, he has a really astonishing sense of humor and he’s also smart and kind. I saw how Tasha’s and Jake’s sympathy toward each other grew stronger and stronger, but they were too afraid to make the first step. These two idiots!

Since I know Tasha too well, I tried to reasoning with her. That if she didn’t do the first step, Jake could be stolen away by another girl. He always was popular among women and it was just the matter of time. But she kept telling me, that she saw what happened with me and Tyler and she didn’t want it for her friendship with Jake. How could it be like between me and Tyler, when it was a totally different kind of relationship between Tasha and Jake?! This girl might be really stubborn and the real pain in the ass sometimes!

One day I just trapped Jake in his room in the dormitory and asked him about his feelings for Tasha. Of course, he admitted it. So we just sat here and planned everything with him, deciding that if this won’t trigger anything in Tasha – it will be the end. He started hitting on me, invited me to watch a movie with him, then to dinner. Tasha was beyond jealous. So I just told her, that if she didn’t want me to date Jake – she should tell me and everything will be over. But this dumb ass told me, that it’s okay.

Soon enough after our planning with Jake, there was the party and after too many shots he and I ended up kissing. It was strange because I always saw him only as my friend and so I was to him. But no matter how “ewww” it was, for Tasha it was the trigger. Just after Jake and I broke apart from our kiss, she went to us, grabbed his hand and dragged him to another room. After this party, they finally started dating and they are together to this day. Of course I couldn’t avoid explanations to Tasha that it was all just the game of pretending, that we did everything to make her jealous. She was furious at first, but she forgave me after the day or two, she knew I did it with the best intentions.

Since Jake always was with us, he knew my history with Tyler and he knew him personally. Four years ago we even went for double-dates. He helped Tasha to patch me after Tyler left me for Daya. And I know no matter what might happen in the future I will always have Jake and Tasha in my corner. They are my personal Beyoncé and Jay-Z, always there for me and I love them both so much.

“Hey, Jake.” I said to him when he opened the door for me. I gave him a box full of donuts, which I bought on my way there.

“Hey, babe. I don’t deserve even a hug from my friend?” He smiled at me and took the box from my hands.

“Of course you do.” I said to him, giving him sideways hug and planting a kiss on his cheek.

“Oww, Vera.” He said to me and went to the living room, I followed him.

Tasha sat on the couch, but as soon as I entered the room, she got up to give me a hug.

“I missed you, friend.”

“I missed you too.”

“But you two speak with each other almost every day and besides you’re messaging like crazy!” Jake was looking at us with a surprised look.

“We didn’t see each other for 2 weeks, even for my shoes came Chloe, not Vera! Of course, I missed my gorgeous baby girl!” Tasha said, still hugging me.

“Whatever you say, love. I will leave you two alone for some time, I still have work to do even if today is Sunday.” Jake said to us and went to their bedroom. He is always like that, eventually, he will come back and will speak with us. But Jake gives me and Tasha the time just for us, he knew both of us too well.

“So, Vera, I believe you have something to tell me... What is the deal between you and your CEO? Did you manage to avoid meeting Tyler? Talk, Vera, I am too curious to let you stew a little longer!” Tasha said to me as soon as I sat on the couch with her.

I smiled at her, I knew that I will need to tell her everything. I didn’t have secrets from my best friend anymore and she always had my back, reasoning with me, calming me and caring about me. Maybe we were the same age, but she always acted like my big sister, protecting me from problems and bad people.

“Long story short. My CEO likes me and I think I like him back. I kissed him in his car today in the morning and if I didn’t tell him to bring me home I believe I would end up in his bed. Tyler... He and Nate Donovan are college’s buddies apparently and of course, I wasn’t lucky. I was on my way home when Nate called out to me while he was speaking with Tyler. I pretended that I don’t know Tyler and he acted the same way... But he came after me when I was waiting for Nate outside the building...”

“Wait! You’re moving too fast with your story, I am trying to follow there... How does it even start with you and your boss? Last thing I heard, that your Chloe is crazy about him.” Tasha was holding her hands in front of her.

