Until Dawn

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It was sexy hearing her authoritative voice. The Luna power she extruded at the meeting was a fucking turn on. My lips attacking her is as expected. We like our mate, powerful and sexy. Plus, I needed to taste her after all that.

A soft whimper came from her. Her rigid body relaxed underneath my body and it fueled my desires even more. The need to dominate her. The overpowering urge to mark her.

My wolf was growling and snapping his jaws in my head, pacing with an eager, predatory power. He likes his little mate soft and willing. Exposed and submissive. The way she responds to us enslaves our souls to hers.

I like the way she looks at me. I like the way she gets nervous when caught. I like how her voice changes from a velvet whisper to a husky hype when she wants me.

Tearing my lips away from her, I skimmed my lips to her neck where I brought the first piece of sensitive flesh into my mouth. Sucking hard, my canines lengthening slightly, I sent my little mate on a moaning spree. She wiggled underneath me. Her arms wrapped around my torso. Her legs opening for me to settled between. She even tilted her head to the side to give me better access. She loves it and I have never been so fucking hard in my life.

Unable to stop myself, I gyrated once. She gasped delicately and I bit down a little harder than expected. I almost piercing her skin, when sucking on her neck. The natural heat between her legs has begun to become my favorite spot. If I can have her legs wrapped around me all day, every day, I'm fine walking around like a blind fool.

Inhaling sharply, I can smell her arousal seeping through the pores of her skin and between her legs. It was filling up the room just like the many times I walked in during her heat. A surge of my wolf's savage behavior hit me and for a moment, I lose control and my wolf took over.

He gripped the top of her blouse. One hand wrapped around her neck before it slid down her chest and to the soft mound that belongs to me. She arched her back and even through the thin lace bra, I can feel her nipples poking at my palms.

"Dominic," she whispered huskily.





I'm fighting so hard, I'm sweating but because of my temporary disregard of power, I released my wolf and he is not giving it back any time soon.

My mouth wrapped around her nipple over the lace bra and the sound of her breathless moan hits our ears like the song of a siren. Her taste flooded our mouth and I'm instinctively addicted. I'm also aware of how good her nipple feels in my mouth. My tongue flicked across the soft bud and she arched her back. Sensitive.

I nipped it and her hands went into my hair, tugging hard and keeping me there. My hot breath and the tingles of the bond driving her insane. It makes me wonder how it would feel when she brings me into her mouth.


Now I'm so fucking hard my cock is hurting.


My wolf decided to give us a little reprieve. He gyrated several times. Her arousal hits us harder and I growled in satisfaction. Rotating my hips harder and her legs wrapped around me. Trapping me from leaving.

"I want you so fucking bad. My female. My mate. Mine," my wolf enforced his words by biting down on the soft rise of her breasts.

She's our, technically, I responded to his little proclamation.

"You're not Dominic." Our little mate is perceptive.

"No," he replied.

He moved onto the other breasts and Lilac's protest died on her lips. She underneath our complete possession and control. My wolf adored her every curve and everything about her. He's obsess over her.

"Is Dominic fine with this?" she asked.

A little warmth spread all over my left chest. She was wondering about me. She wanted to know if I am fighting my wolf.

"He stopped fighting a few minutes ago," my wolf replied.

Asshole, I sent my thoughts his way.

"He's enjoying every second of it. We love everything about you. Your scent and arousal are ours and ours alone, love. Your delicious. It makes me wonder, how you would taste when I have my mouth between your legs," he said boldly.

Fuck, the thought has my cock so hard that I think any harder and the thing will fall off.

"W-what?" she stuttered, clearly trying to regain her thoughts.

He wasn't allowing that to happen.


His hands slipped down her stomach and underneath her pants. It touched her sensitive bundle of nerves and she cried out. Her hands grasping at the sheets.

"You like that?" he asked, performing that circle around it again.

She cried out and clenched her thighs around my hands. I couldn't stop smiling. She liked it. Confident, my wolf pushed onwards. Swirling and playing with her until she was crying out our names. Her hands moving to grab my shoulders. Her hips rocking for faster friction. The slight arch of her hips sent my fingers down her lips and into the warm cave that we want to be drowning in for forever.

