Until Dawn

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The pain in my head pushed me back and forth between unconsciousness and consciousness. It felt like I am riding on a very bad case of fair rides that has my head spinning, hurting, and the urge to vomit.

A cold and wet cloth was placed on my forehead. I’m completely naked but I feel like my whole body was being thrown into the fire.

“Shit, she’s burning up. Give me another cloth,” I heard Dominic ordered.

“Alpha, I need you to persuade her. She doesn’t have much time left.” I’m starting to get really annoyed with this person.

“How is this even possible? Aren’t heat supposed to make her hormones go crazy? Not give her pain?” Dominic snarled, apparently very angry with that person.

“Of course. When the beast is sated, yes. When the wolf is much stronger than the human body, it can inflict pain. Force the human side into submission and doing what she wants to,” he explained to Dominic.

It felt like my head was being bludgeoned repeatedly to the point where my head felt heavy. Dominic rolled my face closer to his body. I inhaled his scent and the headache increased. I groaned and tried pushing away from him.

I must have muttered for him to release me because he responded back to me.

“Syringa, listen to me.” His voice was soft and coaxing. “You need to let go. It is fine. You are safe here.”

I felt my lips moved. I wanted to tell him that I hate this and she’s not winning. I’m not letting her take over.

“This will kill you. You are burning up and it will kill your body,” he countered.

I shook my head and pushed his arms away. He returned them back around me. Growling, I pushed on his chest and told him to go away.

“Please, sweetheart, do this for me. Shift.”

Why does he have to sound so sweet? So, nice. Another intense pain throbbed in my head. I whimpered, a tear slipping from the corners of my eyes. It’s so painful. It’s indescribable.

The whimper from me pushed Dominic to almost a frantic state. His arms tightened around me even though I would much rather push him away. I can hear how fast his heart is beating in his chest-how afraid he is right now.

“Please, shift,” he begged, his voice cracking and I felt him smooth back my hair from my perspiring forehead.

I held the walls up for a minute longer before I slowly let go. Dropping everything and letting her feelings and needs flood me. She is strong. I have always felt it. Between the two of us, she’s always been the stronger one.

Honestly, I believe that even if Dominic didn’t ask me, I would have given up sooner or later. My strength is weakened from fighting and I am in so much pain that I think I would even accept death if it approached me.

I felt her powers flood my veins. Her presence taking over my mind. My body aches and headaches disappearing as she floods from the top of my head down to my toes. I felt, heard, and can smell everything around me. The different kinds of scents, threats, voices, breathing, and heartbeats. Things were magnified in her place. My ear perking up when I picked one heartbeat out of everybody. It was thumping fast. The blood pumping in his veins sends a thrill through me.

I opened my eyes. Seeing the world through my wolf’s eyes is different. I can see things farther than a human eye can see. Every single little detail-to the little specks of dust on the ground-is clear as day. I pulled away from Dominic’s embrace. Crawling on my hands and knees, I stopped midway to look at my hands.

I thought the idiot told me to shift. Did I not shift completely? Did I perform a half-shift? I looked up and my eyes scanned the large basement room.

I am no longer in Dominic’s bedroom. I’m caged in a large rectangle basement with cement walls and floors. I tilted my head to the side, almost to say that I am extremely confused on how I got here. Turning to my right side, I saw a tall man dressed in pajamas. His auburn hair is disheveled from sleeping. Sniffing, I catch his scent. He wasn’t a threat.

My eyes moved beyond him to the wall to floor rectangle mirror. It covered one-third of the wall behind him but that wasn’t what caught my attention. I’m looking at myself.

My irises are surrounded by a dark gold rim that fades into the midnight blue sky mixed with the light grey. My pupil and irises are dilated. I tilted my head to the side again and a smile appeared on my face. It was a cocky smirk. She is impressed with how she looks.

“Syringa,” he whispered.

My head snapped to him.

He stood up and I took in every thing about him. Through my wolf’s eyes, I can see every single detail of his. The sharp colors of his blue eyes, down the slightly crooked bridge of his nose, and to his impeccably filled lips. Everything is so clear. Her chest rumbled with appreciating. This is the second time she has had peaked at him.

The first time was when I had a break down in the alleyway but I was a little bit in control.

My feet began moving towards him, aware of the retreating footsteps of the idiot of person that was helping us out. He gathered the needle that I assumed he poked me with and placed them into his leather bag before standing up and walking away.

