Until Dawn

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There are many things in life that I regret but as everyone knows, mistakes are bound to happen. It is what comes after that is important. Our mind will analyze the mistake, ways we could have avoided it. What we could do to not let it happen the next time it occurs.

I regret not learning everything I could from my parents. I regret fighting my father at every turn and rebelling against him. My mother’s quiet sobs and pleas for me to listen. I can still hear them from time to time when I make a decision. It is as if they never left me.

Peyton and I have been friends for a very long time. The first time we met was when we fought each other in the school playground in second grade. It got pretty bad to the point where we were sent to the principal’s office and our parents came over. An ice pack put over my eyes and tissue to hold the blood that was streaming down Peyton’s nose.

It wasn’t my fault he wanted to climb the slide. Everybody knows that slides are meant to slide down, not to climb. Idiot.

The sound of someone eating chips brought me out of my thoughts. Sitting in the living room with the TV playing sports softly in the background. It was the weekend and Peyton decided to keep me company. He thought I might be in need of some cheering up since Violet left me three days ago.

I do everything I can not think about her, but it seems the woman was bent on driving me crazy. She invades my mind and walks around it for hours. It pisses me off and leaves me growling at people. It has affected my work schedule. I pushed meetings and argued with business partners. Alphas that were calling in to track pack some pack members were a pain in the ass and I wasn’t afraid to let them know that.

My most recent call was from Alpha Trent who asked me to find his missing son who was just hitting the peak of rebellion like every other Alpha to be, we went out to try to discover ourselves. I told him to just let the boy explore. He told me to shove it up my ass and send someone to help him.

Needless to say, Alpha Trent is begrudgingly finding his son on his own at this very moment.

“Dude, what are you planning to do other than sit here all day and wait to see if she comes back?” Peyton asked.

“I’m not waiting,” I growled.

“Right...is that why you have your phone in your hand ever since this morning?”

“Shove it, Peyton,” I growled.

“C’ mon, if she is coming back, she will. Let’s get out of here and do something.” I heard him stand up, placing the bag of chips on the coffee table in front of me.

“I don’t want to,” I replied.

“Seriously, man, you are totally brooding.”

“I am not!” I snarled.

He snorted before plopping back down onto his seat which was next to me. I felt him lean forward and pick up the bag of chips before leaning back again. He was munching on the chips.

“Whatever you say, man,” He replied.

I closed my eyes and reopened them. Darkness. Nothing changed. The only difference is when I open my eyes I will see little bits of streaming lights. I closed my eyes and inhaled slowly.

Three days since Violet left and I am quickly realizing again how lonely I am. One night of her in my bed was enough to make me feel tightening in my chest. One whiff of her scent was enough to send me yearning for something I know I can never have.

“She’s better off without me,” I spoke and broke the silence.

Peyton stopped munching.

“You don’t know if she will be gone forever, Nick.” He calls me Nick when we are alone.

I can hear the sadness in his voice. Twelve years since the attack. Twelve years since our parents died. His parents were pack members and close friends to my parents. After all, the fight in second grade attracted everyone’s attention. Peyton was a regular wolf, but he stood up to me, the Alpha to be.

“Nobody wants a handicapped mate,” I snarled in anger. Anger at myself and everything else.

“So, what? You can’t see, big deal.” Peyton tossed back.

“It is a big deal when you have the weight of twenty thousand people on your back. Everyone is looking at you for weakness. Any sign that you will break, any chance that they can jump and take my place.”

“Yeah, let them try. I’ll be here.”

“I don’t need you, Peyton.” I sighed and ran a hand over my face. “I just...”

“Why have that kind of mindset? You lost one sense, but you have four others. You’re not stupid, Nick. Get over yourself and overcome this shit. Christ man, I’ll hold your hand through it like some fucking man lover, but your moping is getting a little ridiculous,” Peyton growled.

“You just don’t fucking get it,” I replied but I knew he was right. I’m moping like a coward.

“That woman could potentially be your mate. She’s not going to need you to protect her. Hell, she could be your eyes. All you need to do is stop doubting yourself. I have known you for so long. I’ve seen the way you led our pack and the potential and skills you carry. Everyone knows how capable you are. It is only you who don’t know that and if you don’t do something about it soon, everyone will start to think the way you are and yeah, you’re right, they will take advantage of it.” Peyton lashed out.

I remained silent. Peyton exhaled harshly beside me.

“Maybe you’re right. Maybe she does deserve better—not a coward like you. Hell, even I’ll date her,” he agreed.