She inhaled in surprised as our fingers stretched her before wiggling her hips. Clenching our teeth to keep our control we slowly began to work our fingers in and out. Stretching her tightness until she was flexible and comfortable with it. Her soft pants hitting our ears like music.

Her fingers dug into my biceps. She was writhing underneath me, begging for something more. I have never seen this side of her. She's a complete wildcat in bed even though she's shy and clumsy.

"Dominic," she breathed my name again.

I fought for control. I'll be damn if I let my wolf get her off for the first time. I'm a selfish asshole too and I wanted some of her.

Finally, relenting, my wolf let go.

I felt myself being pushed to the forefront of our minds. I stopped the movement of my fingers. Pulled them out of her pants and heard her little huff of sexual frustration. Smirking, I brought my fingers to my mouth where I sucked her arousal off. She tasted delicious. Natural and female. My female.

"I need more," I demanded, not enough, more.

"W-what?" she whispered, her voice still husky.

"I need to taste you. I need my mouth between your legs. I want to suck and lick every inch of you clean, Lilac. Open those legs for me. I promise I won't do anything you will not approve of," I begged.

"Ok," she replied in a squeak.

I almost didn't hear it but when I did, I couldn't wait. Blood rushed straight to my cock and I moved to remove the pants off from her. My hands gliding over her soft skin like silk.

Once I had the thing off, I knelt between her legs. My hands resting on her thighs before I spread her legs open. Lifting her hips, my mouth found her inner thigh first where I bit down and sucked gently.

I moved further up to where her arousal came the strongest. My nostril filled with her scent and an intense surge of power went through me. I wanted to make her scream and hear her fall apart underneath me.

My mouth latched around her sensitive bundle of nerves. Her hands shot to my hair the second she felt me on her.

"Oh," she whispered, "Oh my."

My tongue swirled around her sensitive nub in a figurative eight.

"Oh! Shit!" she swore and I couldn't stop smiling. I rarely hear her swear.

I slid it down her lips and down to where it was dripping with her nectar. My tongue licking the outside until dipping deeper. She cried out.

"Dominic," she moaned and arched her hips higher, her hands digging into my hair.

"Fuck, you taste good," I said hoarsely before diving right in. I can't get enough.

My wolf is pushing and clawing in the back of mind. He wants to mark her. He wants to make her his forever. It causes my canine to extend. Pulling back, I sucked on her clit. The mixture of pain and pleasure sends her over the edge. She bucks and cries out my name.

It shook her so hard. Her body spasmed and her hips rocked on my mouth like her life depended on it. I lapped all her juices, not wasting a single drop.

Once, I was done, I pulled back and swiped the bottom of my lips with my thumb before sucking on it. I can hear irregular breathing. Her legs fell limp at my sides. Crawling up to hover above her, I covered her small body with mine.

"That...lord...I don't know what I was waiting for...that was amazing. If it was this amazing—hell, I should have tried it sooner," she said in awe.

Growling in anger, I captured her lips into a rough kiss. She was too tired to even fight me off. She allowed me to dominate and punish her. Tearing my lips, I settled my mouth on her neck where I sucked hard, my canines digging into her skin.

"I am glad you saved it for me, my female, but those thoughts better not run through your mind again," I growled.

"And if it does?"

"I'll show you once again just who exactly can make you fall apart like that," I confirmed before cupping her between her legs.

She moaned and squirmed.

"Understood?" I asked.

I felt her nod against the side of my face as I was still sucking on her neck.

"But...that....it was amazing," she uttered in amazement.

I chuckled, "Then maybe you should let me sleep in your bed."

"Maybe you should," she said after a minute.

I did a double take in what she had just said. I couldn't respond to her quick enough because the words threw me off.

"Wait are you being serious?" I asked.

"You are my mate," she replied shyly.

I don't know how many times she has surprised me today. Lilac is shy but I am impressed with her knowledge of pack laws and her strong authoritative voice. I am amazed at how beautiful she is when she is full of desire. I am in love with the way she cries out my name and fall apart underneath me.

She has not failed yet in disappointing me. I am stunned speechless at the prize that landed in my lap from this betrothed mating.

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