My hips swaying a little more than I am used to while I walked up to him. His muscles flexed as soon as the palm of my hands touched the middle of his abdomen and slid it up to his chest, awed at how taut it becomes underneath my hand.

His sharp inhale caught my attention and my eyes snapped up to watch how his nostril flares and his eyes darkened. He lifted a hand and slowly touched my arm before sliding up to cup my cheek.

“I wish I could see you right now,” he whispered.

“Hmm, see me? When you could feel me instead?” My voice is a lot of sultrier and more daring.

One corner of his lips lifted, “Brave but I am pretty sure your human will not be too happy with you.”

My hand moved from his chest to around his neck. I took a step closer and pressed my body up against his. His hand dropped to settle around my hips. The feel of my naked skin pressed against his is exhilarating. Sending every nerve in my body on overdrive. There was nothing I could do. I could only watch her do what she wants with him.

Leaning forward, I brushed my lips on his collar bone before gliding them up to his throat to his chin. Applying pressure with my grip from around his neck, I stood on my tiptoes and captured his lips in mine. A soft, satisfied growl resounded from deep in my throat. I liked his compliance. My wolf craved it and loved how he didn’t hesitate in letting me kiss him.

His fingers dug into my skin and I became aware of how hard he is through his pajama pants. My tongue slipped in through his parted lips. His tongue welcoming me once again as it twists with mine. Moaning, I deepened the kiss. My other hand moving to cup his cheek.

Although I’m pissed she’s taking over, I wasn’t that upset over the fact that we are kissing him. I can agree with her that, I too, enjoy kissing him and she knew it too.

He broke the kiss and gently pried me away enough so that I will look at him.

“Stop,” his voice was husky with lust.

The surge of hurt that hit me in the chest almost blew me off my feet. My wolf was completely obsessed over this man and she is upset over the fact he had told her no. She’s a brat.

He must have felt the emotional recoil from me because he shook his head almost immediately. His hands coming up to cup my cheeks.

“No, no, no,” he murmured, “it isn’t because I don’t want you to but I want you to do it because you both want to.”

An odd happy feeling jolted inside of me and my wolf is slowly recovering from her upset state. His thumb brushed my lips.

“Don’t pout, sweetheart,” he pleaded.

“She wants it too.” Why you little brat, exposing my feelings without my permission.

He smiled then, “Does she now?”

I swear if she speaks another word about what I am thinking, I will do everything I can to keep her locked inside the box in my head. I don’t care if it killed me in the process.

She took my threat with hostility. I felt a sudden jolt of pain hit me in the head.

“He’s ours!” she snarled and he blinked in surprise. Her anger surging through my veins.

I’m made sure she knew I’m not backing down from my threat. She might be born with Alpha blood running through her veins but I am matched with her because I have just the right amount of pride and courage to be hers.

She snarled and growled, baring her canines.

“Hey, now,” he said as if he was talking to a little puppy. He caressed my cheeks.

“You might not know what you want but I know what I want. I know what is best for both of us,” she growled.

Immediately, her intentions became clear in my mind. A protest barely leaving my lips before her hands slid back to Dominic’s hair and she tugged it, exposing his neck. His quick hitch in breathing. The surprise along with the anticipated lust on his face as my lips pulled back and I sunk my canines into his throat.

His fingers dug harder once again into my hips. A throaty moan coming from him. Blood filled my mouth and down my throat. Something snapped between us, like a string that weaves between us. An already supernatural bond that is now strengthened with just one bite.

Almost immediately, I’m swept off my feet at the intensity of the bond. I can read his every thought. I can see how he pictures me. How much he lusts for me. How much he wants me. I sunk my canines deeper, loving the feeling of the bond and unable to break away.

Blood dripped down my chin and as soon as I felt the high of the bond snap into place, she pulled back. Her tongue darting out to lick her lips from his blood. She released his hair. The look of surprise still evident on his face as much as the very hard arousal pressing into my stomach.

“You marked me,” he rasped, his hand coming up to cup the wound on his neck.

“You are ours,” she purred before grabbing his cheeks and slamming her lips onto his to let him know once again who he belongs to.

I’m shocked. I’m pissed. I’m ecstatic.

I wanted to kill her.

I wanted to-

I lost and could only watch what happened before me.

My bond is halfway completed.

That is the reality.

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