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Chapter 16


As I said his name, I saw Jake turning his head in my direction. He gave me a quizzical look and I only managed to nod, confirming his unasked question. Jake sighed and showed by the hand toward the hallway. I know what he means, Tasha doesn’t need to know about Tyler’s calling me. I smiled at Jake and went to the guest room. I used to stay in this room sometimes when it was too late for me to go home or I was too drunk. I closed the door behind me and only then turned my attention to my phone.

“Tyler, really, what the hell?”

“Oh, so you decided to talk to me in the end. Good. For a few minutes, I thought you will hang up on me.” He chuckled.

“Douglas, I don’t have so much time. It’s rude when you’re visiting friends’ house...” What was wrong with me? I really should have just hung up and end this call, but I can’t... It’s so strange, to hear his voice again after all this time.

“Huh? Visiting? You don’t live with Tasha, then?”

“No, I don’t. Is that all?”

“Where do you live? And more importantly, with who?” Tyler’s voice sounded demanding as always.

“It doesn’t matter, Tyler. We’re not friends anymore, we’re just former classmates from high school.”

“You know as well as me, it’s bullshit. Just “former classmates” don’t kiss and don’t fuck with each other and besides...”

“If you will continue talking like that, I will end this call.” I interrupted him.

“Okay, Vera. What is it then between you and Nate? Are you really work for him? Maybe as his personal assistant?”

“And again, it’s not your business, what kind of relationship there is between me and Nate. But yes, I work at Donovan Corporation and no, I am not his assistant.”

“Did you have sex with him yesterday or any other day before?”

“Oh my God, Tyler! Really?! Is that all that you want to know about my life? You didn’t see me for several years and... Fuck! Douglas! I can’t believe it! You never were like that with me!”

“It’s just your fault, Davis. You were too gorgeous yesterday and you were able to turn me on that much, so you are the only thing on my mind today. Since I woke up, I thought about how to reach you and decided to give it a try and call your old number. Guess it was a good idea!” He even didn’t listen to me, he only was saying what he wanted.

“No, it’s not! It’s a really awful idea to call me. I don’t want to talk to you! Goodbye, Tyler!” I hesitated before hang up and Tyler sensed it.

“And I think, you’re a liar. If you didn’t want to talk to me, you would have ended this call right away. And it’s good for me. Now that I know, that you’re living in New York I will do everything in my power so you will be in my bed again.” I heard a smile in his voice. That asshole! I told him, that he was hurting me, thinking about me only in this way... But I guess, he didn’t care about it then and doesn’t care now. Shit! I am a mess!

“Only when the hell will freeze, I will be with you again...” This time it was him, who interrupted me.

“Who said about being together? You and I have absolutely mind-blowing sex! You might not believe me right now, but I am telling you the truth. I could fuck you for hours and won’t be tired of it. I hope you still could give me that blow-job... Even memories of it turn me on, Vera. I never cum so hard and so many times with any other girl. It’s always been you. And I miss it. So, what do you say? When can I see you?”

“...” I was lost for words this time. He was talking to me like I was some horny whore to him, the object without feelings. I loved this man and he was treating me like that? Tears streamed down my face, while I bit my lower lip to stifle sobs. Just then, Jake entered the room. He looked at me, coming over and took away my phone.

“Hey, Douglas, it’s Jake... Long-time no hear! I don’t know what you just told to Vera, but I swear if she will cry again because of your smug face, I will give you hell! This girl is too kind and too beautiful for an asshole, like you... Goodbye, Tyler.” Jake said, sitting beside me on the bed and ended the call. He looked at me, then wiped my tears away.

“Hell, Vera! Why were you needed to talk to him? What did he say to you?”

“Jake, I am sorry. I am pathetic, am I? He was only interested in my sex life... He spoke with me like I was his personal slut, who gave him the best blow-job in his life and... Ugh! What did he tell you?”

“Well, I am afraid that he won’t stop, Vera...”

“I don’t know this man anymore, Jake. He’s like a totally different person, cynical and cruel...” I heard the disappointment in my own voice.

“You will figure this out! Tasha and I are always there for you, you even could live with us for some time.” Jake held my hand in his and gave it a little squeeze.

“Thank you, Jake. I love you both so much!” I hugged him and the door opened. It was Tasha. She looked at us with narrowing eyes.

“Well... What are you two doing here all alone on the bed?”

“She was talking on the phone, about work I guess?” Jake looked at me and I nodded, Tasha doesn’t need to know, at least for today. “And I decided to talk to her about yesterday when she finished her conversation. Looks like I made her upset. So...”

“Yeah... I think it’s just too sensitive subject for me... I got emotional and Jake tried to reassure me. That’s all.”

“Weirdos. Maybe we could finally go and eat pizza?” Tasha smiled at us. I love this girl beyond the world. I stood up and walked to her, hugging her by the waist and we went to the living room. I stayed at their house till late at night and in the end, I fell asleep in the guest room. It was dreamless night, and I was really happy about it.

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