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Chapter 23

Thank goodness, I set the alarm clock yesterday. I woke up with a pale face and messy hair two hours before the meeting with Amanda. So I immediately went to the shower. Then I looked at myself in the mirror. Well, I obviously need makeup and a lot: pale face, dark circles under my eyes won’t disappear by a miracle. So I started making myself presentable. When I looked at my reflection after it, I felt proud. Maybe I will be lucky and no one won’t notice anything.

I still have time before the meeting, so I went for breakfast and even managed to return to my room. Now I was sitting with my laptop on my lap, working on some files that were assigned to me. My phone ringed with notification, I glanced at it. Not so sure, I wanted to know, who was messaging me. But what if it’s something work-related? Huh? Message from an unknown number?

“Vera, I am sorry. I fucked up again. I said to you horrible things and you, as always, took my words in an even more twisted way, than they already were. I care about you. Fuck! I never cared so much about anyone, it always was only you! Guess, I was jealous and your words kind of pissed me off. Of course, it’s not an excuse, but... Heck, Vera, I was so happy to see you again after all these years, to have the opportunity to talk to you. Please, give me another chance!”

Am I dreaming? Tyler Douglas is apologizing? Asking for another chance? Wow, I didn’t see it coming. And yet, he’s telling me, that I took his words all wrong. So like Tyler. I sat, staring at my phone for several really long minutes. Okay, I will answer him.

“I don’t know, Tyler. You hurt me yesterday. For now, please, give me some time. I really need it.”

Send. Sigh. Fuck, I need to pull myself together. Tyler had a tendency to put everything upside down in my life. Yesterday I was ready to never speak with him again, but today is obviously another day. I care about this charismatic asshole. Do I still love him? Heck, I hope not. I need to keep a distance between us, because if I let him be closer to me... Well, I guess I will find myself brokenhearted again. I glanced at my phone and almost jumped. Shit! I have only 10 minutes before my meeting with Amanda in the lobby.

On the way to the office, Amanda was on her phone. She talked almost non-stop with suppliers, some of my colleagues. Shit, she’s really impressive. When she and I stepped from the car, she hung up and looked at me, like she saw me for the first time today.

“Vera, are you alright? You seemed a little bit pale to me. Did you sleep well?” What? I thought I managed to hide traces of my tears.

“Yeah, I just had a huge headache yesterday in the evening. I even fell asleep at 10 O’clock.”

“Okay. If you say so.” She nodded and strode toward the entry. When the elevator arrived on the right floor, Amanda and I were greeted by a gorgeous blond woman. She was tall and very lean. She had doll-face, which could easily fool you at first. But one look at her is enough to understand, that she has the power and ability to deal with everything. Something in her air gave me vibes of boldness and self-confidence. Wow!

She and Amanda exchanged handshakes and she turned in my direction, extending her hand to me.

“I assume, that you’re Miss Davis. It’s very nice to finally meet you. I am Adrien.” Her handshake was strong and firm at the same time, but her smile was very genuine.

“Nice to meet you, too. And it’s Vera.” I smiled at her. I have a feeling, that she and I will find the mutual language very quickly.

The first meeting went very fast and intense because there was only one week before the big event. Then Amanda went for another meeting with the head of this branch and some managers, while I found a place to work by myself. As I was sitting here, working on my laptop, I started to have doubts about the purpose of my trip here. Obviously, that Amanda was fully capable to deal with it by herself. So why am I here? Is there some other meaning? Even if it is, for now, I am in total darkness.

“Hey, Vera, come with me. There will be another meeting in 10 minutes.” I raised my head from the laptop and looked at Adrien. It was already evening and except for a two-hour meeting in the morning, I was left on my own.

“Sure.” I stood up from my seat and followed her. Adrien looked at me curiously and I felt uneasy. I don’t know, but there was this feeling that something is wrong.

“Well, I don’t like to pry, but I am too curious.” She smiled at me mischievously.

“Adrien, sorry, but I really don’t know what are you talking about.”

“Listen, we were expecting only Amanda, but then suddenly my boss said to me that you will accompany her. And this decision was made by our CEO himself.”

“Nate requested my presence here?” I blurted this without thinking, but when I realized what had slipped from my mouth it was already too late. Adrien looked at me triumphantly.

“Nate, huh?”

“No, I didn’t mean it like that. We often call him that in the office, when he’s not here.”

“Uh huh.” She only smiled at me wider and then stopped before the door of the conference room. “By the way, he will be here tomorrow. Just for you to know.”

I even don’t have a reply to this. Nate will be here? Shit! What is going on, really?

Our ride to the hotel was silent. I stared at my phone, messaging with Chloe. She had flu, but still was planning to go to work. I tried to convince her to stay at home, but for now, it was no use.

“Vera, I want to thank you for today. Your opinion and suggestions for the planning were undeniably efficient. For tomorrow, we will go to another meeting in the office with the participation of our CEO. This meeting will be in the morning. Then you will have time to work.”

“Thank you. I found a place to work today and I made very good progress with your assignment.”

“It’s good to hear. Listen, Vera... Do you know that Nate is my godson?”

“Umm. No, I don’t.” I stared at her, this question was totally out of the blue for me.

“Okay. I just want to tell you, that somehow you managed to make him care about you. He persuaded me to bring you here. Yes, you’re a hardworking woman and I am impressed by your abilities to deal with urgent matters without any hesitation. But I wasn’t sure, that you will be needed here, but he made me change my mind. Now, I think I made the right decision to listen to him. I don’t know, what is going on between you and him, but please, try to stay professional tomorrow.”

“I... I will be professional at the highest level.” I smiled at her but even talking about it made me want to hide.

“You know, he’s a really good guy, kind and sweet. Remember this.”

I really didn’t have any idea what to do tomorrow, but I think I need to make sure to look my best. And I will behave tomorrow, like a pro and not like some whining and pathetic girl. After the car arrived at the hotel and I said goodbye to Amanda, I went to my room. With firm determination to make Nate regret of his behavior and his silence. Yeah, that’s what I will do.

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