Until Dawn

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I watched my father roar and break a vase with a swipe of his claws. My sister cringing away in fear. A deathly eerie sound ringing in my ears. I fell into the seat behind me.


It is what my father values most. It was what my mother ingrained in me since I was a child. Family always comes first because without them I won’t be who I am today.


Violet was my sister. I had to protect her even when she is at her worst. Nobody is perfect.

My father turned then to face me. His eyes glaring at me and I can see how upset at me for going along with Violet had asked me. His lips were pressed into thin lines as he took two steps to stand in front of me.

The eerie sound slowly faded away as he crouched low to look me in the eyes.

“I taught you better than that. You have always been the sensible one, Lily! Why did you agree to go with Violet’s plan?” His face is still red with barely controlled anger.

I glanced at Violet who looked at me fearfully. Tears streaked her cheeks and her eyes were red and swollen from all the crying.

“Dad...” I returned my eyes back to my father.

“Syringa, please do not infuriate your father anymore. Tell us the truth!” My mother exclaimed.

I bit my bottom lip and glanced between all of them. Their eyes focused on me. I felt trapped, targeted, and singled out.

“Dad, she’s my sist-”

“Don’t give me that bullshit, Lily,” my dad roared.

I trembled underneath his authoritative voice. It shook with so much force. He never lays a finger on us but when my dad gets angry it could get pretty ugly.

I looked down, unable to look at him.

“I’m sorry, dad. Violet asked me to help her. She promised me only a few months but I found that I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t lie.” The words slipped like a waterfall out of my mouth.

“Lily!” Violet shouted and I can hear she felt betrayed.

My dad leaned back and pinched his the bridge of his nose. My mother walked up to him and patted his chest.

“Calm down, John. You are going to burst a vein with that amount of anger,” my mother soothed.

His eyes snapped open. Similar dark emerald eyes like mine, swirling like a dark fog in a forest.

“What do you want me to do, Gretchen? Your daughters are going to end up killing the entire pack. For what? Freedom?” My father sneered the last word at Violet accusingly.

Violet sobbed harder.

“Let’s think about this in a reasonable manner, please,” my mother begged.

“You think this is easy? Your daughters who are grown women committed identity theft. If brought up against the Werewolf Affiliation, do you realize what would happen to them?”

He stepped away from my mother. Not wanting her comfort or her words of reasons. My father was beyond reason. He’s pissed off and there was nowhere he was going to stop until he is thoroughly done with Violet and me.

“What are you two thinking? You two aren’t children. You two are grown, women! How can you two think this is even acceptable?” My father asked.

Both of us didn’t answer.

“Answer me!” my father roared.

I jumped at least a mile high in my seat.

“We weren’t thinking,” I grumbled.

“Exactly,” My father lashed out, his eyes zeroed on me. “You weren’t thinking at all. You went along with your sister and ended up going in her stead to see her betrothed mate. Who is not just a simple Alpha but a very powerful one! One who has many ties in the government and a good standing record with the Werewolf Affiliation.”

“I’m sorry,” I whispered.

My father’s face sullen up a little. He rubbed a hand over his face repeatedly before he dropped his hand and shook his head.

“It’s my fault. I wasn’t strict enough on Violet. I didn’t discipline you two well enough.” He sounded disappointed.

And it hurt me.

It hurts that I brought this kind of stress on my father who had doted on us ever since we were born. It hurts to realize that even though they had no son, they still loved us with everything in them. In our world, it is important for Alphas to have sons. Sons carry the title. Son takes the next in line. A daughter could do it but that would mean she would have to marry someone of lower rank if not she would have to combine her pack with her mate’s if he was an Alpha. This is why Violet is marrying Dominic. Violet is older and Dominic is powerful. He can protect the hundreds of wolves that live under my father’s rule.

“Does he know who you are?” my father asked me.

“No,” I replied.

“And he just let you go?” he prodded further.


“Just like that?”

I nodded while watching my father walked further away from me. He passed my mother and Violet and walked to his dark mahogany desk. There he sat down and opened a drawer. He reached in and pulled out some papers.

My mother turned to follow and her chestnut hair glistened underneath the sunray that shined through the large glass window of my father’s study. Violet sniffled and took a few steps closer towards my father.


“I do not want to hear from you, Violet.” My father’s voice was borderline shaking again.

Violet cried harder. Tears running down her cheek.

“I couldn’t marry him! He’s blind! How am I supposed to take care of a mate who can’t see? Isn’t it the opposite way around?”

My father’s fist slammed onto the table. The desk shook and everything around it clattered all over the desk and onto the ground. My father stared right at my sister.

“Violet, that is enough. Dominic is a strong werewolf even when impaired he commands an army. I did not raise you to be shallow minded. You should know better than to talk to me that way,” my father grounded.

“You shouldn’t have agreed to that contract.” Violet stomped her foot and crossed her arms.

My father let out an angry snort. “I never realized how much of a coward you are, Violet. Your younger sister went in your place. Yours!"

“You don’t get to blame this on me. I have seen the look in your eyes when Lilac accomplishes something. She passed the Alpha-Luna Leadership national exams with a hundred percent. The look of pride that appeared on your face hurt me like nothing else,” she accused.

“Violet,” my mother warned, “your father loves you both.”

