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Chapter 24

I woke up really early today and hopped in the shower. I put mascara and dark red lipstick. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror. I looked beautiful and most importantly fresh, without any dark shadows under my eyes. All thanks to an early bedtime. I wore a deep blue form-fitting dress. Yes, it’s a formal dress and it’s perfect for the office, but it also hugs all my curves in all the right places. This dress was my love from the first sight when I laid my eyes on it. This kind of dress is really good for an hourglass figure like mine. I don’t know, but I had a good feeling about my meeting with Nate.

When Amanda and I arrived at the office, she strode away from me. Adrien walked to me and we went together to the conference room.

“Well, you’re obviously dressed to impress today! As my wife always says...”

“Your wife?” I raised my eyebrows at her in surprise.

“Yes, my wife. She’s lovely and beautiful with curves just like yours. So, she always says that we need to highlight our merits and not to hide them.” Adrien just shrugged her shoulders at my surprised look and continued talking to me.

“Your wife sounds like a very cool person.” I smiled at her. This woman gives me only positive vibes and I already liked to be near her.

“You know, if you will come to LA next time, I will invite you to have dinner with us.”

“Deal.” I grinned at her.

“Good.” And now I was standing near the conference room’s doors. “Meeting will start in 5 minutes and he’s already here. He just went to check something with our boss.”

“Okay.” I know she means well and just wants to prepare me for the meeting with Nate. But honestly? I feel a lot calmer than I thought I will be.

“What’s your relationship with him anyway? Truly. I am sorry, I just ...”

“I get it. Well, it’s complicated and I don’t know how to answer you on this one.”

Adrien nodded and we entered the room. I wanted to sit as far as possible from the entry, but she grabbed my hand and forced me to sit with her. Right across from the entry. Like that I will be seen as someone will come to the room. Damn it! Every time when the door had been opened I was holding my breath, but it wasn’t him. When Amanda strode to the almost full room and started speaking, I felt disappointment. Is he not coming?

“So, today we will check all final arrangements regarding our event. How well each of you worked on your task. And...” As Amanda spoke, everybody was listening to her very carefully. Just then the door opened and Nate entered. As handsome as ever in a white shirt hugging all his muscles and black trousers. Shit! I thought I will not crack under his charms and now I was already melting. Our eyes locked and he smiled. Asshole!

“I am sorry. As I see, we already started. Good!” I missed his voice, even when he’s bossy as possible.

And with that, our meeting went in a flash. The team of this event worked very well and it seems that everything was perfect. Most of the meeting I was staring at those, who spoke, successfully avoiding looking at Nate. Even when he asked for some details from me, I didn’t give him even a glance. My look was glued to Amanda and voice was emotionless. How old am I exactly?!

“Well, it’s all for today. Thank you for your hard work, I am sure our presentation will be successful!” Nate said, smiling to all. Flatterer, my ass! “Also, Amanda, Adrien and Vera could you please stay a little?”

“Okay.” Adrien and I said almost at the same time and turned to grin at each other. Amanda only nodded to him, but I have a feeling that she wasn’t approving my presence. After revealing to me, that her relationship with Nate is much more closer than I thought, she kept her guard before me.

So we were sitting for more than 20 minutes to discuss the most important details about the event. For how much attendees we’re hoping? How much press will be there? I made comments this and there, talking mostly to Amanda and Adrien. Finally, this meeting was also over. Nate got up, so did we. I was so ready to flee from this room. Mostly, because I felt tingles every time when Nate’s eyes were catching mine and because he was acting like everything was okay. That it’s not him, who ignored me for several days.

Amanda walked to the door and stood near it looking at me. She was waiting for me to get the hell out of here. Okay, no need to stare at me like that. Adrien walked before me, as she exited I was also intending to do so. But I froze at the spot because I heard my name.

“Vera, one minute of your time, please?” I looked at Amanda, who was still here near the door frame. She frowned, shook her head from side to side, showing her disapproval. One second and she’s gone, closing the door behind her. I sighed and turned to face Nate. He was standing closer to me than I thought.

“Is something wrong, Mr. Donovan?” I will be professional, just as I promised to Amanda.

“Here we are again!” His expression frowned, eyebrow furrowed.

“If you have some additional assignments for me, please say it and I will do it. Or if you have some other work-related issues to discuss with, I am all ears.”

“No, it has nothing to do with work.” He stepped closer to me and now I could reach him with my hand. Only I don’t know, what I want more – kiss him or push him away.

“Then I don’t have any desire to stay in this room any longer. I have work to do, you know.” I turned around, intending to take a step toward the door. He stopped me by catching my elbow in his hand and now I was facing him again. “What?”

