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4 years later

I will kill Tyler. Seriously, how could he? I tapped my foot on the floor. I was impatient. That man will never change. Why was I expecting anything different? My phone buzzed.

“Hey, hon. Our plans are still on, right?” Tasha’s voice was awfully cheerful. Or I thought so because I was annoyed.

“I guess.”

“You guess? What the hell of an answer is that? I need something more specific.”

“I don’t know, Tasha. I thought that I will leave an hour ago, but I am still at home!”


“Tell me something I don’t know!”

“Hey, stop snapping out at me! It’s not me, it’s your hubby, on whom you’re angry!”


“Well, we’re waiting for you anyway. I hope you will be there soon.”

“I am too. Bye.”

I ended the call and walked to the window, staring at the Upper East Side. I was living here for 3 years already and I kind of got used to the view and to the luxury of the place. It was my life now.

My wedding with Tyler was simple, but yet sweet and beautiful. We tied the knot among the small circle of our friends and family. Even my father-in-law was here. He apologized before me and Tyler for everything. He said, that he finally understood that the most important thing was, that Tyler was happy with me. On the other hand, Tyler’s mom always liked me, so I hit it off with her from the start. I was happy to call her my family. I chatted with her weekly and Tyler and I were spending our holidays at her place.

Ty and I were living in two cities at the same time for almost 6 months after our wedding. Until I realized, that it was becoming exhausting for both of us. Nate helped me to transfer back to the NY office, but only after they found the replacement for my position. Nate was our family’s friend now. I had talked to him when I and Tyler got back together. He was sad, but he understood everything. Like he always did before. I was blessed, to have a friend like him.

“Where are you?” I asked as soon as I heard Tyler picking up his phone.

“We will be home soon. I know we’re late. Babe, sorry, I kind of busy now.”

“Are you kidding me?” Huh? He ended the call. Fuck, Tyler. I will show you, what it means to hang up on me.

30 minutes after, when I was sitting on the couch and watching “Sex in the City” marathon, I heard the door opening. I had time to calm down, thanks to Sara Jessica Parker and a glass of orange juice with a brownie.



The first one, who entered the room was our son, Leo. He came running straight to my arms, almost knocking my glass. I heard his laughter and desire to make a comment died inside my throat. I hugged him tight and the feeling of love filled my whole body. Leo was 2 years old now and he was a combination of me and Tyler in his features. Brown hair and deep blue eyes, full lips and awfully long lashes, just like his father’s.

I was happy with Tyler, enjoying my life with him, just the two of us. We traveled a lot, spending as much time together as we could, considering our busy schedules. Of course, I wanted a child some day, but I wasn’t in a hurry. After Ty and I went for a consultation with the doctors, we stopped to use protection. Even if both of us knew that I may become pregnant, my actual pregnancy became a total surprise for us. Neither of us expected it to happen that soon.

I got pregnant when Tyler and I were on vacation in Spain for the whole month. Our life changed completely as we saw our son at the first ultrasound procedure. Tyler enveloped me in so much care and love like he never did before. I knew well how strong our feelings to each other were, but having a child together was a step forward even for us. Leo made us whole, completing the picture of our perfect family.

In reality, Tyler and I weren’t perfect. We had our ups and downs, arguments and reconciliation. But we cherished our relationship and we loved each other to the moon and back. Like that he and I always were able to solve any problem between us. We knew what life without one another was and we didn’t want it to happen ever again.

The only question on which it was hard for us to agree, was my work. Tyler had enough money for us, his and his father’s company was making a lot of money. But I loved my work and I didn’t want to sit on his neck, like some trophy wife. Our arguments on this topic became permanent and louder with every day. It was starting to be our new normal and I hated it.

Everything changed 4 months ago. I got pregnant again and this time it wasn’t that easy as it was with Leo. My morning sickness got the better of me, I was a wreck at work and at home. I wanted to spend time with my son as much as I could when I was returning from work, but I couldn’t. I was falling asleep as soon as my head was on the pillow. I started to feel annoyance and disappointment. I wanted for Leo to know, that even if there will be soon another child, that he still will be my beloved son, my firstborn.

Surprisingly Tyler stayed aside, waiting for me to make a decision. He was a huge help for me and it was the sweetest thing these days. I was grateful to him and I guess my love for him became even stronger, deeper. I wasn’t sure it was possible, but it was.

