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Chapter 4

When Chloe and I finally walked out of the bar, Dean was a little bit relaxed. He insisted on driven us home. While we arrived at our apartment Chloe passed out, so Dean carried her to the bedroom. I wasn’t drunk, only lightheaded but I wanted to go to bed too.

I laid on my bed without undressing, I managed to take my heels off. I heard a light knock on my door and it opened. Dean was standing in the doorframe.

“Hey, you.”

“Hey. Is she sleeping?”

“Like dead. She didn’t even budge when I placed her on the bed.”

“Very funny! Will you stay with me?”

“Are you asking me to be your hook up for tonight? Because I won’t say no to that.” Dean’s boyish smile appeared on his lips.

I instantly felt aroused. This man’s handsome and I obviously attracted to him. Why did I need to resist it? Without my answer, he laid down in bed next to me. Too close for my condition, honestly. But I liked his presence near me so I didn’t say a word. I just closed my eyes.



“Does your ex have a name?”

“He’s not my ex, actually...”

“How so?”

“I never dated him... Heck, it’s a long story and I don’t want to recall my past right now.”

“Okay... But is he famous? Or rich? Or both?” He asked without any pause between questions.

“Oh my... For all of your questions, the answer is yes. He’s the heir of a very wealthy man. And he often might be seen in tabloids, when they write about the elite society of Big Apple. But please don’t ask me about him! I prefer it that way. As if he doesn’t exist. Only Tasha and Jake know everything about my history with Tyler and let’s leave it like that for now.”

“So, he’s Tyler... Do you know him since college?” Dean said without giving me time to recover.

“Fuck! I said his name out loud, didn’t I?”

“Well, Vera, no cursing while you’re in bed with me! So...what about...?”

“My story with Ty is complicated and confusing as hell, but no, we’ve met in high school. Dean, please? I am really not in the mood for this conversation.” I said as I rolled on my elbow to look him straight in the eyes. Turns out he was looking at me all this time.

“I promise. I don’t want to upset you by bringing your memories to the surface.”

“You know you’re too generous, right?”

“Don’t start it again, Vera. Or I’ll leave you here alone.”

“Please, don’t. I just... I don’t want to be alone tonight. Will you stay with me?”

I knew it was wrong to ask him to stay but I couldn’t help it. I needed it. He didn’t say a word at first. Then he took me in his arms squeezing me tight against his chest.

“Of course, Vera," Dean said kissing my forehead. “I’ll be here for you. You know I’m patient, right?”

“Yeah, you are. Dean, tell me something... Why do I have a feeling that you were angry about this bet? About kiss?”

“Hell, Vera. I don’t know. For Chloe, it’ll only do good. Or he’ll kiss her back or she finally will be free from her addiction to Nate. Well, it’s if she will have guts to kiss him. But you? Kissing him or any other guy at this party? I’m not sure I am comfortable with it. You don’t owe me anything, don’t get me wrong. It’s just... You’re far more gorgeous than you think about yourself.”

“Flatterer.” I murmured to him, placing my hand to his chest. His heartbeat echoed in my head, mingling with mine.

“Me? I am just telling the truth to you. I honestly don’t know what will happen if you’ll kiss him at this party. Because I easily could see our CEO falling for you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Dean. I’m not his type and I know better not to fall in love with guys like him.”

“Well, I saw a few times when Donovan was staring at you. It has nothing to do with your work skills, but with your pretty face and curvaceous body.”

“Dean, you’re wrong! I...” I tried to object him, but in the meantime, I realized I wasn’t the only one who noticed Nate’s glances in my direction.

“Vera, I am a man and I know exactly what I saw. Now hush, you need sleep.”

“Stay here tonight, Dean, please.”

“As you wish. Now sleep. I believe, tomorrow you and Chloe will be dealing with a huge hangover. So goodnight, princess.”

“Night,” I whispered to him and drifted to sleep.

Next morning I woke up alone in bed. Strangely I didn’t have any headache, only feeling of exhaustion. I went to the shower and then to the kitchen for breakfast. When Chloe finally appeared at the doorframe I’ve been already eaten and it was noon. She sniffed the air and said:

“Any chance you have a coffee for me?”

“Obviously, love,” I said handing her a mug.

“You’re a lifesaver, Vera. My head was ready to explode when I opened my eyes. But now, I believe I’ll survive.”

We’re sipping coffee in silence. I've got a feeling it’s not for long and I was right.



“Well, I believe we should talk. Don’t you think?” Chloe said to me with determination on her face.

Uh huh, of course, I knew already I said too much yesterday about Tyler. And there wasn’t any opportunity she’ll let me slip again. I was avoiding this conversation long enough.

“Yeah, Chloe, I agree. Let’s talk. But for this talk, I obviously need wine and a lot.”

“Everything that will make you feel better,” Chloe said taking two wine glasses from the cupboard as I took two bottles of white and pink wine. We sat comfortably on the couch with wine glasses in our hands. As I made a huge gulp of wine I started talking without hesitation.

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