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Chapter 17

It had been two weeks since the charity event. After my conversation with Tyler, I blocked his number and so there was a silence between us. But he loved the conquests before and I know now for sure, that he sees me as his prize. I don’t have any desire to know, what will happen if he will reappear again in my life.

As for Nate... Ugh, I didn’t know what to do, so I just started to ignore him. Thank goodness, I have time till New Year’s party planning begins. I must figure out my feelings and I obviously needed to talk about him with Chloe. But I couldn’t. I was a coward and I was certain of it.

Chloe, on the other hand, started to be more confident, when it comes to Nate. She started talking to him every time when she got this opportunity. Nate was always nice to her, he smiled, talked and even flirted with Chloe. But I saw glimpses of real him at the charity event or even in his car. He wasn’t enjoying his conversations with her. It was just politeness. Still seeing them flirting, was hurting me. Was I really jealous?

I was so confused with my emotions, so even the quality of my job started to get affected by it. Amanda was really annoyed with me today, so I ended up crying (again!) on the roof of our skyscraper. Way to go, Vera! There were some benches and I was sitting on one of them for the 20 minutes already. I should get back to work because it was almost the end of the day and today was also unusually cold weather. I didn’t bring my leather jacket with me, so I was sitting only in my shirt and midi-skirt.

“Finally! I found you!” I turned my head in the direction of the coming voice and saw Nate. He was so beautiful tonight and sexy... No, I shouldn’t think about him in that way! I shook my head as if trying to get rid of my thoughts. I hurriedly wiped my tears away and looked on the ground, when he sat beside me on the bench.

“So, Vera, tell me... What is all this with hiding? And why are you crying?” I turned my head to him and looked in his eyes.

“I am so sorry, Mr. Donovan...”

“Vera, cut it out. I told you to call me Nate and I believe after our kisses in my car, we’re already past this level.”

“Yeah, you’re right, Nate. Sorry! I just... I guess I shouldn’t tell you this because you’re my boss after all. But I really was slacking on my job today and Amanda just told me what I deserved... I am so childish, so I ended up here, all alone, crying like some pathetic worm!”

“Whoa, Vera! You’re one of the most hardworking employees in your department, remember that, please! And the best of us sometimes slacking on their job, even Amanda or me.” He gave me his signature smile and I felt myself melting inside. I really like this guy, why I was so determined to avoid him?

“Oh my, Nate. You’re just the most marvelous boss in the world. Thank you so much for your words! I really appreciate it!” I found myself smiling at him.

“That smile of yours! I am glad I could finally see it again. After you gave me this cold shoulder, I thought that maybe I wasn’t a good kisser as I’ve been told before. Or you didn’t like me the way I like you...” He trailed off, and I sensed that he wanted to say it for a long time. It was bothering him. And it was my fault!

“Nate, listen... Right now I know, I do like you. But so does my roommate, Chloe. She is a little bit obsessed with you... Fuck! I shouldn’t say it to you!”

“You chose a really strong word for her affection toward me. Don’t you think so?” He arched his brow at me. I just couldn’t stop smiling at him, as I saw his confusion.

“Chloe likes you, well, the image of you, I guess. She pictures you as her ideal man, not knowing the real you. You’re a handsome, very smart, kind and passionate guy, but all she sees it’s your look and toned body...” I shut up because I saw his growing grin.

“Vera, is that how you see me? I don’t give a damn about your roommate, but you... Do you know how much I want to kiss you right now? How much passion I have in me?”

“Shut up, Nate!” I started laughing as he scooped me in his arms and now I was sitting on his lap. “Stop! What if someone will come here and see us?”

“I don’t care, Vera...” Nate started kissing my neck and I know if I won’t pull away from his lap right now, I won’t be able to resist him any longer.

“Nate, please, stop. It’s really not the place for it!” I managed to stand up and now I looked him in the eyes. “Listen, I just want to talk to Chloe... Because she likes you for a long time already, and if... If I want to explore the relationship between you and me, I must talk to her. It’s only fair! She’s my friend.”

