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Chapter 20

Nate and I had a talk and decided to not to put any label on our relationship. We will see, where we’re heading. My only condition was that for now, it would be a secret. I still didn’t have the courage to talk with Chloe. Nate and I were seeing each other when he had time and wasn’t so busy with work, so it wasn’t so often. Most of the time I was staying at his apartment. It’s not the perfect decision, but for now, I was good with it.

Obviously that Tasha and Jake already knew about me and Nate. They didn’t judge me, but time to time Tasha was reminding me, that I needed to talk to Chloe. I postponed our talk all the time. I just don’t know what to say and how to explain everything to her. Nate told me once, when I was at his house and watched TV, that he knows that Chloe is a beautiful woman, but he isn’t interested in her at all.

Chloe began to receive attention from a guy from the Development Department, his name was Mitchell. It was a really cute and kind man and he liked her. I’ve been encouraging her to pursue this relationship. Who knows? Maybe he was the one for her.

Today finally was Saturday and I am going to Tasha and Jake with Chloe. She also invited Mitchell here. Dean called in the morning and told that he will come with Megan too. Guess I will be the third wheel to them all. Shit! Nate wasn’t in town, but even if he was here, I couldn’t invite him.

It had been two hours since we all came over to Tasha and Jake’s place. And I was sulking. Dean and Megan almost every time locked in an embrace. Chloe was sitting on Mitch’s lap. Tasha and Jake weren’t in each other’s arms, but they looked so tenderly at one another, so I just couldn’t take it any longer.

I went to the kitchen and called Nate.

“Hey, how are you?”

“Hey, babe. Good, I am good. You?” He answered me when I was ready to end the call.

“Fine. You’re obviously busy.” I sighed and stared at the table.

“I am at the meeting. Sorry.”

“It’s okay. I will call you tomorrow. Bye!”

“Vera, wait. You sound depressed. Something happened?” I know he was concerned about me now.

“It’s just... I’m at my friends’ house and... Nate, it’s silly. You don’t have time for this.” I heard a woman’s voice, which was telling something to Nate.

“Shit! I am sorry, really, but I have to go, Vera. Cheer up, okay?”

“Yes. Bye!”

I didn’t want to go back to the living room. They sounded like they were having fun. I don’t want to upset anyone, while I was in a sore mode right now. So I opened Instagram and saw a message from Tyler.

“How is my favorite girl doing?” He was online.

“Not so good.” I didn’t tell him about my relationship with Nate. It just felt like he and I were becoming friends again, without any sexual context. But I was sure, the second he will find out – this connection between us will be ruined.

“What happened?”

“I am the third wheel tonight. For three couples. Can you believe it?”

“How come you don’t have a company?”

“It happens. I was used to it in college, but now... I just feel lonely, that’s all.”

“Why were you used to it in college? You always were in the center of attention.”

“Yes and no, at the same time.”

“What does it mean?”

“I am a sociable young woman, so I always have people around me. But as you remember, I didn’t date anyone, so...” Why did I bring my memories on the surface?

“Okay. You’re saying, that you were used to be the third wheel in college because you were waiting for your ideal man?”

“You’re a jerk.” He turned everything into a joke. He’s the smartest of the two of us. Or he just doesn’t care anymore?

“Rude, Vera.”

“Bye, Tyler. It was a mistake to answer you. I am not in the mood.” I closed the app because I really didn’t want to continue our communication tonight. I closed my eyes and when I opened them I saw Dean before me.

“What are you doing all alone here in the kitchen? We thought you were lost.” Dean smiled at me.

“Wow, really? You finally noticed that I am not with all of you in the room. Thank you very much!” Great! Just great! Now I feel anger.

“Vera, why are you like that?” The smile disappeared from his face, now his brow furrowed and Dean was looking at me with confusion.

“It doesn’t matter, Dean. Everything is just great! Don’t you see it? I am so happy!” I stood up from the stool and looked him in the eyes.

“Is this because of me and Megan? It was your idea! I like her, Vera! And... And I am finally over you!” Even Dean can be cruel. I deserved it, probably.

“Good for you. I will go home. I don’t want to spoil the mood.” I turned to go to the living room, but he grabbed my arm and turned me to him. “Let me go, Dean! I am warning you!” I looked him in the eyes, without blinking. I was furious right now! How dare he talk to me like that?!

Next second, he pushed me to the wall, pinned my arms above my head and placed his lips on mine. I couldn’t even breathe, I was so stunned. Dean flicked his tongue on my lower lip, sucking it in his mouth. I gasped and his tongue plunged into my mouth. I kissed him not once, but it never was like that. I could feel how aroused he was, as he pinned me further with his hips. He finally released my hands, only to start touching me. All in his movements were rough, it was like he couldn’t contain himself any longer. When he reached with his hand under my T-shirt I found power in me and pushed him away. We were both breathless, but I was also even more furious than before.

“What the fuck? Are you fucking idiot, Dean?” I whispered to him, trying to calm down myself. Because if I am not, everyone in the living room will know what has happened here.

“Vera... Fuck! It’s just...You’re right, I am idiot! Please, Vera, forgive me! I don’t know what came over me.” He hid his face in his hands.

“Dean, if you really like Megan, please, don’t say anything to her. She seems a good girl, she doesn’t deserve this. Okay?” My anger disappeared almost in instant.

Dean looked up at me and nodded. I fixed my t-shirt and walked out of the kitchen to the living room. I plopped on the couch near Tasha and she turned to me.

“Everything is all right, girl?”

“Yeah...” I trailed off, I didn’t want to trouble her with my gloomy mood.

“What do you say if I will suggest you go to the shopping mall with me tomorrow?”

“What about “hell yeah”?” I smiled at her and she smiled in return.

As Dean returned from the kitchen, he and Megan left. He looked a little flustered, but serves him right! Chloe told me she wants to bring Mitchell to our place, so I ended up sleeping in Tasha and Jake’s guest room again. It was a really sleepless night since I tossed and turned almost every time. Thoughts about Nate and Tyler were circulating in my head at the crazy speed, to add with that this episode in the kitchen with Dean... And me, hiding things about me and Nate from Chloe and about my DM-friendship with Tyler from Tasha and Jake? These secrets were bugging me more than anything! Fuck, why I always find myself in a situation like this?

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