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Chapter 7

“What are you doing here, Davis?” Tyler was leaning on the wall near the bathroom door.

“Fuck, Tyler! You scared me!”

“I am asking you again, why are you at the party? I don’t remember inviting you.” His voice didn’t express any emotions, but eyes were full of anger. Hell! Why did I agree to come here?

“Well, sorry for trespassing, Tasha brought me. But since my presence here is unwanted, I guess I should leave.” I said it, but inside I was hoping he will stop me.

“Yeah, you should. Come with me, I will walk you out.” He said placing his hand on the small of my back, guiding me to go. Why did he want to humiliate me so badly?

On our way to the front door, I grabbed my jacket and zipped it. I saw the eyes of people on us, who were wondering what was going on. Tyler even opened the door gesturing for me to get out. Way to figure out what was it between us. I guess the answer was nothing.

“What the hell? Vera, where are you going?” I heard Tasha’s voice and stopped in my track. She came to us and stood there glaring in my direction.

“I was told that I wasn’t invited, so I should leave... I am leaving, that’s what I am doing”.

“Tyler, this is bullshit! More than half of these people weren’t invited either, but I don’t see you walking them out! So why her?!”

“I thought it’s not safe for Vera to be there without her boyfriend, so that’s why. I am just concern about the happy couple,” Tyler sounded annoyed.

“What boyfriend are you talking about?! Heck, Vera, wait for me, I will bring you home, as I promised.” Tasha said and went to find her jacket and to say goodbye to Rob.

“Tyler, please, say to Tasha that I will be okay. I don’t want to cause any trouble for her. She wanted to be there, so she should stay. My house is not so far away.” I said to him and without his answer walked out to the street. It wasn’t cold, to my luck. I wasn’t lying, my home was in 15 minutes away by car and in 30 minutes by walk. But I needed fresh air to clear my head, it was my salvation.

I was so lost in my thoughts I didn’t even see a car which drove past me and stopped in a few feet ahead. Only when I caught up with it, I saw Tyler leaning on the passenger’s door.

“Not so far away, you said... Get in the car, Vera, I will be your driver.” He wasn’t smiling but I saw in an instant that he was relaxed.

“Here we are again, Tyler! Thanks, but no.” He humiliated me and now I have to forget everything? Hell no!

“God, you’re stubborn!” He sighed, running a hand through his brown hair. “I only stopped Tasha from throwing a tantrum at me, with a promise that I will find you and give you a ride home. So please, Vera, get in the stupid car!”

“Just for the record, I am not a fan of this idea.”

I said, gesturing to him to open the door for me. He made sure that I was fastened and only after that, he came back to his seat. And here I was, again alone with him in the car. I hated Tasha right now, but I guess it was her way to tell me “You’re welcome”. Gosh, why was I so nervous?

He started the engine but stayed like that for minutes. Then he turned his gaze to me and said:

“Is it true?”

“Could you be more specific? I’m not a mind reader, you know.”

“You and Murphy? You broke up with him or not?”

“Technically, it was him, who broke up with me. But yeah, we’re no longer a couple.”

“Good.” He said and we finally drove off. We both were silent. As I was staring out the window I noticed that we were in the opposite direction from my home.

“Umm... Tyler, where are we? Did you forget where my house is?”

“No, we’re coming to mine.”

“Are you crazy? I wonder when I agreed to it?”

“You’re single now. I want you. You want me. What to discuss there? Or you’re telling me that this dress wasn’t for me?”

He said grinning and stopped the car in the driveway. Tyler hopped out of the car and came to my side, opening the door.

“Come with me, Vera. I promise if you would want to leave, I will bring you home.” He extended his hand to me and I took it. We walked to the back of his huge mansion and came to the guest house, which was located near the pool. I saw it before when we were at his parties, but I never was inside.

The house was small but very cozy. There were huge plaza and a couch, a small bar counter and king-size bed in the left corner, separated from the rest of the room with a bookcase. I was nervous inside and tense outside. Why I didn’t say no? But I knew the answer, he was right. I wanted him. I wanted him to be my first man, even if it will be my first and last night with him. Pathetic!

“Make yourself at home. I need to make a call since I won’t be coming back to the party.” Tyler said and walked out onto the street to talk.