Two months ago Nate invited me to have lunch with him. I was wondering what it was about. So I accepted his invitation, even if I hardly ate anything these days. We were sitting at our favorite place for lunches when his words surprised me. I wasn’t expecting that.

“Vera, you know I value your work at my company and appreciate all of your efforts. You’re remarkable, know that.”

“Not so good for the start, Nate...”

“I know, but you can’t continue like that... I noticed how exhausted you look, I was worried, and so I called Tyler.”

“Fuck.” I hid my face in my palms.

“Well, you’re ruining the moment right now. I wanted to congratulate you! You’re carrying the baby, brother or sister to my godson. You will be a mom soon. I am happy for you and Tyler, truly.”

“Thank you, Nate. You know I love you, right?” I covered his palm with mine and smiled at him.

“Of course, but I am glad that Emilia can’t hear you.”

“Is she still jealous of me? She’s your wife for a year now!”

“Well, she knows how important you were and are for me, so yeah. But I think, that deep down she’s getting used to your presence in my life. Especially after she had a chance to spend the weekends with you and Tyler. She saw how much in love you are with him, so I hope with time, she won’t be seeing you as a threat.”

“Great... I hope it will happen soon. So, you were saying?”

“Vera, I think you should leave your work...”

“What? Are you...”

“Listen to me. Not as your boss, but as your friend. You could go back to work as soon as your baby will be born and you will be ready. Here always will be a place for you to work. You have my word there. But look at you... You’re looking tired, exhausted even. It doesn’t affect your work, but it affects your family and your health... Tyler told me, how he got back from work one day and Leo’s nanny still was here, because you fell asleep 15 minutes after you returned from work. You know, that I am right, but you’re too stubborn to accept it.”

“I will get better soon, may I work at least part-time till it will be the time?”

“Sure! You’re my employee after all. One of the best. And my friend, so I can’t fail you.”


So now I was spending most of the time with my son at home. We were walking at parks, visited Tasha and her twins, and we even lived for 2 weeks at my mother-in-law’s. She was incredibly happy to have us, but I got bored fast and I missed Tyler. I had a plan to return to work as soon as my baby will be 1 year old, but I already saw the smile of Cheshire cat on Tyler’s lips, when he heard it. He was confident, that I will stay at home longer. But only time will tell for sure.

I felt Tyler’s arms hugging me and Leo from behind. All of my annoyance toward him disappeared instantly. He was my rock, my harbor and my knight in shining armor. I was so damn happy to have him.

“Sorry, gorgeous. I was caught up with this little monster...”

“Daddy, I am not a monster!”

“Your dad is joking, sweetheart.”

I heard the voice of Tyler’s mom and turned my head to look at her. She was standing with a big smile on her lips. I felt warmth filling my whole body. I returned her smile.

“Hey, Deborah. I’m happy to see you.”

“Liar.” She laughed heartily. I stared at her with wide eyes. “I know, you love me, honey. But I am sure, that Tyler didn’t warn you, that I will come today. Am I right?”

“Yeah. He hid it from me for some reason.” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“I forgot.”

“Right. You never forget anything, son.”

“You think better of me than I am, mom.” Tyler walked to her and placed his hand on her shoulder, hugging her.

“Vera, is everything ready?”

“Ready for what?” I was feeling dumbfounded. What was going on here?

“Tyler! Don’t tell me you forgot to tell your wife about this too?”

“What’s going on, really?”

“Mommy, I am going to spend this week with granny and Kevin!”

“Leo, how many times do I have to tell you to not to call your grandfather by his name?”

“But it is his name!” Poor kid, he was looking at me with surprise. I laughed and kissed his forehead.

“Sure thing, baby.”

One hour later Deborah and Leo were gone. Kevin picked them both up and drove them to his house in Hampton. He and Deborah were now on very good terms, I was wondering that maybe there was a chance for them to be together. I didn’t ask her about it, even if I wanted. She was so kind to me and so intelligent, so I didn’t want to upset her.

I called Tasha to apologize that Leo and I won’t come to visit them. She was disappointed, she hoped to spend time with me, so I promised to visit her the next week. She was on holidays and spending time at home with her twins was a little hard for her. Kim and Lily were able to turn upside down every place, with age they became calmer, but they still were very loud and chatty. They were 3 years old now. Jake and Tasha loved them, but even they needed time to recharge their batteries.

