Until Dawn

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Romance / Fantasy
Leila Vy
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Chapter 1 - LILAC

Impulse is treacherous. It involves irrational thinking, manipulation, and incitement. I have fallen victim to my identical twin sister’s evil plan. It’s set in stone, sworn by sister oath, and whoever retracts it will face an unmerciful death.

This evil plan is a mission impossible. If no one discovers me than I will escape with a victory under my belt but if I get caught, I could face multiple repercussions. Manipulated by Violet to take her place in marrying her betrothed mate, I was now in a black SUV with tinted windows heading towards Blackwood’s residence.

Dominic Blackwood or also known as Alpha Blackwood is the leader of the Blackwood Wolf Pack. His territory is the city of San Francisco, California. His influence in the city government goes deep to the very roots of every bureau. He has access to everything that is happening within the city. On top of this, he owned the largest GPS tracking company there is in the world.

With his power, he is proven a lethal opponent. Unfortunately, his eyesight was affected during a recent wolf battle which had caused pack mayhem and a decline in company assets and revenue.

Thus, one of the reasons why I am in this predicament.

Violet and I have been betrothed to neighboring Alpha packs since we were babies. These contracts were written in blood oath from our parents and the parents of the present Alphas. In the contracts, it stated that when Violet and I reached age twenty-five, we will be presented with mating ceremonies.

However, Alpha Blackwood’s pack demanded the contract to be met early due to their Alpha’s condition. They needed a Luna to stabilize the pack.

Violet and I might be identical twins, but our personality is completing different. I am shy and a clumsy introvert. Violet is outspoken and confident.

The first thing I told her was that nobody would fall for this trick of ours. We might have been able to pull it off when we were younger but not now. What Violet said next shut me up though. Both our betrothed mate doesn’t know our personality because they have never met us before.

Blackwood’s residence appeared just as we turned a street corner. The cement walls were twelve feet high to give privacy and protection. Blackwood’s residence covered the entire block. Another turn down the block and we were approaching the main gates. I gripped the book I was reading in my hands tightly.

The air suddenly became tight around me. Even in this white floral print smocked mini dress, I was feeling hot and claustrophobic. The need to hyperventilate crawls up my body and I began heaving.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Breath out.

I chanted the words in my head until I got my breathing under control. I can do this. There was no need for me to feel overwhelmed because this isn’t real. Dominic Blackwood is not my mate. I am only here to replace Violet. She will be back in a few months to save me. Nobody will know.

The mansion came into view as we rounded the large curved driveway. It stopped right at the entrance. Several servants stood on the side and waited for me. By the door stood what looked to be a Beta of the pack.

Once the SUV stopped, a servant came running over and opening my door. He bowed as soon as he opened it wide enough for me to slip out.

“Good afternoon, Luna.” He greeted immediately.

I blinked for a second, forgetting that he was greeting me. When I remembered I turned to him, clutching my book to my chest.

“Good afternoon,” My voice came out a small whisper, but the servant’s wolf ears heard it clearly.

I stepped around him and watched as the Beta came bounding the steps with a grateful smile on his face. He was tall with dark brown curls draping down his forehead and the nape like a surfer. Dimples appeared on his cheeks as soon as he smiled.

“Luna, it is good to see you finally here.” He sounded relieved. “I know this must be too soon for you. I realize you have a couple more years before the mating ceremony-”

“It’s fine.” My voice was hoarse. I cleared it before repeating myself again.

A warm smile appeared on his face before he bowed, “My name is Peyton, Beta of the Blackwood pack. On behalf of the Blackwood pack, I would like to thank you for accepting our special requests and circumstances.”

Not like I had a choice...

He bowed before pulling back up to look at me. A smile still on his face. I exhaled the breath I didn’t realize I was holding. He waved a hand before him to allow me to step ahead of him. I took a step forward and he followed closely behind me.

Once we were inside the mansion, I was in awe at how beautiful it was. High ceilings with beautiful glass chandeliers, beautiful paintings hanging on the walls and flowers decorated the foyer. Two spiral staircases leading up to the second floor.

“This residence is filled with twenty servants to assist the Alpha and the Luna of the pack. The rest of the packs resides around this residence. My home is right next to this residence.” He began.

A servant appeared behind us carrying my large suitcase and carrying it upstairs after receiving orders from Beta Peyton to bring it to the Alpha’s room. Beta Peyton directed me to a sitting room. He directed me to an expensive couch before he waved for a nearby servant to serve tea. He sat down on the opposite couch.

