Until Dawn

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A lengthy table with expensive white velvet chairs on all sides and two at the end near the projection screen filled almost the entire creme colored room of this meeting hall. Clean glasses filled with water placed in front of everyone. My eyes widened like saucers the second I saw how many chiefs Dominic has.

There was an even number of thirty pack chiefs sitting at the tables. Loud chatter and laughter filled the room. Everyone seemed to have forgotten their Alpha’s presence. No formal greeting at all to their Alpha.

Peyton sat to our right and I can feel the anger rolling off from him, but it was not his place to speak up-at least not yet. Dominic sat at the head of the table, dressed in a black suit jacket and dress pants. Underneath, he picked a black dress shirt. I found it a little hilarious at his choice in color. It was almost like he was dressed for a funeral. A little ironic for a meeting like this.

I, on the other hand, did not want to wear a skirt. A meeting filled with testosterone, I needed to make myself clear and known. I picked a dark grey high-waist pull-on ankle pants and matched it with heels high enough to hurt someone with it. I pair it up with a killer white blouse.

Sitting opposite of Peyton, I folded my hands in front of me and scanned each one of Dominic’s pack chiefs slowly. I’m not impressed by some. They gave me a bad vibe-one that has my wolf clawing at my skin irritably.

Reaching out, I grabbed my glass of water and took a sip on it before I slammed it down on the table which earned everyone’s attention. They all turned to look at me. A few had curious glances and some of them didn’t even hide their annoyance with me.

“The meeting tonight is to assure every one of you about my position as Alpha,” Dominic started the meeting.

Everyone turned their attention back to Dominic. A few of them didn’t even care what Dominic had to say. They leaned over and whispered to each other.

“This meeting is important. Your Alpha is here to hear your concerns but instead, you have wasted half an hour socializing,” I said, looking them all right in the eyes.

One of them snorted, “We have complaints but what can he do about them? The news of his disability did not pass over us. We know that he is blind.”

“Yeah. An Alpha who can’t even see. How is he supposed to protect us?” One of them demanded.

“He should step down and let someone else take over.”

“Yeah, I think that we should re-elect a new Alpha.”

These assholes are only speaking up because someone was bold enough to speak up. If it wasn’t for that initial speaker, I would place a bet that these people wouldn’t have had the guts to speak up. Unable to contain myself from interfering the meeting, I spoke up.

“Dominic is your Alpha. I can’t believe you have the audacity to suggest such opinions,” I replied.

“I know that my disability comes as a disadvantage to all of us, but I can promise you that I will protect you in every way I can. I will not disappoint you and will never let any harm come to you,” Dominic assured them.

“That’s funny because I remember six of our female werewolves died in division twelve before you could- ”

“That’s a ridiculous accusation,” I interrupted, upset with the dirty blonde hair man sitting a few seats away from Peyton’s left.

“Does she really need to be in here?” the man questioned while looking at me, “Why don’t you be a good little housemate and go home and wait for the Alpha to return?”

Dominic slammed his fist onto the table and it cracked underneath his fist. His eyes have darkened to a malicious glow. Immediately, I moved to place my hand over his wrist to calm him down. The mate bond vibrated between us, allowing Dominic to breathe in deeply to avoid shifting.

“Carl, you will not speak to her that way. She is your Luna and Alpha female,” Dominic growled.

His voice was a lot gruffer almost like he was losing control of what he was holding back.

“Is she though?” the man whom I now know is Carl dared to question.

It all happened so fast. Dominic shooting up from his chair before launching himself over the table. Half shifting with claws extended. He tore through his pack chief’s throat without hesitation.

Blood splattered all over the two pack chiefs that sat between Peyton and Carl. Their eyes widened in fear. One of them shook in his seat while the other one slowly reached forward and grabbed a napkin from the table to wipe the blood from his face.

Carl fell back at the force of Dominic’s attack, but Dominic effortlessly stood up with dripping hands and walked back to his chair as if nothing happened.

“Any more comments about your Alpha female?” Dominic threatened.

A long moment of silence for Carl’s stupidity and the pack chiefs’ internal debates on what just happened. I swear I have never seen such fears until I looked upon Dominic’s chiefs.

However, I spoke a little too soon.

One brave soul spoke up.

“Some of us question your ability to lead us, Alpha, not because we are not loyal to you. We are afraid that your disability will affect your way of leading us in the right direction. Losing your eyesight is a devastating loss. It is not easy to suddenly walk around in a world of darkness. We worry about your mentality.” I listened to the older man to speak. His eyes looking at Dominic even though he knows Dominic can’t see him. He was one of the pack chiefs who did not look at Dominic disrespectfully.

“How about we appoint someone temporarily as Alpha?” One of the very few women chiefs asked, her eyes lighting up in a devious way.

“This is not up for debate. An Alpha’s position is secured through lineage. You are talking about overthrowing or replacing an Alpha not by laws of the pack but by your own ugly and selfish means, are you ready to face capital punishment for treason?” I argued, “These kinds of talks are not exempted and taken lightly. The Werewolf Affiliation takes these things seriously. There are process and procedures we must follow for the impeachment of an Alpha.”

