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Chapter 19

“Amanda, I guess I will take it from here. I will speak with Miss Davis about what I discussed with you earlier,” Nate said to Amanda not even looking at me. Is he going to fire me?

“If you think it’s the best decision then I will support you,” Amanda said, stood up and strode toward the door. Okay, it was wrong of me, to mix personal and work matters. What am I going to do? I really love my job here, but I guess tomorrow I will be looking for another place to work. We sat in silence, Nate and me. I refused to even look at him because I will end up crying. Only when Nate heard the sound of an arriving elevator, he sighed and said something to me.

“Huh?” I refocused my vision and looked at him. Nate was staring at me and I only now noticed that he seemed upset with something.

“Vera, listen, I didn’t plan it like that, but...”

“Mr. Donovan, if you want to fire me, please, make it quick. I am too exhausted already and just want to go home.” I interrupted him.

“What?! Why should I want to fire you?”

“Well, what do you want then? I am the only one without assignment for the party and you dismissed Amanda, so I just assumed the obvious!” Now I felt anger building inside me.

“Gosh, why everything is so messed up with you?! You will be in charge of decorations like always.” He ran his hand through his hair.

“Messed up with me?!” I didn’t care about my part in planning for the party anymore. “Something is seriously wrong with you, Nate!”

“Wrong with me? You’re the only one, who was messing up with me!” He finally lashed out at me, but honestly? I don’t give a fuck about it. I was tired of his behavior!

“When? When I was messing up with you? Please, remind me, because we’re obviously talking about different things right now!” I stood up and strode to him. He also got up from his chair and stood still before me. We were glaring at each other.

“Those flowers. It was a very specific bouquet! If it was from me, I would have bought you roses, because I don’t know much about you. But that person, who sent it to you, knows you too well. Vera, are you seeing someone? Do you have a boyfriend?” Nate, who started his speech aggressively, now was looking at me pleadingly. Fuck! I knew it! This whole ordeal was because of this bouquet!

“Nate,” I said to him and touched his cheek with my palm. “I don’t have a boyfriend, and I’m not seeing anyone. I am single. All you needed to do, is just ask me!”

“Then who bought you these flowers, Vera?” I felt relief, he wasn’t pushing my hand away.

“It’s from my best friend. I was friends with him since high school... He saw my pictures from the charity ball and decided to congratulate me. That’s all for it. Truly, Nate.” I am not sure, why I didn’t tell him the truth, but I think it’s for the best right now. Tyler and me? Our history? It will only complicate things between Nate and me.

“Is he just a friend? Or something more?” Nate grabbed me by my waist and pulled me to him. I leaned into his embrace, looking him in the eyes.

“For a long time already he’s only my friend. And he knows that”, I am such a liar!

“Well, then I am good.” He started kissing me, first my lips, then cheeks, neck. These kisses like a feather, but they awake desire in me. Nate pressed his forehead to mine and said: “God, I missed you so much! Your lips... It seems I couldn’t have enough of you! These days were torture to me!”

“It’s your fault, Nate. If you asked me about the...” Nate interrupted me, placing his finger on my lips.

“Shhh, Vera... I am a jealous man, that’s all.”

“Do you think I am not? I was miserable, when you flirted with Chloe, invited her to lunch. Why? I told you, she likes you and...”

“I am... I guess I wanted you to be jealous... I wanted to see, that you care about me.” Nate placed his soft lips on my neck.

“Do you really needed confirmation like that? I thought it’s obvious... Oh, Nate...” I said to him, as he nibbled a little on my earlobe.

“If you continue to react like that, Vera, I won’t be able to stop myself.” He said it but still continued to kiss my neck, sucking and teasing me a little with his tongue and teeth.

“Why should I want you to stop?” It’s the only thing I managed to say as he crushed his lips on mine.

Nate’s hands wrapped around my waist, as he pressed himself to me. He turned us a little, and now my lower back was pressed to the table. Our lips were locked, tongues teasing and twirling with each other in some dance. I felt his desire, a bulge in his pants became more visible. He lifted my leg to press himself closer to me. With that, my butt was placed on the table and now both of my legs were wrapped around his waist. His hands were all over my body and as soon as I was on the table, he broke our kiss and took off my sweater. Next thing I know, he lifted my skirt and saw my stockings.

“Shit, Vera... You will be the death of me...” Saying so, his fingers brushed my thighs, unclasping my stockings, then he took off my panties. I should be ashamed. I was sitting on the table only in my bra and my skirt on my waist, but I felt desire.

“Nate, I want you... Please...” I whispered as he was caressing my breasts. He looked up at me, locking our eyes. My hands reached out his trousers and I unzipped them, they fell on the ground. Next thing I know, Nate took off his boxers and now was standing before me in his full glory. His crotch was perfect, long and thick with bulging veins and smooth head. I felt the anticipation. I just knew that he will give me what I wanted. I spread my legs a little further and he needed only that. With one swift motion, he was inside me, filling me completely. It was heaven.

Slowly, we found our rhythm together. He was pulling his dick from me, leaving only the tip inside and then sliding his full length in me again. It was sweet torture, but I enjoyed every second of it. We kissed, his movements started to become faster, our moans mingled. I felt him trembling inside me, so I knew he was close, but the truth was, that I was even closer. With few thrusts I cum, I knew he felt it, he growled in anticipation. I wanted him to feel this release too, so I started to move my hips, welcoming his thrusts. Within a few minutes, I felt him filling me, his kisses became even more urgent.

I was sitting on the table, my legs wrapped around Nate’s back and my hands on his neck, as he stayed inside me. Oh my god! I just had sex with Nate. With my boss. On the table in the conference room. How I ever will be able to be in this room? But it’s worth it. It was perfect.

“Vera, will you come with me tonight to my place? I don’t want to let you go home.” Nate whispered in my ear.

“Give me 10 minutes,” I answered him and kissed his lips, but he just didn’t let me stand from the table. He only tightened his grip and continued his sweet torture while placing his wet kisses on my neck. “Nate, I need to make a call. If you want me to stay at your house.”

“Fine.” He kissed my lips, finally releasing me. He adjusted his trousers and buttoned up his shirt. “I will go to my office, I left some things here and then I will come after you.”

I nodded and looked as he exited the conference room. I started to adjust my panties, stockings, then skirt and searched for my cashmere sweater, which Nate threw away with one swift movement. Thoughts started racing through my mind. What have I done? I like him, it’s undeniable, but so does Chloe. And there is also Tyler in the picture. I guess this time, I fucked up huge.

“Hey, Chloe, I will stay at Tasha’s tonight. She wants something to discuss with me, maybe plans for Thanksgiving day, dunno. I will see you tomorrow at work.” I typed and pressed send. Now, I need to make a call.

“Hey, Tasha! Do you have a minute?”

“Only one minute, really busy now. So?”

“If Chloe will ask you, I was at your house tonight. Okay?”

“Now you have my attention, Vera. Why?”

“I will explain it tomorrow, okay?”

“It’s not about Douglas?”

“No, honey, he’s in Europe now.” I heard the sound of the elevator. “Tasha, please, do me a favor?”

“As always, but you owe me, big.”

“Bye!” I didn’t give her the opportunity to answer me. I walked out of the conference room and saw Nate. He was standing near the elevator, waiting for me. I went straight to him, feeling the anticipation of what awaits me tonight.

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