“Okay... Let me think about where to start.” I said to her, collecting my thoughts and memories. And as soon as I started talking, I was unstoppable. Looks like I wanted to spill my guts for some time already. When I finally finished, Tasha just looked at me with surprise in her eyes.

“Well... I am speechless, Vera and it happens really rare... What are you going to do with Chloe? You should tell her, because if she will find out about you and your boss and not from you – it will be a nightmare! I personally think that her love for him is really stupid. She doesn’t know anything about the guy and just adores his face and body.”

“I will tell her, Tasha, of course, I will... I just don’t know for myself, what is it between him and me? What if he’s not my type or I am not his?”

“From what I heard, he’s totally your type. He’s just like Tyler. And let’s not forget about Douglas. I have a feeling that he isn’t going anywhere after he discovered that you’re here in New York...” Tasha said, her head tilted to the side to look at me carefully.

“I don’t know, Tasha... I wasn’t hiding these years. I just can’t believe how he acted yesterday! After everything that I told him 3 years ago, he expected from me to part my legs for him! He never was like that, never, Tasha... I don’t understand what had happened to him?”

“Vera! He hurt you so much last time, but you still care about him?! It’s unbelievable!”

“I couldn’t help how I feel, Tasha! I was in love with him for years and besides, he was my best friend. I used to care about him!”

“Are you sure it’s the past tense? Are you sure you “were” and not “are” in love with him?”

“Of course! I don’t love him anymore! I felt anger and sadness yesterday, that is all! Do you really think I am that stupid?!” I raised my voice at Tasha.

“I don’t know, Vera! I honestly surprised that you didn’t end up in bed with him! Because it’s what you do! Every time when he showed up – you were gladly letting him find his way to your panties!” She almost yelled at me.

“Are you fucking serious? Do you really think that I forgot how he ditched me for this “gold-digger” bitch?”

“Whoa! What is it with all this shouting?!” Jake said hurriedly entering the room. Tasha and I just sat there, glaring at each other.

“I just don’t believe what I hear, Jake! Vera kissed with her boss, she didn’t tell about it to her friend Chloe, who adores that guy... And she still cares for Douglas, can you believe it?!”

“Tasha, you need to calm down! You both love each other and just care too much, that your friend will be hurt again... Our friend, actually.” Jake said, going toward the couch. “Vera, we’re just concern about you, that’s all. Tasha was tossing and turning all night even after you answered her messages... She was afraid, that Tyler will hurt you again and we couldn’t protect you this time. Again.” He gently stroked my cheek with his hand, then he turned to Tasha.

“Honey, please... Vera is your best friend, you even more than that, you’re like sisters. You will regret your words... I’m even sure you already are, both of you...”

“You’re right, Jake. Tasha, I am sorry... I shouldn’t raise my voice at you. You only want the best for me... Please, will you forgive me?” I said to her, realizing that my eyes were wet with tears.

“Of course, dummy! Forgive me, too?” Tasha answered to me and leaned to bear me in the tight hug.

“Always,” I answered to her hug and felt happiness, which filled my whole body.

“Whew, you have me worried there, girls! Well, I hope both of you are hungry because I ordered pizzas for us. What do you say?”

“Like you need to ask! When it will be delivered?” Tasha said to Jake, while I sat next to her with my head on her shoulder.

“I guess in 10 or 15 minutes.” Jake grinned at us. “You’re too adorable together! I love when you like that, and hate when you at each other throats. Vera, maybe you will tell us about your fancy ball?”

He sat beside Tasha on the couch and I started telling them about the charity event. In 15 minutes there was a knock on the door and Jake came to the door to pay for pizzas. He carried them into the living room and plopped them on the table, while Tasha went for wine to the kitchen. She yelled to me, asking which wine I want for tonight. My phone rang and I answered it, without paying attention, while yelling to Tasha.

“I love white wine, Tasha. Why I need to change this habit out of the blue?” Then I returned my attention to the call and said: “Hello?”

“You know, I was afraid, you’ve changed the phone number... But looks like, it’s still the same. Tell Tasha I said “Hi”.

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