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Chapter 30

I didn’t have the opportunity to see Nate outside the office. He left for almost a week for the business trip. He was avoiding me, but I needed this time for myself. Besides I was too busy to deal with anything except for my work. The preparation for the party was in full swing. Everyone from our department was busy as hell. The whole staff wanted this party to be spectacular.

Of course, I totally forgot about my bet with Chloe. She told me that she’s planning to find a very hot and a very handsome guy at this party and to kiss him under the mistletoe. She was over her obsession with Nate and I was happy for her. The only grim thought was, that my relationship with Dean was ruined. It was hard for us to talk to one another. But he was happy with Megan, so that’s what the matter.

It was the day of the party and I was at home with Chloe, readying ourselves for the event. She chose a pink strapless mini-dress. She was like a Barbie-doll, with her hair down and bright makeup. I was dressed in a deep blue long dress with low back, my hair in beach waves and the makeup that highlighted my every feature. I felt beautiful and sure of myself. It was a pleasant feeling for me. Mostly because I made a decision and was happy about it.

After we arrived at the party, Chloe and I parted our ways. I needed to fix some things until I will be able to relax. Everything seemed amazing. Everyone did a good job. I talked a little with Amanda. She was pleased with the work of our Department. She encouraged me with her praise, so I decided to deal with my personal matters, while I could do it.

I went to Nate’s office and after hearing him tell me to “Come in”, I walked to his office. He was surprised to see me. This time before the party, we didn’t even talk about anything except for work.

“Hey, Nate. Nice suit!” He looked gorgeous in his tuxedo. My eyes roamed over his body.

“Vera. Look who’s talking. You’re stunning. This dress... Damn, you’re hot.” We smiled at each other.

“I think we need to talk...”

“I think you’re right. I was avoiding you... But I guess it has to stop.”


“May I be first?”

“Go ahead.” I sat on the couch and stared at him.

“I know now your side of the story, while Tyler never was too open about your relationship. He only told me a little that night at his place, when I found out that you were a girl.” Nate winked at me and I smiled. “But I remember him too vividly. He was broken. He knew that he was wrong, that he hurt you and... I felt sorry for him, creating this mess, ruining his chances with the girl, who he truly loved...”

“You don’t know that. He never said to me, that he loved me. He told me a whole lot of awful things, believe me. But he never said anything close to love.”

“He loved you. Believe me. I am his friend, I know what I am talking about.”

“Why are we talking about the past?”

“Because. I am not a fool and I know, when I need to take a step back. For my own good at least. You have unsolved issues with Tyler and while they’re here... You can’t be with me. Am I right?”

“Yes.” I smiled at him, but it was so damn sad smile.

“Shit.” Nate shook his head. “Does he want you back?”

“Yes. He wants me only for sex.”

“Bullshit. He could have many, believe me. If he wants you back, that’s because he still has feelings for you.”

“I won’t be with him, Nate. It’s too painful. I don’t want this. I closed this book a long time ago.”

“We’ll see.” Nate stood up from his chair and walked to the couch, extending his hand to me. I took it and he pulled me to him, wrapping his hands around me. I hid my face in the hollow of his neck.

“You’re too good for me. I don’t deserve to even have a friend like you in my life.”

“Nah. I am glad to be here for you. I still like you. And I won’t be able to forget about you for some time for sure.”

“Me too. We had a hell of good time together.”

“Just know, Vera, you could come to me for anything. Wherever you will need it.”

“Thank you.” I kissed him, with all this care that I had for him. It was a goodbye kiss, he knew it too, so he answered. We kissed and kissed, without releasing one another.

“Vera, he will be here tonight. I invited him a long time ago.” Nate said to me, as we were waiting for the elevator. “Will you be okay?”

“Yeah... I will manage. I am used to it. To avoid him.”

“If you say so... But come to me, if you will need to escape from this party.”

“I will consider your offer.” We laughed and talked a little, catching up the time we didn’t talk to one another. Nate and I arrived at the party together, hand in hand. We both knew, that it was only friendship between us. It was a good thing, that he and I were able to deal with it without any hard feelings.

As Nate and I stepped to the hall, my eyes instantly snapped at Tyler. It was like he was my target. The same I could tell about him, our eyes locked immediately. With a look of determination on his face, he strode toward me and Nate.

“Hey, Nate, Vera. The party is marvelous. You’ve outdone yourself. The decorations are spectacular and treats are delicious. Damn, your event-management department did a great job! Tell Amanda, I said hi.”

“You could tell her yourself.” Nate hugged Tyler and smiled at him, while I was silently standing beside him. “Good to see you!”

“Thanks for the invitation. I wasn’t sure I will be welcomed here...” Tyler glanced in my direction. “Nate, may I steal your date for one dance?”

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