“You’re just bluffing,” the woman chuckled but her chuckle died the second she realized no one shared her humor.

Dominic turned to face the female pack chief.

“Impeachment involves multiple hard evidence, charges, and felonies. If I, as your Alpha, had inflicted pain, unjust ruling, and committed crimes then those are purposes to remove me from my seat. Once the evidence is brought up to the supreme prosecutors they will review your information and if I am found guilty, I will be put to immediate death but if your evidence and accusations are nothing but a travesty, your whole entire clan will die for your power distortion,” Dominic explained further.

They fell silent. No one spoke because no one wanted to die or put their kinship in total ruins. Their head lowered submissively.

“I was not born yesterday. You all have lived under my parents’ rule. You know that my ancestors have never failed to keep this pack from thriving. Someone told me that strength does not come from one person alone. Strength comes in many. We are strong because you rely on me as much as I rely on you but if we show the world that we are nothing but a bunch of mutts that are fighting for power than we are just as low as the rebels that invade our borders and take our children and rape our kind,” Dominic said, “I have never failed you before and I promise to never fail you now. I will die before I allow anything to happen to you all because you are all my brothers and sisters.”

I clapped my hands. I am so proud of him right now. My wolf is utterly infatuated with him right now. It was a little ridiculous by how much. My clapping broke the silence and everyone started clapping along with me. Peyton smirked from across the table at me.

After the meeting was done and everyone was satisfied with the speech. Dominic pulled Peyton aside and ordered him to watch over several pack chiefs’ daily transaction for the next few days. He wanted to make sure that everyone was loyal to him. He also ordered Peyton to throw Carl off their territory. He is still alive but will live with no pack ties. He is no longer a pack chief.

On the car ride home, I was completely distracted with all that had occurred. The little usurp of the pack chiefs and Dominic show of leadership. My wolf mentally inserted a picture of him flying across the room to silence the man who dared to disrespect us. She’s such a pain in the ass. She’s all hot and turned on which is making me all hot and bothered as well.

I have to admit though. It was pretty hot to see his beast. I loved how dark his eyes were. The way he looked at me and the way he defended me.

I bit the bottom of my lips and clenched my thighs together before shifting in my seat.

“You okay?” Dominic asked.

“Uh, yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?” I snorted and gave a nervous laugh.

One corner of his lips lifted upwards, “You don’t sound alright.”

I looked out the window and saw the mansion in view.

“Oh look, we are home,” I replied.

He chuckled before dropping the topic. I opened the door so fast that I didn’t watch my feet and ended up tumbling out of the car. I yelped just as the side of my face and my front smashed against the cement.

“What the hell?” Dominic came running up to me and lifted me up. His hands touching my face and body for any injuries. What he thought was innocent checks, it wasn’t the same with me. I felt his hands grazed the side of my breasts, nipples, chest, neck, cheek. Everything was on fire.

Hell, the heat is over and yet I am still hot and bothered by him. I slapped his hands away.

“I’m fine,” I rumbled before allowing him to help me up.

“What? How?” He looked thoroughly confused until he started laughing, “God, I wish I saw that.”

“Ok, keep laughing, buddy,” I snapped before leaving him behind.

“Lilac, wait.” He was still laughing as he ran up to me.

We entered the quiet home and I turned on the foyer lights to help him up the stairs. I am still embarrassed and heated from everything that happened outside just a few minutes ago.

Once we arrived at the bedroom door, I stopped to look at him and say goodnight but he leaned forward to grab the doorknob. I pushed against his chest.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Lilac, this is my bedroom too. My clothes are in here,” he replied.

“Oh...yeah, I remember that,” I murmured, again, humiliated with my stupidity right now.

I turned around and walked inside first. He walked in after me before closing the door. After, he took off his jacket and began unbuttoning his shirt in front of me.

Shameless me, I stood and watched him unbutton and take the thing off completely and revealing a perfect and sculpted chest. My eyes ran over his pecs down his eight packs and to his v-line that led to his-OH! Okay, stop right now.

I cleared my throat and looked anywhere but at him. He seemed to have noticed that I have been ogling him because he couldn’t stop smirking. He took several steps closer to me and leaned down so he was eye level with me.

“You know you can touch me,” he said in a casual tone.

I choked on my own spit.

“Oh, no thank you. I’m okay where I am,” I lied through my teeth.

He laughed before turning away and walking to the closet. Sighing, I collapsed onto the bed and closed my eyes. I really need to work on maintaining my cool. My wolf, on the other hand, was begging me to touch him and lick every inch of that torso that belongs to us.

The bed dipped and my eyes flew open to see Dominic laying on his side. I gulped the second he pulled me underneath him with one arm. He had nothing on but his black dress trousers. The belt was off and the buttons on his trousers undone.

His face hovered above mine. He moved a hand and traced my face with his fingertips eliciting a pleasurable tingle from our bond.

“Mine...” he whispered before leaning down to capture my lips in his.

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