Tyler walked to the living room in his sweatpants and a white t-shirt, he was barefooted. I observed my husband with my eyes, roaming over his broad shoulders and sculpted chest. I knew now, how hard he worked to gain these biceps and muscles. Even after all these years, he was irresistible, I couldn’t avert my eyes even if I wanted. He sat near me on the couch and took my legs on his lap, massaging my feet. I moaned. It was total bliss.

“Don’t you think that I am still a little mad at you? Why did you hide it from me?”

“I know, love. I am sorry. You know that these past days were a challenge, I participated in an awful lot of meetings and negotiations, so I totally forgot about my mom’s wish to spend time with Leo.”

“Not only her, but your dad too... Is there something I should know about?”

“Like what?”

“Well, you know, since our marriage your parents became closer.”

“Dunno... I didn’t think about it. But now, I kind of understand what you mean. My mom always loved the old man, even after he divorced her. Maybe this time, he realized that she was the one for him too?”

“It will be amazing, no?”

“Maybe. I hope he wouldn’t screw up everything. He’s the master of it, you know that.”

“You want me to start worrying? Our son is going to spend the whole week in his company.”

“Nah. In the regarding of Leo, he will do the best. He loves and cares about him.”

We fell silent. It was so rare for us to spend time like that. Only the two of us. I closed my eyes, enjoying this moment. I felt Tyler’s fingers going up from my feet to my thighs. I opened my eyes and stared at him. He leaned to me and now was very close to my face. I smiled at him, letting my hands go to his shoulders, pulling him to me. But he resisted, I arched my brow at him.

“You don’t want me?” I whispered to him. After my first childbirth, I returned in shape within a few months, but as now I was 4 months pregnant with my second child my body started to change.

“You’re crazy, Vera.” He kissed my nose. “I am worried, that I may hurt you and our baby.”

“Oh... So we will wait till I’ll give birth to our girl?”

“Of course, not...” I observed him, waiting for the information to sink. His mouth opened and he stared at me. “You said “our girl”?”

“Uh huh.”

“Fuck... Don’t tell me that I skipped another ultrasound...”

“Unfortunately... But you were too busy this week, you said it yourself.”

Tyler stood up from the couch, extending his hand to me. I took it and he helped me to get up to my feet. He walked me to our bedroom. He sat on the edge of our bed and I stopped between his legs. Only the way he was looking at me, was sending me on fire. There was so much in it – love, desire, tenderness, respect, and kindness.

I took off my t-shirt and immediately Tyler leaned to my belly, kissing it and caressing lightly with his fingers.

“Well, hello, little one. So you’re a baby girl... I hope that you will be as beautiful, smart and kind as your mommy. She’s perfect, but I am sure you know it already. I love you, little one, and I can’t wait to see you and to hold you in my arms, but you should take your time. Mom and I with your brother will be waiting for you...” His hands went up to my bra and unclasped it, tossing it aside. He kissed every one of my breasts, slowly and tenderly. He knew how sensitive my boobs were now. “I hope you don’t mind, that I am going to make love to your mom. She’s just too sexy and I can’t keep my hands to myself when she’s around... But I promise to you, that I will be gentle and careful with your mommy.”

“Tyler, I love you.” I took his face in my arms and stared him in the eyes while straddling him. I felt his desire and I knew that soon we will be tangled in bed, making love and caressing each other.

“I love you, too, gorgeous. You’re my sunshine, know that. Because I can’t even imagine life without you and our kids. Thank you for everything and for giving me this chance 4 years ago.”

“Thank you, for not giving up and for not stepping aside, even if I asked you to do so. I can’t be happy without you.”

I kissed Tyler, or he kissed me. It didn’t matter. We were in love, so deep and so amusing. We were incredibly happy together and blessed to have each other. I was certain that by the birth of our daughter our bond will become even stronger. Our son glued us to each other, so I was impatient to see what will do with us our daughter.

My story with Tyler wasn’t easy. It was full of thorns and tears, but in the end, our feelings grew stronger and deeper. We were real family, where you know that you will always find support and care, where you will be loved no matter what. And it was a miracle that we were able to overcome all obstacles and our own mistakes and be together. We were perfect for each other.

The end.

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