Violet snorted. “That is where you are wrong. Dad never loved me the same way. He never taught me the things that he taught Lilac. He took her to his pack meetings. He gave her all the tricks that he had gathered over the years. He handed her his book of record keeping.”

“That is enough!” My father’s hand slammed onto the desk once more.

It cracked under pressure. That was like the hundredth desk he had broken through since I was little. He stood up and leaned forward on his desk. His hands propped on them as he glowered at my sister.

“I taught you everything that I know-”

“Lies.” Violet threw her hands into the air in anger.

“Violet,” My father lashed out, “I taught you everything that I know. You were the one who wouldn’t listen. You were the one who rather goes watch TV than study. You were the one who went out every night to party instead of learning about the basics of the pack. Don’t you dare put this on me.”

Violet couldn’t respond. My father sat back down in his seat. I can see the exhaustion on his face. He looked through the papers in front of him.

“Violet, you are to return to Dominic. Your sister will not take your place,” he said with finality.

“No.” Violet dared to defy my father.

It was the last straw.

My father shot out of his seat and zipped up to Violet. In an instant, he had his hands wrapped around my sister’s throat, forcing her to submit. She held at his hands and the look in her eyes—hate. She hated him right at the moment and I can feel it. I can feel it through our bonds.

“You caused enough trouble, Violet. Your sister will not go in your place. She has her betrothed to worry about.” He whispered but in a low and dangerous voice. His eyes darkening with each passing second.

Violet’s face turned red from the lack of air. Tears dripped down from the corners of her eyes. I turned to look at my mother who looked absolutely helpless behind my father.

I took a step forward.

If I don’t do something, Violet will die.

“Dad,” I whispered.

He didn’t listen.

“Submit, Violet,” my father said through clenched teeth.

“Never,” she squeezed out.

I admire my sister’s strength. The Alpha in her is also peeking out. She might not be smart in books but her spirit is strong.

“Dad,” I said a little firmer this time.

He blinked and his eyes landed on me. I took another step forward and touched his arm that he has around Violet’s throat. The pleading in my eyes seems to undo the rage in his eyes. He took a step back and did a scruffy inhale, trying to contain his fury with my sister.

“Violet isn’t ready. You and I both know that.” I started and keeping his eyes focused on me.

“Syringa...” my mother is catching on already to what I am going to say.

“Violet isn’t ready but I am. I’ll go in her place.” I told him.

My father shook his head immediately at that idea. He tore his eyes away from me. My sister collapsed onto the ground, still crying. She’s hurt by my father’s action but she realizes it is because of her wrongdoings as well.

“No,” my father argued still shaking his head, “you came back here because you couldn’t handle it. If you went back, how could you continue to lie for the rest of your life? How can you be your sister for the rest of your life?”

I can’t. I can’t be her but I can’t let him down. I can’t let my pack down. They say leaders learn to become leaders through sacrifice. We give and we place ourselves in their shoes. Violet wasn’t ready but I was and this was Dominic.

My father knew me by heart. He knew exactly what I am feeling at that moment yet he couldn’t do anything about it because it has to be either Violet or I and we both know Violet was not budging anytime soon.

“He might have offered to null the contract but I am a man of my words,” my father’s eyes were teary. “I promised my friend-”

His voice broke and he ran a hand roughly over his face once again. Our lie wasn’t a little lie. It wasn’t like how when we were children or teenagers. Even though Dominic has agreed to let Violet go, my father is pride and honor is as overwhelming as my loyalty. One of the many things we have in common.

“There is also Alpha Nathaniel. What am I supposed to say to your betrothed mate?”

“If Syringa went in place for Violet, it is only fair that Violet takes Syringa’s place,” my mother spoke up at last.

Violet looked up at everyone and then at me. Our eyes met and I can see her will resolving. She placed me in this situation. It is only right she resolved it.

“I will take Lilac’s place in three years when the contract demands to be met,” Violet’s voice came out shaky and her face is pale.

My mother walked up to my father and touched his arm, “What do you say, John?”

It was decided then that we correct our wrongs. I am to take Violet’s place again and Violet will take my place. To save our pack from embarrassment and annihilation. To honor my father friends’ death and last promise.

It was many hours later since returning home that Violet and I were finally alone. I sat at the end of her bed while she cried into her pillow. I can see the mark of my father’s hand around her neck still. It wasn’t bruised. It was red.

I placed a hand on her back to soothe her.

“Violet...” I started.

She lifted her head slightly, tears streamed down her cheeks.

“I’m scared, Lily. I am not as capable as you. I am scared of rejection and being humiliated,” she admitted for the first time.

“Is that why you won’t mate?”

She wiped the fresh tears that fell from her eyes again and pulled herself up into a sitting position.

“I have never been the smart one. My life I lived surrounded by my failures. If I can’t lead, what good can I be as a leader? A luna? Alpha Nathaniel’s pack is located up north in the woods. Isolated but strong. How can I be a luna to him?”

“I said it before, you don’t need all those books to be a leader. A leader comes from here-” I pointed at her heart. “Besides you have three years to make up for all the lost time.”

She gave me a bewildered look before laughing a little. I smirked and started laughing with her. We laughed for no reason and we also laughed for a reason. Our lives have changed and we have to make it work.

At least that is what I will plan on doing when I go back to San Francisco—to Dominic.

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