“Okay, Vera. I’ll wait, but just know that I really like you... It’s not only sex... I like how you think, even how you talk with other people! I admire how dedicated you are to your work, trying to do the best... So your beauty and your hot-body are just bonuses.” Nate stood up from the bench, pulling me to him by my waist and looking me straight in the eyes. I knew already, the guy knows his ways with women, but what he said to me right now... The second after his mouth was closed my lips crashed onto his. Nate answered it in a flash, his hands still on my waist but his grip tightened like he was trying to bring me even closer. We pulled away from each other almost breathless after quite a while.

“Vera, first you said it’s not the place and second you started kissing me like that? It’s not fair game, lady.”

“You can’t say all these flattering words to me and don’t expect that I will want to kiss you.” I smiled at him and gave him a little peck on the cheek. “Should we go back? Maybe separately?”

“Are you kidding? No way, I will let this opportunity to kiss you in the elevator slip away! And I really need to speak with Amanda.” He held my hand and we started walking to the stairs and after to the elevator.

When we arrived on my floor, Nate smiled at me and went to Amanda’s office, as I was making my way to the desk. Strange... Why some of my co-workers were standing beside it? As I moved further to it I saw the reason. There was a huge bouquet of peonies. My heart started pounding in my chest like crazy. I saw the card within it, but without even a glance I knew from who it was.

“Vera, you have a secret admirer, huh?” I heard voices, asking me, but I just couldn’t avert my eyes from these flowers. Only he knew that I fell in love with peonies after I saw them on the “Gossip Girl”. Maybe it was silly of me, but it was another of my habits which was still the same. I like roses, tulips, orchids, but peonies are just the most beautiful and sensual among the flowers for me.

“Maybe,” I answered almost automatically. I reached for the card and read it: “I will make you mine again”. His handwriting. Of course, I was right. It was from Tyler. I forced smile on my lips, I didn’t want to show to my colleagues my weak spots. Just then I heard Amanda’s voice and froze.

“Why is all the commotion? Do you not have the work to do?”

I turned around with card in my hands and saw not only Amanda coming to my desk but also Nate. Shit! Why do I always find myself in a situation like this? All of these people, who were standing at my desk, are disappeared and now I was the only one here with flowers on my desk.

“Oh, now I see the reason. Well, I must admit, it’s a beautiful bouquet, but could you please not bring your personal matters to work, Miss Davis?” Amanda smiled at me with her usual coldness in her eyes.

“I am sorry, Mrs. Myers. It won’t happen again, I will make sure of it.” I said to her and looked at Nate. He wasn’t looking at me, only at the flowers. When he raised his head our eyes locked. I didn’t notice his cheerful smile, which was there not so long ago. He looked upset.

“Don’t be so strict, Amanda. I think someone just wanted to please Miss Davis, that’s all.” Okay, I am Miss Davis now. “Let’s go, Amanda. We still have issues to discuss.” He turned away and went to her office, without even looking at me.

“Miss Davis, could you please go back to work? I believe you promised to give me that file, which was given to you two days ago?”

“Yes, of course. I will bring it to your office later.” I sat and started typing. I was determined to finish this file as soon as possible. I ended my work with this file in 20 minutes and walked to Amanda’s office. As I reached my hand to knock on the door, it opened. Nate was standing before me, he saw me and frowned. Just my luck!

“I am sorry, Mr. Donovan. I just brought the file to Mrs. Myers.” I avoided looking him in the eyes and strode inside the office past him. I placed the documents at her table. “There, Mrs. Myers. I hope you will be satisfied, I did my best.”

“We will see. You could go now.” Amanda answered to me and returned her gaze to the laptop. As I turned around to go back I saw that Nate was still there. I composed myself and exited this office. He didn’t try to stop me or ask me anything.

Since that day it was him, who started ignoring me.

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