“The pack guards take rotating shifts for the Alpha residence. You will always have 24 hours protection.” He turned in his seat and looked out the window. There I saw pack guards walking alongside the walls of the residence.

Beta Peyton turned back to me. The smile disappeared from his face and in its place was a sad expression.

“I have doubled the guards since the attack in our territory and the unfortunate situation with our Alpha. I wanted to make sure that he is safe. However, he has been a fairly difficult patient.” He continued. “This is why we need you. He has thrown out every nurse that we have found to care for him. His ill temper and scorn can be felt and heard from a mile away.”

I nodded in understanding. From what Beta Peyton has told me so far, I am not excited at all to meet Dominic. Yet I found the need to soothe Beta Peyton’s worries.

“I will do the best I can,” I replied.

His frown turned into a smile, “That will be very much appreciated, Luna. I know he will be hard on you but don’t take his words to heart. He is still upset over the loss of his eyesight.”

“So have you told him that I will be coming?” I asked.

He nodded, “I told him you will be staying.”

I eyed the top landing nervously. I don’t know if this will work but I am a determined person. I will help him in any way that I can even if he doesn’t want me here. I am, after all, his betrothed-his betrothed’s sister.

Groaning internally, I knew this will come back and bite me in the butt. I shouldn’t have allowed Violet to manipulate me into coming here.

A loud crash and a roar came from one of the upstairs bedrooms. A half a second later, his loud authoritative voice rang through the mansion. Beta Peyton shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“Peyton!” His voice roared.

Beta Peyton sighed and rubbed his temple. I didn’t see it earlier but now I can see the weariness roll off the Beta. His eyes had dark circles under them. His shoulder sagged in exhaustion.

“I will go see him.” I declared and the Beta’s eyes snapped up.

“I am not sure if this will be a great time.” The Beta admitted.

“You told me not to take his words to heart. If this is what his mood is every day then I am sure the next day won’t be any different.” I replied.

Beta Peyton smiled and nodded, “Alright. I will take you to him.”

“That’s fine. You can go and rest. I will go and see what he needs. Just tell me where to go.”

As soon as he gave me the directions, I made my way up the stairs. Loud crashes and slamming becoming increasingly louder with each step I took. A second later, the servant that carried my suitcase came running out. He looked scared to death.

I followed the noise. Even if I forgot the directions Beta Peyton told me, all I needed to do was follow the noises. Just when I reached the bedroom door, I heard his voice again.

“Peyton!” Dominic’s voice roared again. “Get your ass up here now!”

I debated if I should knock or just open the door. I decided against knocking just in case he decides to hurtle something at my head but before I could the door whipped open and stood before me was the angry Alpha Blackwood.

He sniffed.

“Who are you?” He sneered. “You do not smell like a pack member.”

“V-violet.” I stumbled.

He is a beautiful man. I can see the angry luminosity burning in his ocean blue eyes. It was like a stormy cold sea that brought me shivers. His dark midnight curl locks fell over his forehead.

I can literally taste his addicting masculine scent. It wasn’t anything extravagant. It just natural like going for a long walk in the woods or a morning rain. The slight bump in his nose told me, he had broken it at least once in the past. A scar over his upper bottom lip told me he had split that lip open more times than he should.

Something happened that I didn’t think could...

My heart fluttered.

My stomach clenched with arousal.

“Violet?” His face scrunched up as he tried recalling the name. The instant it registers his beautiful face changed. Anger strew from him. The scar on his lip turned white as he pressed his lips into a fine line.

“Get out!” He roared. “Get your damn stuff out of my room and get out!”

I stumbled back as he took a domineering step forward. I cowered underneath his heated eyes and his aura that forced me to comply with his Alpha command.

Be brave, Lilac. You are supposed to be brave.

I inhaled deeply before exhaling. I managed to squeak out a ‘no’.

His eyes grew thunderous at my response, “Then I will have you tossed out! Anybody that disobeys will die by my hands.”

“I won’t leave and if you want to kill someone, you can kill me.”

Oh heavens, did I really just say that?

His irises change color slightly and, in that split second, it revealed different emotions that he wasn’t trying to display.

I can see the pain and shame underneath those angry eyes. I straightened my shoulders and gathered the tiny amount of courage I have left before speaking again.

“I will not be going anywhere, Dominic. I am your mate and I will be here for you.”

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