No one, but you

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Chapter 27

“Will you meet me at my place?”

“Nate, how could I go to yours without you? I could come on time when you will be certainly at home.”

“That’s I could do. But you will take the days off on Thursday and Friday too.”


“What? I miss you and I want to spend time with you. Sorry, but I am your boss and I am kind of demand you to do so.”

I laughed. He was so full of himself. It was Tuesday and I was at home, talking with him over the phone. He will be back in New York tomorrow in the evening, and I was planning to go to see him after work. I missed him too.

“Fine! Guess I need to talk with Amanda about it.”

“No need. I called her ahead.”


“I know my name. No need to repeat it so often and so angrily. It kind of turns me on. And you’re right now out of my reach. So I feel frustration.”

“You’re impossible.”

“Nah... I am charming and you know it. See you tomorrow.”

“Bye, Nate.”

I ended our call, sitting on my bed and staring through the window. It was a rainy day in New York, but it wasn’t bothering me. Little by little, Chloe started to talk with me. It was only the first step, but I was hopeful about it. I guess that approaching Thanksgiving was the reason for everyone’s good mood. Chloe was planning to go to visit her parents. Tasha invited me to visit her parents too, but I guess I wasn’t in the mood for that. I planned to stay at home and to spend this time alone. But I think, that with Nate in the picture it won’t be possible.

I came to Nate’s place almost at 8 in the evening. As he opened his door and saw me, he almost dragged me inside. Scooping me in his arms and covering me with kisses. It was long ago, as I felt that good in man’s arms.

We spent the whole Thursday in each other arms. Nate ordered some food for us. It was like he didn’t want me to leave his bed at all. But I managed to persuade him to move to the living room. Silly me, we ended up having sex right here on his pearl white couch, while “Game of Thrones” was broadcasting on his TV. It was so easy and good between us, so I almost forgot all of my doubts about this relationship.

On Friday in the morning, I was lying in Nate’s bed, his arms were wrapped around me and my head nestled on his chest. We woke up only 20 minutes ago, had slow but so blissful morning sex and now we were totally relaxed.

“Hey, I forgot to mention it, but we kind of invited to the party tonight.”

“What?” I looked up at him and wiggled to sit on the bed.

“Yeah... My friend is throwing a party tonight and he invited me there a long time ago. That’s why I remembered it only now.”

“Well... I don’t think that I had the appropriate clothes for that kind of event.”

“It will be the party in his apartment, nothing special. About 40 guests.”

“Are you kidding me, Nate? Nothing special? For my world, 10 guests are the definition of nothing special.”

“We still have time, Vera. We will go there at 8.”

“Can I refuse to go?” I pouted my lips, but Nate only laughed and tackled me back to him.

“No. I will bring you with me, like my hot date. We will be there for some time and then we will leave. No more than 2 hours. I promise you.”

Nate started kissing my neck, rolling us over so now I was underneath him. His kisses left the hot trail on my body, from my neck to my belly. I felt the anticipation growing inside me. As soon as his head was between my legs, I knew that I will go with him wherever he will take me. For now, it was the seventh heaven.

At 8:30 in the evening, I was standing beside Nate in the apartment building on Upper East Side. We were already late, but it was all because we couldn’t have enough of each other. We visited my apartment, that I had the opportunity to choose the dress for the evening. I wanted to be worthy of someone like Nate. He was stunning in his black pants and white shirt. So I stopped on my little black dress with low back and red heels. My hair was down, with curls in the end and also I put some makeup. Not bright, but elegant. We looked perfectly together.

“I think that a huge part of the guests will envy me,” Nate said to me as we stepped into the elevator.

“I am afraid, that you’re wrong. Most of the guests will envy me. Having you as my plus one, damn. I am the luckiest girl tonight.”

“Will we stop this flattering banter?” Nate made a step closer to me and pressed me to the elevator’s wall.

“It depends.” I murmured to him and started kissing his neck, my arms wrapping around his torso, keeping him closer to me.

“On what?”

“Will you behave?” My hand sneaked to his groin. Nate groaned as I felt him harden under my touch.

“Jesus Christ! I don’t want to go to this stupid party.” His hand sneaked to my hair, tagging a little, so he could have better access to my throat. I obeyed him, his lips immediately found their way here. Kissing and teasing me with his teeth and tongue. I saw a sign of the 35th floor, without thinking I pushed the stop button on the elevator’s panel. Nate stopped and looked me in the eyes.

“You’re a naughty girl, Miss Davis.” We stared at each other.

“Do you want me to push this button back?”

“Never in the million years. But so you know, we don’t have much time. I know this kind of elevator...”

“Are you seriously going to tell me about your sex with other girls in the elevators?” I said, unzipping his fly and pushing his trousers down, kneeling before him. I wanted this for a long time, so I just pulled his crotch from his boxers, angling it to my mouth. The moment after I was sucking and licking his full length, teasing him with my tongue. Stroking him and squeezing his balls in my hand.

“Shit...” Nate cursed, placing his hands on the elevator’s wall. His breath was becoming rugged, I felt him trembling inside my mouth. He was close, I could tell. So I made the only thing that I was capable of. I increased my tempo, closing my mouth over his tip and sucking, then his full length. He moved his hips with my rhythm and soon his juice filled my mouth. Without thinking, I swallowed it.

Nate pulled me to him and kissed me with all his affection to me. I guess it was 10 minutes after when we finally were ready to start the elevator again. When we stepped out of it, big smiles were plastered to our lips and our hands linked.

The apartment was cozy, but all in it was screaming about big money. I was sure, that on the design of the place worked at least one famous designer. There were a lot of people, mingling, talking and laughing. The waitresses were bouncing back and forth with trays. Soft music played and the lights were a little dim. For Nate’s world, it was the definition of the private party for a closed circle of people. With him by my side, I didn’t feel like an outsider, but I wasn’t myself here either. This whole place and atmosphere suddenly reminded me of Tyler. I tried to push this thought afar.

“Come with me, we need to say hi to the host. We’re late and if we won’t greet him, he will be angry at me. Besides, I am sure, that you’re thirsty, so after that, we will go and find the bar.” Nate winked at me, carefully leading me behind him further in the apartment. “Oh, I saw him. This way.”

I followed him, examining on my way the furniture, little details of the apartment’s style and people around us. Suddenly, I felt hot, my breath caught up in my throat. I knew immediately whose apartment it was. I saw him standing his back to us and I just knew, that Nate was heading exactly here.

“Man, what a party!” Nate’s cheerful voice broke my trail of thoughts, but inside I was freaking out. It just can’t be. It was a nightmare!

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