Until Dawn

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Going to work with a raging hard-on is not what I had in mind. Hell, my mind is running with images of her in so many ways that I can’t stop the blood that is traveling down to my dick. Leaving her behind in that kind of condition puts me on edge.

I have seen and heard stories of females who are in heat. If they are mated, the mated couples spent days in their bedroom. By the time the heat is over, the room is filled with sex in the air. Then there are those who have not yet settled down, those women hop around like men were joy rides.

I have over twenty thousand pack members. Within the pack, almost half of them are females. I am not going to say I can control their heat. Heat puts the female in an almost feral state of mind. Their sexual need is elevated, and their wolves are more prevalent during this time. In other words, human logic is weakened and the animalistic instincts are stronger.

I have dated in the past. Multiple times. I enjoyed the company of women and even kissed a few but did I go all the way, no. I am one of the very few that haven’t yet. Every time I think about doing it, I think about my betrothed mate and my parent’s last dying wish. It kills the mood. Plus, I didn’t want any drama if I can stop it. I have plenty of that within my pack.

So, with all this repressed testosterone I am just as thoroughly frustrated with Violet as I am with myself. I needed to stop thinking about this. Pushing myself forward in my office chair, I listened to Tiffany recounts pack matter.

“There is a total of forty matings within our pack this month. All of which that needs a signature from you.”

I heard her slid the certificates to me. Mating is recognized by the Werewolf Affiliation and is one of the absolute laws for our kind. Back in the ancient days, soulmate bonds were established to control the beast inside of us. To keep us from becoming feral and uncontrollable. This bond used to be out of our hands. Whoever our mate is, it is destined by the Gods themselves.

However, after several decades of rejection and pain. We were granted absolution from the Gods. We no longer are tied to a nameless werewolf. We have a choice to choose who we wanted to mate. Once we find that one person, we mark them as ours. Sinking our teeth into their neck--declaring a supernatural bond that connects our souls to our mates and vice versa.

Yet this wasn’t enough because, in order to establish rules and governance over a large group of supernatural werewolves, we needed laws and regulations. We needed a government that can keep us under control and works with the human government.

I picked up my pen. Tiffany helped direct me in were to write my name. These signed certificates are recognized by the government and me, their Alpha. Writing my name on these papers stirs a desire inside of me. I want something in the paper that Violet is mine.

After I finished signing the papers, she proceeded onto my trackers and their contracts. A few signed off and settled in. Others are wanting to branch out to help out the government. The ambition to become something more than they are which are highly effective trackers. I have never once failed in capturing a werewolf and bringing them back.

Once Tiffany left, Peyton walked into the office carrying what smells like a bag of sandwiches. I can smell the freshly baked bread, ham, and pickles. I watched the silver of lights swarm around me as he set the table with our lunch.

Once he was done, he helped my sandwich into my hand before settling back down in his seat. It pains me to feel like this. I am unused to being incapable of taking care of myself. Now, I have to rely on my Beta to simply know where everything is.

“I just received an email from Emerson.” Emerson was one of the supreme prosecutors out of the five for the Werewolf Affiliation.

“They found traces of a large group of nonconformists located near us. They aren’t sure yet if they are the same as the ones that attacked you that night but they wanted to pass a word of caution to you.” Peyton said while munching on his sandwich.

“Caution?” I asked.

“The group is very close to our borders. Only a few towns over,” he explained.

“Strengthen watch around the borders. All highways, country roads, county highways, and small streets leading into the city needs extra guards,” I ordered, “I want a report right away if there is any strange activity in any of the sites. Also...”

Violet appeared in my mind.

“Reinforced the watches around the residence. I want guards to be alert and examining the streets, people, and cars that drive by. The residence is on lockdown. No unauthorized personnel is to enter the residence without prior approval through me,” I added.

Only a few towns over...

“Peyton,” I addressed him again.

“Yeah?” Peyton replied.

“Send Tegan. I want her to locate the group and watch them.”

Tegan is a pack member who is well trained in using her abilities to spy and track down people. She’s skilled in many kinds of martial arts. She’s not mated and doesn’t want to be. She’s very much like Peyton who likes to go out by themselves but still have a pack to return to after they have exhausted themselves out.

I can already feel that Peyton wasn’t impressed. Tegan hates his guts and he hates hers. He dislikes her ideas and she dislikes his ideas but when the two are together and are forced to form a team, they are both excellent at what they do which is why I am sending her.

“Why her?”

“Because I can’t send you,” I responded, “You are working with the Werewolf Affiliation already.”

“What about Tommy?” Peyton offered.

“Tommy is good at tracking but he needs to work on not getting caught while on the job,” I replied.