I jumped on him the second he finished the sentence. I grabbed onto his shirt and threw a punch. I heard his nose cracked underneath my fist. He knocked me onto the ground. I couldn’t see him, but I felt the weight of his body on one side, knowing he will use the other arm to hit me, I moved. He missed but another fast swing and he got me right in the eye. I growled and kicked him off. I heard him fly and hit the glass cabinet in the living room. I stalked towards him, ready to kill him for hitting me. The wolf inside of me was snarling, begging to be released and kill the idiot for daring to lay a hand on me—a dominant Alpha but a nagging voice in my mind was telling me not to kill him. He is my friend.

“I’ll kill you,” I snarled, my voice way more animalistic than before.

The doorbell rang just as I grabbed onto Peyton’s collar. We both stopped. His hands wrapped around my wrist. I let him go and I heard him stand up.

“So, you do care for her?” he announced as he walked past me and I assume heading to the front door.

“Shut up,” I snarled.

He chuckled and sniffled. The smell of blood hit my nostrils and I realized I had given him a bloody nose and possibly broken it. It will heal by tomorrow but it was hard to feel guilty. He asked for it.

I followed him into the foyer. There were whispering but it sounded agitated and upset. As I got closer, I realized who the other person was. Her scent filled the entire foyer. It was hard not to notice her aura too.

“You.” Were the words that came from my mouth.

Silence before her voice graced my ears.

“Yes, me,” she replied, “déjà vu, isn’t it? I remember you saying that to me on my first day here.”

I clenched my teeth.

“What are you doing here?” I growled.

There was some scuffling and I swear on my parent’s grave that Peyton and her were throwing each other looks and glares.

“Violet?” I asked.

“I had no choice.” She sounded disappointed and upset.

I closed my eyes once again. I don’t know why. It is not like I can’t see her. It could be that she might see how her response upsets me. I don’t know.

“Leave.” I turned away from her and started walking up the steps.

“I can’t,” she responded. “My father-he-he-”

I stopped walking but refused to turn and look at her.

“If it is your father that you are worried about I will talk to him and set you free,” I answered her.

“It’s not that easy,” she whispered.

“Why?” I asked.

“I don’t have a choice,” she sounded depressed as if this was the worst thing that can possibly happen to her.

“You always have a choice, Violet. You always have a choice,” I replied before walking up the steps to my bedroom. My hands fisted at my side in silent rage.

There were many emotions going through me right now. I can’t pin what it was that I was feeling.





Whatever it was, it wasn’t a good feeling. It made me helpless and I don’t like that feeling. I growled once I was in my bedroom. I needed to break something. Release my anger in some mean. Pacing back and forth, I focused on breathing.

The door squeaked open and her scent weaved around the room once again as if it was re-scenting every single part of this place, marking it again as hers.

“What are you doing in here?” I growled, whipping to glare in her direction. I can see a sliver of lights around her, making parts of her form.

“I’m staying.” It came out almost as a breathless whisper—barely inaudible.

“Get out,” I sneered but all I wanted to do was beg her to stay and maybe fill this darkness with some light.

Instead, the woman entered the room. Her luggage rolled behind her. Once she was inside, the door closed behind her. I can see the silver of lights moving. Her feet patting towards me. I turned my back on her but felt her tiny hand between my shoulder blades.

“Dominic...” she whispered and I can hear it shake as if she was fighting back her emotions.


I felt her move a little closer.

“I came back because I have a duty to my family but I also came back because of you,” she admitted.

My heart thudded hard against my ribcage at her last proclamation. I swallowed the lump in my throat and my hands fisted at my side.

“I-I don’t know how to do this, Dominic. I don’t know what I am supposed to do.” Her voice broke then.

“Do you want to stay?” I asked and found my own voice hoarse as well with emotions.

Her hand dropped from my back. I turned around to face her. My hand reaching out to cradle what I believe was her cheek. I felt the softness of her chin and the warmth of her skin.

“I want to stay but I am afraid that in the future you and I will be at odds.” She told me.

“Odds?” My eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

She nodded in my hand.

“We can’t predict the future, Violet. If we try, we will never be able to take any risk. Tell me the truth, why you are back.”

“You,” she answered, “I am normally not this outspoken but it is easier with you.”

“Because I can’t see?” I cocked an eyebrow, fighting back my own amusement.

I felt her smile against my palm and a nod.

“I guess that’s an advantage to me being blind,” I replied.

There was a long silence between us once again but it was comfortable, not as tensed as it was before.

She opened her mouth but then closed it again. I felt her reopen it a second later.

“When I was little my mother used to call me Syringa." She spoke up at the end.

“Syringa—like the Greek nymph who escaped Pan, the god of the forests and fields?” I smirked.

I felt her nod and a relieved aura rolling off from her.

“You want me to call you Syringa?” I cocked an eyebrow.

She nodded.

“Then you will stay?”

She nodded again.

A short laugh erupted from me and I nodded, “Fine. Syringa, it is.”

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