I pulled my phone from the jacket and texted to Tasha:

“I’ll stay with Tyler tonight. Will you cover me?”

“Sure thing, babe. Use condoms.”

“Thx for a reminder, mom.”

“You’re welcome, I don’t want to be an aunty in 18 years and you don’t want to be a mommy in 18 either.”

“Geez, Tasha! I’m quitting this conversation. Love U.”

I was so caught up in texting with Tasha, I didn’t hear Tyler coming back. He came to me from behind, pulling my back to his chest. He moved my hair from shoulder and kissed it. It was a small gesture, but I was ready to turn around and to give him the most passionate kiss I was capable of since desire in me raised to the highest.

“Would you want anything to drink?” He said stepping back from me. “I have a beer here, vodka a little and really proper whiskey.”

“You know, vodka will be great.”

“Oh, not so obvious choice for a girl, but considering your heritage – it’s understandable.”

“Yeah, my mom was born in Moscow, but she lives in the USA for almost 20 years now. So... vodka is a good drink if you got used to it.”

“Okay, your wish is my command. But let me be clear, I proposed it to you only to relax you a little. You’re too tense and nervous. It won’t do any good.”

We drank a little, chatted without stopping and it was the most marvelous thing about tonight. I’ve never expected to talk with Tyler that easily, but it was like we knew each other for the whole of our lives. When we ended the third shot the atmosphere changed in seconds. Tyler put our glasses on the table and took me by hand entwining his fingers with mine, leading us to bed. I was feeling a little relaxed after our shots, but inside I was freaking out. As soon as we reached the bed, he stopped and cupped my face with his hands. He was looking me straight in the eyes.

“Vera... I want to apologize... I just knew that you’re virgin and I thought it was wrong... Wrong of me to use the situation in the car like that...”

“But how?!”

“Well, I believe you shouldn’t talk about things like that in the locker room, because someone could hear you, you know.”

“Fuck!” I was embarrassed. I tried to look away from him but he held my face firmly but tenderly, protecting me from that.

“I want you to remember this night. It will be all about you and your pleasures.”

“Why me, Tyler? We know each other since middle school and I was invisible to you, why now?” I needed to ask it because all of it was too unreal.

“There is something about you that I didn’t notice before. This makes me want to know you, every little detail about you. And besides all that, you’re really gorgeous with your long dark hair and curvaceous body. Fuck, girl, even thoughts about you set me on fire! Can’t you see what are you doing to me?” Tyler said it and took my hand to his groin. He was hard. I could feel it under his jeans. We locked our eyes and like hypnotized moved closer. His hands landed on my waist as he pulled me to him, while mine locked on his neck, moving him to kiss me.

At the moment when our lips collided, the entire world outside this house melted away. Our kiss was intense from the very beginning, as I tried to move away he caught my bottom lip in his teeth and sucked. It was crazy enough before, but now, oh gosh, I was afraid to lose my mind in his arms. While one of his hand cupped my breasts massaging it, another one tugged my hair down a little for better access to my jaw and neckline. As I felt his hot breath and wet kisses on my neck, my hands found their way under his hoodie. I started exploring his pectorals with tips of my fingers, I heard him groan.

“Shit, Vera...”

He said taken aback and looked me in the eyes. Next thing I know, he removed my dress over my head tossing it aside. Well, I guess it was a turning point since now I was standing before Tyler in only my black underwear. His eyes roamed over my whole body gleaming and after he pushed me gently, so I landed on the bed. Am I really going to do it? With him?

“You’re fucking perfect!”

His voice was a hoarse as he started to undress. And finally, he was before me only in his trunks. Now was my turn to do a little looking over his six-packed abs, toned arms, sculpted abdominals and a huge bulge in his trunks. The guy before me was an absolutely and undeniably handsome. He leaned to me using his knee to push my legs apart, settling between them. As I was lying on my elbows he easily reached my bra and unhooked it, so now I was only in my panties.

Tyler took his time to explore my breasts, he teased me with gentle kisses all over them trailing with his tongue over my sensitive nipples. I really enjoyed the feeling when he took my nipple in his mouth and sucked it a little at first, but next time harder. I reached with my hands to the waistband of his trunks, letting him know that I was ready. I wanted him inside because my panties were soaking wet and my clit was aching with desire. He knew exactly what I needed, so he got rid of his trunks in seconds.

