Until Dawn

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Gloria, the technician I had asked to pull information from the SIM card for me told me that Syringa is the scientific name for the flower we all know as Lilac. When I left home, I was furious with Violet, or whoever the fuck she is. I felt like a fucking idiot and it was a direct blow to my blindness. If I wasn’t fucking blind, I might have fucking notice something was off.

This disability is killing me even if I try to ignore it. It’s stopping me from seeing what I want to see. It’s stopping me from being who I know I am.

Peyton tried stopping me from storming out the door but nothing was going to stop me from finding out who she really is. She tells me one thing and then tells me something else. I don’t know who to trust and so I am forced to rely on doing what I do best.

I discovered that the phone that Gloria had hacked into is indeed Lilac’s phone. The text messages that I read between the two sisters-I expected it to hurt me but it did the opposite. I was somewhat relieved. I’m relieved that it wasn’t Violet but Lilac that returned to me after she left. It meant that whatever happened at the Conner’s place, changed Lilac’s mind and she returned. I have an idea that her sister was unwilling and Lilac cares about me even if it is just by a little.

These two sisters did something childish without a single consideration to individuals who will be affected by it which causes Lilac to fall into my lap. The truth out of all this situation was I mean to keep her there. That meant I had to call a certain someone to make it clear to him what I want.

“Peyton, dial Alpha Conner’s phone number for me,” I ordered while we sat in my office at work.

I left Lilac at home. She slept through the night without another heat but I think it had to do with the mark on my neck. Her wolf is giving her a reprieve. My hand went up to gingerly touch the two little bumps on my neck that has long since healed.

I imagined a lot of scenarios about her heat-many of which involve her and me in bed together. She thinks it is hard for her. Imagine how I have been feeling since the start of her heat. I never would have thought I would enjoy her flustered and clumsy sexual remarks but I found every one of them endearing.

Regardless, my wolf and I are just as shocked at the fact that we have just been claimed. He’s pissed, of course, the Alpha in him demands him to show the Alpha female her place. Who does she think she is in marking us first and without permission too. Underneath all that cocky bullshit though, I know exactly what we both were thinking. We were fucking ecstatic over the fact that we have been claimed and not just by some random chick but someone we lust like a horn dog after.

“You know, if you smile any more than that, I’m going to have to leave this room,” Peyton’s said just as the phone started ringing.

“Get out and go do your job,” I retorted which earned me a chuckle before I heard him leave me alone.

Peyton and I were just discussing the pack chief conference that is coming up tomorrow evening. Peyton told me to consider bringing Lilac to the meeting. The pack needed stability and having an Alpha female by my side will construe leadership and balance.

Alpha Conner picked up with a greeting after the fourth ring.

“Alpha Conner, this is Blackwood,” I greeted.

“Blackwood, good to hear from you,” he replied but the man sounded nervous, “How’s my daughter? I trust she is being good-”

“Cut the bullshit, John,” I interrupted, “I know Violet isn’t here.”

“What do you mean?” he responded.

“I know that your other daughter, Lilac came in her place.”

There was a long silence on the other end but I can hear the man breathing.

“I sincerely apologize for this whole situation. Lilac and Violet are sisters and they are so close. They do these kinds of things all the time. I thought that they would have learned the last time they did this at the university but I guess old habits die hard.” He sighed.

“I hope you realize the severity of the situation. If this situation is brought up to the Werewolf Affiliation, your kin will be lost forever,” I told him.

“I realize that. If you want Violet, I will send her right away-”

“You misunderstood me, John. I don’t want Violet. I want Lilac,” I announced.

“What?” John sputtered, “But she’s not your betrothed. We need to follow by-”

“You started this John and now I want to keep it this way, do you understand me?”

“You’re saying that my Violet will have to mate with Alpha Nathaniel,” he concluded.

“Violet is never to reveal her identity to Alpha Nathaniel. I’m saying, these sisters started this and we are going to keep up with their charade-”

“But I don’t understand, don’t you want Violet as your mate.”

“No,” I growled.

John was quiet and I believe the man was assessing the situation. John is well known for being a very cautious Alpha. He never steps too far out of line. His main objective is to protect his family and pack.

“Alright,” he sighed, “you can have Lilac.”

Technically speaking, he doesn’t have a choice. I’m taking Lilac either way.

“I trust that you can keep this a secret,” I asked and informed him.

“Won’t breathe a word of it. It isn’t just my daughter’s head that the Affiliation would want. They would want mind too,” he replied.

After the call, I reviewed and corrected the fiscal year projected budget and signed off on some vendor contracts before finishing the day with meeting calls with Tiffany. By five in the evening, Tiffany was already packing up to leave while I was finishing up an audio conference call.