“Lanie?” Peyton tried again.

I sighed. “Send Tegan.”

“You know, I don’t like her.”

“Yes, well she hates you too.”

“Peyton,” I warned just as the door opened again.

Tiffany’s scent invaded the room.

“I’m sorry to interrupt but I just received a call from the Blackwood residence,” Tiffany announced.

Peyton and I both stopped our bickering. All fears of what we talked about earlier came flooding in and my stomach twisted in knots. Everything in me was fighting to run home to check in on her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Luna tried escaping.”

“Escaping?” Peyton sounded surprised. “Why? She came back just yesterday-”

“She was caught climbing over the wall. Two guards grabbed onto her feet but she kicked them in the face before accidentally falling over onto the other side of the walls. The guards now have her back in the residence but she is not happy.”

Peyton was the first to laugh. I slumped back in my seat and rubbed a hand over my face.

“She’s something different,” Peyton said while laughing, “What happened? What did you do that has our Luna trying to escape again?”

“She wants to sleep in a hotel due to her heat,” I replied just as I stood up, leaving my untouched lunch and walking around my desk.

I heard Peyton stood up before he stood next to me.

“I need to have another word with her-”

“But we have several important meetings today that we can’t push Alpha,” Tiffany spoke up brazenly.

I stopped in my footsteps. It’s true. I couldn’t push these meetings off any longer. Business partners and investment companies are leaving multiple voicemails asking to meet up.

“That’s alright, Tiff. I’ll stay. You can leave,” I assured her before returning to my seat.

Peyton was still chuckling when I sat down.

“Dial home for me,” I’ll settle with a talk on the phone.

Peyton dialed the home phone number before handing me the phone. I heard him get up and leave, giving me privacy. Once I felt the cold handle in my hands I brought it to my ear.

It rang several times before a maidservant answered. I ordered her to bring the cordless phone to her Luna. After that, I heard muffled voices and one in particular that I am very familiar with.

Two minutes later her voice came on the line.

“I assume you have found out that I tried climbing over the wall,” she started, “I can explain.”

“What did we discuss this morning?”

“That I can leave and pay for a hotel.” I can hear the sarcasm in her voice.

"Syringa," My tone indicated my impatience with her.

I am not sure why she asked me to call her that but I have a hunch that it has something to do with what she is hiding from me. Fuck, call me desperate but I am willing to push aside the truth just to keep her next to me. Either way, I hope that she believes me enough to tell me what it really is that she is hiding.

“I just wanted space for my heat. I’ll be back after it is gone.” I can hear the frustration in her voice.

“We will deal with your heat together,” I responded.

“That’s the thing! You are part of the problem,” she grumbled.

I fought back the smile that is threatening to appear on my face. She might not have said it but she wants us and that makes me feel fucking happy.

“Can you at least promise me you will behave until I get home?”

There was a long silence but I can hear breathing in the background.

“If I come to an agreement with you, you have to do as I say.”

“This isn’t up for negotiation, Syringa," I replied.

“Do you want me to try jumping over the wall again?” she threatened.

“You can try but I can guarantee you that you won’t make it past the front or back door.”

She huffed in frustration. I can imagine her face pouting and her glaring holes into the walls in front of her. She’s probably sitting on her bed or laying down—judging by the way she was breathing.

“You frustrate me to no end.”

“Glad we are both on the same page,” I replied coolly.

“Since you are not in front of me, I just want to say to you right now that I hate the fact that you are making me stay in the bedroom and you’re a major jackass.”

“It’s for your own safety,” And others as well. I told her. If I found any man touching her, I’ll rip them apart but she didn’t need to know that.

She huffed once again.

“Dominic, I’m serious. I’m feeling something is off right now and it’s not funny,” she said.

Now, she has my attention.

“What is wrong?” I asked.

“I just...I just feel off,” she grumbled.

“Do you need me to come home?”

Honest to fucking god, if she said yes, I would go. To hell with the meetings, if they want me that bad, they will wait for me.

“No, I’m fine. Just-just I don’t know. I’m fine,” she mumbled, unsure.

“I’ll be home soon,” I told her.


“Try not to climb walls again,” I added.

She sighed. “It’s not funny. I broke one of your guard’s noses.”

I smirked as I can hear the embarrassment in her voice.

“I’ll be home at five this evening,” I told her.

“Okay.” She responded. “Bye.”

After she hung up, I placed the phone back on the receiver and realized how good it felt to know that she is at my home and later today I will be going back to her. My fucking crazy wolf is actually agreeing with me. He liked the idea. He likes hearing her voice and having her scent filled our home.

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