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Chapter 41


“Hey, Tyler.” Nope. I wasn’t going to cry. Not anymore.

“Thank goodness, you’re okay! I was worried about you! Not knowing where you are and how you are.”

“I am okay.”

“I canceled all of my meetings. I will be home tomorrow in the evening. I will book us a table...”

“There is no need.”

“Wha... What are you talking about?”

“I was telling you that you don’t need to book a table for us.”

“Something happened? I am sure something happened. You know that you could talk to me about everything. What is it?”

“Funny... I could tell you everything you said... But why had you hidden from me the truth? Why you weren’t able to talk to me about your engagement?” Tyler fell silent.

“You were telling me about our future, but you forgot to tell me, that I won’t be in the picture of your perfect family album. You were talking to me about our wedding in early September, but you forgot to mention that your wedding with your Italian fiancée is planned in August. Did you know that Penelope is dealing with preparations for your wedding?” He hadn’t said a word.

“You know, I told you this before... When we were at Tasha’s place back in December... It was our last chance. Every person has their limit and I hit mine a long time ago. My heart won’t be able to deal with this pain anymore.”

“Vera, let me explain.”

“Nope. I don’t want to hear any of your lies. Not anymore. When you will be back tomorrow, be sure to call your fiancée ahead. She wanted to surprise you with sexy lingerie set and cold champagne.”

“Vera, I am not going to marry this woman! I don’t need her and I don’t want her. You’re the only one for me!”

“You should have broken this engagement before proposing to me. You should have told me the truth. But you hid everything from me.”

“What I did, was stupid! I was waiting for her...”

“Save it, Ty. I don’t want to hear it. I called to tell you, that I left the keys and the ring in the kitchen. You will find them right here where you gave them to me. Kind of symbolic, if you will ask me.”

“Vera! I will be back tomorrow, let me explain, please! I will come to your work, I will be following you everywhere until you will listen to me.” He sounded sincere, he was begging me. But I couldn’t let him get inside my head again.

“Tyler... I am not in New York anymore... I left the city, that way I will be able to let you go...”

“But I don’t want this! I love you, Vera!”

“Ty, please... I am begging you... Leave me alone... I can’t do this anymore...” I sobbed, tears silently were pouring from my eyes.

“Vera! Please... Don’t do this!”

“Your fiancée is waiting for you... Call her. Goodbye, Ty!”

I ended the call and turned off my phone again, throwing it on the couch far away from me. I collapsed on the soft surface and hid my face in the cushions. I was crying again. Even if I was trying not to cry. These tears were right from my heart. It was my soul crying. Because of unfulfilled dreams. Because of another heartbreak. And because right now I said goodbye to the person, who found his way to my heart, to my mind and under my skin. Part of him was living in me and it hurt. It hurt like hell this time. Because it was the end. This time forever.

If I tell that Tasha was mad at me, it will be an understatement. She was furious, that I left the city without even seeing her with Jake. She knew, that she couldn’t stop me from moving to LA, but she wanted at least to be able to hug me and to say goodbye to me. Tyler’s name was banned in our conversations. She and Jake hated him to the guts, they were disgusted with his behavior and with his dishonesty. I promised her, that there was no way, that I will miss their wedding and that I will be always in touch when she will need me.

Chloe was terrified to know what happened between me and Tyler, but in the end, she told me that it was good riddance. She praised Nate for his help to me and even suggested me to revise my relationship with him. I told her that it was impossible.

The first two months were a real challenge for me. But I survived and became even more professional and stronger than I was before. Adrien was a huge help to me with my adaptation and with all of my struggles at work and in my personal life.

Tyler tried to reach me, but I didn’t pick up his phone calls, blocked him on my social pages. I was careful to not to post anything about my location. His calls became less frequent and in April I saw photos of him and his fiancée on the cover of one of the magazines. The article was about their wedding planning, it was like a punch to the gut. I tried to stay unaffected and was able to be like that for the whole day. Until I was in my car. Seeing me in my state at the parking lot, close to a mental breakdown, Adrien dragged me to stay with her and her wife for a couple of days. They cheered me up and helped me to accept my new reality. The reality without Tyler.

Nate always visited me, when he was coming for business trips to LA. He stayed at my place every time and once his visit prolonged for the whole week. He told me that it was because he needed to be here for work. While I had my suspicions that it was for me. I will be lying if I will say, that there was nothing between us. Our flirting was natural, I was in total harmony with him at times like this. At first, I allowed myself only cuddles on the couch with him, while watching movies. The day when I slept with him again was in the middle of May.

We celebrated the conclusion of a deal and the success of our party on occasion of this deal at some restaurant. The executives were here and also some of our employees, who worked hard to make it happen. I drank a lot of wine and was a little tipsy when Nate came to me and said, that we need to go home. He drank whiskey, but not as much as I did, he was soberer than I. We hailed the taxi and soon were at my apartment. It was like in some movie, but I stumbled when I walked to the living room and Nate tried to catch me. We fell on the floor together, I was on top of him and just stared into his eyes. Deep down, I knew that it will be a mistake, but I just couldn’t help it. I kissed him, his grip on my waist tightened. He didn’t answer my kiss, so I immediately felt embarrassed.

I freed myself from his hands, got up from the floor, mumbled some apologies and rushed to my bedroom. It was 5 minutes later when Nate knocked on my door and walked inside without my invitation. I was lying on my belly on the bed, fully dressed, and hiding my face in the pillows. He sat on the corner of my bed, placing his hand on the small of my back. This touch sent shivers from head to my toes.

“Vera, look at me.”

“No. I am so sorry for kissing you... I was an idiot. It’s all the wine and well, you’re too irresistible for me right now.” He chuckled but didn’t say anything. I was waiting for him to leave my room, but instead, he placed both of his hands on my waist and rolled me over, that I was on my back now. I hid my face in my palms, but he forced me to remove them, pinning my hands above my head. Nate leaned to me, now our faces were inches away. I sucked in the air, my heart was beating wildly in my chest.


“Do you really think that it was easy for me? To not to touch you when you were falling asleep in my arms? To not to kiss you? It’s you, who is irresistible. I was trying damn hard not to pounce on you every time when I stayed here. We still attracted to each other, it’s the only explanation.”

“We are... But what if we will ruin our friendship? We both know that we can’t be together and we won’t be. You’re my breach to Tyler and I am yours... You know that he always will be there...”

“We will make it work...” Nate murmured to me, placing his lips on my neck. I shuddered from the contact. He was kissing me, following with his tongue all the way down to my breasts. I knew that I wanted him, it was hard to resist these urges. Should I let it go?

“Nate...” He looked up at me, smiled and brought his face to mine.

“Just go with a flow, Vera. I know that you want this as much as I do.” With this, he placed his lips on mine and kissed me.

We spent this night together and were doing it over and over again every time when Nate was in LA. We talked about it and agreed, that we will end this as soon as one of us will meet another person, or we will feel that it’s becoming serious. Strangely, but our relationship survived this. He was my friend, the one on whom I could always count. Without him, it would be much harder to cope with all of my struggles. He helped me and I would be grateful to him for that forever.

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