An unexpected soft knock sounded at my door. Muting the conference, I ordered them to come in. Her scent filled the room immediately, easing the tension in my shoulders and neck. I didn’t realize how antsy my wolf with the separation of the weak bond until she entered. She had marked me, so she doesn’t feel the anxiety as much as I do. I haven’t marked her which makes me vulnerable but I also don’t want to mark her just because she marked me. I wanted to mark her because she wanted me to.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized to him the second she heard the managers on the other line trading opinions and ideas.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, “Your heat isn’t over.”

“I know,” she replied.

I sighed before unmuting the line. My finger already on the button. I leaned forward and announced them to complete the rest of the meeting without me and for them to send me the meeting notes afterward for review. I ended the call and leaned back in my seat. Pinning her in the room isn’t hard. Her scent is stronger right in front of me and the light fixtures that are in my office gave me enough light to see where she is standing.

“C’ mere,” I demanded.

Surprisingly, she didn’t argue. She walked around the desk. I put my hand out and felt her slip her hands through it before I pulled her onto my lap.

“Compliant today, aren’t we?” I whispered, running my nose along her bare shoulders. I skimmed my lips over the curves of her shoulders and to the crook of her neck.

She had on an off shoulder mid-thigh dress. My fingers that are on her thigh can feel the hem of the skirt. This woman is all mine.

“It’s the heat.” Her breath hitched. “And my damn wolf won’t leave me alone.”

I smirked against the side of her neck, “How did you get out?”

“Peyton came over to see me,” I nipped her ear because I didn’t like how my Beta was visiting her when I am not there. She moaned and wiggled her bottom unconsciously.

“And?” I returned my attention back to her neck where I placed small little kisses that I’m sure drove her crazy. One of her hands came up to run her fingers through my hair.

“And I told him I needed to see you.”

“See me?” I flashed my canines before poking her skin.

“Dominic,” she moaned, “God, I don’t-”

“I know, sweetheart, your heat,” I replied.

“We need to-ahh,” she moaned when I bit down a little hard but not hard enough to pierce her skin.

I forced myself to pull back, retracting my canines so that I don’t do something stupid. The taste of her still fresh on our tongue and lips. It’s addictive-she’s addictive.

“What were we talking about?” she grumbled, unhappy.

I chuckled. “You came to see me.”

“Peyton came over to see me and I asked if I can come and pick you up instead. He said it should be fine as I will be with you,” she replied.

“Then we should go home?” I inquired.

“Do you have anything else to do? I can wait. The front desk receptionist guy downstairs is friendly. The last time I was here, he and I discovered that we both enjoy hiking and taking pictures of landscapes. Today, I saw him again downstairs. He told me he had brought some of his photos-”

“Do you want me to fire him?” I said through clenched teeth.

“What? No,” she responded.

“Then you will leave that human receptionist alone,” I replied.

“But you have a female receptionist and she’s a werewolf,” she growled, clearly angry with me.

“Tiffany has worked for me for a very long time,” I replied.

“Great. Then let me ask you, do you feel sexually attracted to her? Have you ever had the urge to throw her onto your desk and have your way with her?” she retorted.

Hell no. Honestly, I never even noticed Tiffany. It has become such a norm that sometimes I forget she’s even a girl. She’s efficient at her job and she knows what I need to be done at work.

“Tiffany? Never. On another note, if we are going to discuss who I want to fuck on my desk than that will definitely be you,” I replied with ease, “Trust me, you don’t want to know what kind of dirty little things that goes through my head when it comes to you, Lilac.”

She scoffed, clearly still upset with me for stopping her from talking to a guy. I’m a fucking jealous, possessive asshole. I don’t give a fuck. Sue me but nobody is getting near her unless I allow it. It is not that I don’t trust her. I don’t trust them.

She wiggled in my lap trying to escape me but my hold on her tightened.

“I don’t like to be controlled, Dominic.”

“I’m not controlling you. I’m telling you my dislike-and I dislike that you talk to him. Plus this is a two-way street, If you want me to swap out Tiff, I’ll swap her out to a male receptionist. I don’t fucking care,” I growled in irritation.

She stopped struggling. “You just said-”

“Ok fine, look at it this way, if I started sharing life stories and hobbies with Tiffany and you walk in on her and I laughing and joking closely. Would you like that?”

“No,” she snarled.

I raised an eyebrow knowing that I have won this fight. There is no denying our possessive and domineering instincts as Alpha. We like to know that the things we love won’t get hurt or taken away. This includes even Lilac who might fight her wolf at every turn.

“Let’s go home,” she snapped, still unhappy she lost the fight.

I chuckled before allowing her to get up and following right behind her.

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