“It may be a little painful, but I will be very gentle with you. As I said before, I want you to feel good.”

Tyler said with a sly smile on his lips. He reached to my panties, teasing me with his fingertips and in one fast movement I was completely naked before him. Tyler groaned, looking at me and I realized that he felt the same as me, his desire was almost palpable. He reached with his hand over the nightstand for a condom, tear opened wrapper with his teeth and slid it over his hard cock. I reached and hooked my arm around his neck, pulling his mouth to mine. Our tongues tangled with each other in a very heavy kiss. Just then I felt him inside me, the pain was there, but too small to pay it any attention.

“Holy fuck, babe!”

Tyler whispered sliding further into me. He paused a little, savoring each movement and so did I. I felt building sensation inside me. Tyler’s thumb found my clit and started circling and rubbing torture, while he moved in and out of me. I was a goner, I knew I won’t last long and apparently, he knew it too.

“Don’t hold it, Vera! The night is still young and I am not done with you, not even a little bit. Your mine, please, babe, cum for me!” He said and leaned to kiss me. His pace was slow and savoring at first, but within minutes it became faster and urgent. I knew he was close too, as our moans mingled together, we were both breathing hard.

I was on the edge, waves of pleasure overwhelmed me and I only felt him shudder inside me coming. Tyler collapsed, panting into my neck. My hands moved to his hair as I scratched his skull with my nails, he moaned.

“You’re killing me there, Vera... I hope I hadn’t worn you out, because I am planning the round two and probably the round three as well. So?” He said pulling himself up slightly to look me in the eyes.

“Definitely.” I murmured and pulled him back to me.

I don’t know at which time we finally managed to go to sleep. He kept his promise and blew out my mind and body with breathtaking orgasms. Oh my gosh, what this guy could do with his mouth and fingers! Only memories of last night rushed me to the edge, bringing tingles all over my body.

The first thing I was aware of when I woke up the next morning were Tyler’s arms wrapped around me. I wasn’t moving, enjoying this feeling. But then I heard some strange noise from the other end of the room. I wiggled a little, freeing myself from his embrace and pulled myself up on my elbows. On the couch was Kith, Tyler’s best friend, sitting with a joystick and playing in some videogame. I gasped because I was dragged down to Tyler’s arms, he pressed me tighter to his chest.

“Umm, Tyler, we’re not alone.” I whispered to him.

“Shhh, Vera, please I need some sleep.” He said without opening his eyes.

“Tyler, I said, we’re not alone in your house. There is Kith and he plays in some freaky game.” I slapped his arms lightly, so he finally released me. His eyes opened, brows furrowed. He sat on the bed and glared angrily at Kith.

“What the fuck, Kith? Why are you here?” His voice was demanding with anger.

“Hey, buddy! You’re finally awake! I am jealous, you know? I had guessed already you had really hot sex last night. As you are so worn out at 10 in the morning!” Kith said smiling to us, his eyes roamed over me with mischief in it, making me blush. Then I realized the meaning of his words...

“It’s already 10? Fuck! I need to be at home by noon, we were planning to go to the cinema with mom!” I cursed, pulling sheets to my body.

“Kith, will you leave us alone for 10 minutes?” Tyler said to Kith.

“Why? I love to watch naked girls, Ty!”

“Get lost, Evans! Or I will kick you out myself!” Tyler sounded angry, so Kith turned around and stormed out the house, where he sat on the sunbed back to us.

“Sorry, Vera. He wasn’t supposed to be there, but I guess it’s my fault. Cause he really comes here any time, when he needed. He won’t tell anyone that he saw you with me, I promise. Now, get dressed I will bring you to Tasha’s place.”

He said and smiled at me. I smiled back and started frantically looking for my belongings, but inside I was bleeding from his words. How could I be so stupid thinking that guy like Tyler will be dating with me? Or thinking that I will be okay just with one-night-stand? His girlfriend was Cindy, while I was another addition to his list of hook-ups. In twenty minutes I exited his car and made my way to Tasha’s house. Tyler said to me “See you at school, gorgeous” as a goodbye, but I could feel that he didn’t mean it. He was distant since we left his house. Well, I was totally aware that this thing between us was too good to be true, but why does it hurt so much?

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