“Shit, Vera! I knew I screwed up with not answering or calling you and I am sorry! I really am! I was so caught up with these fucking morons aka our partners and the presence of my father with me... Fuck, he was on my neck almost every hour of every day. Lecturing me, how I should work or lead negotiations! I just kept in my mind, telling myself, that I will see you here in LA... I was looking forward to our meeting... It’s a shitty situation, I know. But please, Vera?” His hand was still on my elbow, I wanted to pull away. But who was I kidding? I already felt how the beating of my heart quickened and butterflies were fluttering in my stomach. Nate saw my reaction and made a step closer, resting one hand on the back of my neck, while the other hand landed on my waist, pulling me to him. I looked him in the eyes. He was like an open book. This way I knew, that he’s sincere with me and he’s really sorry. To hell with that!

My hands flew to his neck and I kissed him with all that I have in me. Now both of his hands were on my waist, he tugged me even tighter to him. As our kiss intensified in seconds, I started to feel his arousal. Shit! We were again in the conference room, but this time behind the closed door was the office full of people. Even if I want him desperately, I know we need to slow down, or it won’t end well. I never was quiet, but with him, it was an impossible task. I placed my hand on his chest and pushed him a little. Yeah, like I could do it.

“Nate...” I managed to say his name between our kisses. “Nate?”

“Could we stay like this?” Nate broke our kiss and looked at me.

“You know the answer. What if someone will decide to check on you?”

“Fuck, Vera. Do you know how much I missed you?”

“Pretty much now.” I looked at him grinning. “I can feel it actually.”

“Okay. I guess I need a cold shower now.”

“No, you don’t. I want to eat something. You made me all hot and flushed, so I assume, that you owe me that.”

“Let’s go then, gorgeous!” I stiffened as he said it. It was always Tyler’s nickname for me, he called me that since high school. Nate noticed but decided not to say anything. He took my hand and we walked out of the room just like that, hand in hand, our fingers intertwined. I was too tired to worry about everything. I was just happy to have him here, near me.

Nate and I walked to the elevator and as we were waiting, I saw Adrien. She smiled and showed me thumb-ups, I smiled in return. But as soon as I saw, who was approaching us I wanted to disappear. Amanda was standing before us, looking angry.

“Nathaniel, do you really need to show your affection to Miss Davis like that? Be reasonable!” She was speaking quietly, but I could feel her anger. What was her problem?

“I am reasonable. I worked hard past days and I want a break.” He hugged me by my waist. “And besides all that, I really missed Vera. So I decided, that we won’t be coming back today. And I will turn off my phone, so does Vera. I want to spend time with my...with the woman I really care about.”

Was he going to say “my girlfriend”? What was I to him honestly? With all these secrets, I don’t know what to think.

“Okay. Do as you wish. But don’t be surprised when all this will explode to your face.”

“I am sorry, Amanda. Who am I in your opinion? Some scumbag? Or office slut? I am totally aware, that Nate is out of my league. But I like him.” What has gotten into me? But she really pissed me off.

“I know you’re a good person, a beautiful woman. But all this “boss-employee” thing is infuriating. Especially, when both of you aren’t discreet about your relationship. Do you think, that no one from our NY-office won’t know?” The sound of the elevator was the only sound around. Everyone in the office was observing us. We made quite a scene.

“Amanda, I know you care about me. But I am good. See you tomorrow!” Nate smiled at her and stepped inside the elevator, tugging me with him by my arm. Doors had closed and Nate and I stood inside of the elevator, looking at each other like some school kids, who were planning to skip the lessons.

As we exited the building, Nate stopped and looked at me tenderly, wrapping his arms around me.

“I am glad to have you all to myself. I think you already know, that you won’t be coming back to your room today nor tomorrow. And I think that I will free you from work for tomorrow too. Well?”

“You’re really bossy sometimes. But I like this side of you.”

“Oh, is it means that you like a domineering type of men?”

“Ask me again, when you and I will be alone and not on the street of LA.” I kissed him on the lips and stepped back.

“Vera, it’s not fair! Do you really want to eat?” Nate groaned, but his smile was mischievous.

“Of course, I do. But I could work with room service...” He considered my words for a few seconds.

“There is always be morning for room service, for now, I think I just know the place. Ready?” I nodded and we went to the car, which was waiting for us.

We spent almost all day in each other arms. There was a passion, was tenderness and total bliss. I really enjoyed my time with Nate. He wasn’t kidding, when he said I won’t come to work on Friday. He left for two hours for the urgent meeting and returned to me as soon as he could. As I was alone I sent a couple of messages to Chloe. She answered to me, that she was still ill and stayed home, scrolling through celebrity news and gossips. She even proposed to tell me all about the new season of Bachelor, when I will be home tomorrow. I decided to talk to her about me and Nate. I don’t know, but I wanted us to be official, to be something special. And it will work only if my friend will know the truth.

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