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Chapter 32

I woke up startled in the middle of the night. It was 4 in the morning. The only reason for my sudden awakening was loud moans of pleasure from the opposite wall. Chloe was having a very good time now, while I wanted to die right here on the spot. I knew my roommate too well. If she saw a guy she liked, she would never let him go. Assuming that, the only person who might be with her was Tyler. I was sure, that I was right. Fucking hell! What did I expect? I didn’t tell Ty that Nate and I aren’t together. I didn’t tell him that I’m still in love with him. I didn’t mention to Chloe that this “hottie” was my Tyler. She needed a distraction, he needed to forget about me. The banging of a beautiful girl sounded just like Tyler.

I could have called Tasha, but it was too early for that. Besides if I will try to leave my room now, they would hear me... or not. They were too busy for that. Tears were streaming down my face, without any stop. The heartache started to be unbearable. I created this mess. I was the one to blame. Protecting myself from the heartbreak, I brought it without any hesitation. I was drowning in my tears and in my pain. I should have told him the truth. I should have risked everything I have. I should have given our relationship the last chance. But I refused to do so. Like a coward. What there is to say?

I pulled a blanket over my head, trying to muffle the sounds. If Chloe knew, that I was behind this wall, she would have never been so indiscreet. But she asked me at the party and I told her that I will go to Nate’s place. It was all my fault!

I don’t know how, but eventually, I fell asleep. I woke up very early considering the time I went to bed. My phone was showing 7 in the morning. I got up and walked to the mirror. Oh my God, I looked terrible. Puffy and reddened eyes, pale face with traces of mascara, my beautiful dress wrinkled. I changed into my sweatpants and hoodie, put my sneakers. Well, now I need to do something with my face and hair. I didn’t want to go to the bathroom, making sounds, which might wake up Chloe and Tyler. I silently shuffled through my belongings and found makeup wipes, bingo! I cleaned my face, combed my hair, braiding it. Whew, now I look at least not scary. I opened my door and closed it behind my back, trying to make no sound at all. Then I tiptoed to the front door and left the apartment.

I went running, listening to Imagine Dragons’ songs, clearing my head. I was suffering the most terrible heartache right now, mostly because it was all my fault. Everything might have gone different, if only I allowed myself to be with the man I love. But trying to protect my heart, I hurt myself even more. How was it even possible? At 8:30 I walked to the closest diner and ordered pancakes and black coffee. Might as well try to contact Tasha. I needed to escape from my apartment and also I desperately needed my best friend.

“Can I come to you?” Send.

I ate my order, waiting for Tasha’s response. 10 minutes after, the answer came.

“Of course. What time?”


“What happened?”



“I’ll tell u when I’ll be at yours.”

“I’ll wait for u. Free for the whole day.”

“See U!”

At 9 I stood before the front door to the apartment, weighing should I come inside or not. I might go to Tasha just like that, I have clothes to change in at her place. But I wanted to take a few of my things from here. And truthfully I needed the confirmation, that it was Tyler in Chloe’s bed. I was a masochist after all.

I opened the door and heard Chloe’s voice from the kitchen. The bathroom door was closed and I heard the sound of streaming water.

“Vera? I didn’t expect you to be back home that early. You won’t believe what happened to me. This guy from the party, that hottie with whom you danced, damn! He kept me awake almost all night long. I even lost the count of my orgasms...” I walked to the kitchen and she closed her mouth, looking me up and down. She was in her lingerie. I felt a pang of jealousy in my chest. She was gorgeous and undeniably sexy. I walked to the fridge past her. “Didn’t you go to Nate’s yesterday? I was sure, that I saw you two leaving together.”

I opened the fridge to take the orange juice from here and to hide my face from Chloe. I felt emptiness. I wasn’t sure, that I will find my voice to answer her. But she waited for me to answer, so I must sound normal.

“I am quite aware of your orgasms. Kind of woke up in the middle of the night because of it.”

“Shit! I am so sorry, Vera!” Chloe’s cheeks were red, she was ashamed. “I would have never brought him here if I knew, that you were at home! You know me! Oh God! Now I feel embarrassment! What happened with Nate?”

“Nothing. We aren’t together if that’s what you’re asking me.” I closed the fridge and we stared at each other.


“It’s for the best. I talked with him about it and it’s our mutual decision.” I shrugged my shoulders, answering her.

“Oh.” Silence. Again. I needed to go to my room. I needed to leave this apartment and this suffocating atmosphere. The door to the bathroom opened and I heard the sound of bare feet steps. Chloe’s face flushed a cheeky smile on her lips. Great! Now I don’t have time to go to my room without Tyler noticing me.

“Babe, I took the big towel. The blue one. I hope it’s alright.” No, it’s not alright. It was my towel. Now it will be a constant reminder about their sex. Just what I needed. “How about we will continue what we started at night? You’re going to ride me long and hard today.”

Saying that Tyler stepped to the kitchen. For a split second, only Chloe was in his line of sight, but then he noticed me. The expression of total shock on his face was priceless. If it weren’t that painful, I would have even laughed from it. But no. I wanted to cry and to run away from this kitchen.

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