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Chapter 18

It had been a week since flowers incident and preparations for the New Years’ party at our office have begun. It was a long time ago when I felt so miserable at work. Nate was totally ignoring me, he spoke with me only when it was work-related.

Chloe, on the other hand, was glowing, because as he started to give me a cold shoulder, he began to encourage her flirting. One day she even went out with him for lunch. She said it was the happiest day in her life, but me? I honestly don’t know how I felt about all this. I thought he liked me, so I was expecting him at least to ask me about flowers. I know it was it, what upset him, but ugh! He just made some assumptions and ended everything between us! Maybe it was for the best? Like that, I didn’t need to say anything to Chloe. It was just history now.

It’s Sunday, Chloe left to visit her family and I was all alone in our apartment. I went for some shopping and now I was sitting on the couch with a book in my hands. I tried to focus on what I’ve been reading, but it was useless. I put the book on the table and grabbed my phone. Maybe I could ease myself with Internet-surfing?

I ended up scrolling through Instagram, looking for photos of my friends, then for celebrities. Hmm, that guy looks like Tyler. Yep, it’s his page. Okay, so that’s the reason why I didn’t hear anything from him. He was in Europe, guess in Italy. I should be relieved, but no, it’s not what I felt. Especially when I noticed his photos with a gorgeous girl in his arms. They look perfect together! I bet it’s his fiancée. And of course, I was right. I scrolled through the comments section and read complaints of his women-subscribers, how this woman must be happy to have him and how they envy her. I read one day, that he’s engaged to the daughter of some businessman from Europe and she’s Italian. At least she looks like it, with jet black hair, olive skin, very bright green eyes and sensual lips. She’s like a goddess of love with all these curves and big boobs!

My phone started ringing, it’s Dean. Maybe he will come to visit me? I was lonely enough already and all these feelings about Tyler and his girlfriend were not helping.

“Hey, Dean! So glad you called! What’s up?”

“Hey, you sound awfully cheerful! You so desperate to hear my voice?” Dean chuckled.


“Okay, what are you doing?”

“I am lonely. I tried to read, but I couldn’t concentrate on the plot. So right now I just look at photos on Instagram. Maybe I can invite you to come over? What do you say?”

“Erm... Vera, I am...” He hesitated and trailed off. Weird.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to.”

“The thing is, I will be happy to come and see you.”


“But, I am with Megan right now. We are on a date. Only if you have told me sooner...”

“Oh... I see. Well, good luck on your date! It’s second, right?”

“Actually fifth...”

“Oh... I gotta go, Dean. I was waiting for pizza delivery. Good luck, again! Bye!”

It was my idea. I wanted him to ask Megan out. But why do I feel like that? I am not some dog-in-the-manger and never was. I didn’t want to ruin my friendship with him, so it was me, who refused him. I should be happy for him! Yes, that’s what I will do.

I went to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of wine and sat there at the table. I took my phone, finding Tyler’s page again and wrote him a message with DM. Was it a bad idea? I could say “yes” right away, but still, I didn’t cancel sending.

“Looks like you’re enjoying yourself and your company! You have very beautiful fiancée!”

It was almost midnight, I was already in my bed when my phone dinged. I looked at it, not certain that I want to read it. But who was I kidding?

“I would be enjoying my Europe-trip much more if you were there with me.” Tyler sent me his selfie in the bed with the message! He’s really even more handsome and hotter than he was back there.

“Yeah! It would be so great, you, me and your fiancée! I am flattered! Did you forget that threesome never was my thing? I hadn’t agreed on it back then and definitely won’t do it now.”

“I want you all to myself, Vera. I won’t share you with anyone. Did you forget already that I am a selfish man?”

“Oh, I remember. I could close my eyes and see Kith with a huge black eye, which you gave him after you caught us at your party!”

“I gave him the black eye, not because he had sex with you.”

“Oh, okay.” Really? I always thought that I was the reason, why their friendship ended.

“Yes, it was because he hurt you. He wasn’t gentle with you. He never was actually, but with you? I couldn’t stand it!” Whoa! I told to Kith in front of Ty, that he was too aggressive with me, but this? I wasn’t prepared for this kind of answer! I don’t know what to write to him, so I just sat there dumbfounded.

“Enough about the past, Vera. How are things between you and my friend Nate?”

“Well... Thanks to your flowers, he doesn’t speak with me anymore.”

“Good. He’s a jealous guy, just like me.”

“Yay! Lucky me, I guess!”

“Vera, why are you still awake? It’s past midnight in New York.”

“I am home alone and I was bored to death today, so I just couldn’t go to sleep.”

“Vera, are you doing it on purpose? I am miles away from you and you’re telling me, that you’re alone.”

“Ty, even if it’s me, who contacted you today, it doesn’t change anything.”

“Yeah, keep telling yourself it. Maybe you could finally unblock my number? One day I will be tired of this and will call you from someone else’s.”

“Actually, for now, I wasn’t planning to do so. But we will see.”

“Goodnight, gorgeous!”


Wait, he didn’t answer me about his fiancée. Tyler totally ignored all of my mentions of her. It’s strange, but I feel happy right now. Maybe because I didn’t hear his voice? Or maybe because in his messages, he was more like his past self? I don’t know, but after it, I drifted to sleep in a few minutes.

Today will be the first meeting about planning for the party with Nate’s participation. I felt nervous as hell. He wasn’t at the office for several days, as he left for a business trip to Toronto. One day Chloe and I caught him in the elevator. He didn’t even acknowledge my presence and with Chloe, he was really cold either.

Our meeting today was already postponed for an hour, so I called Chloe and told her to not to wait for me. When Amanda finally gathered us at the conference room, Nate wasn’t there. He came only after 30 minutes. As it was already past our work hours, Amanda started to let go of those who have already received assignments. In the end, there were only four of us: me, Amanda, Tessa and Nate. It’s strange because I have never been the last to receive tasks to do. Few minutes after and Amanda dismissed Tessa too. What the hell?

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