Until Dawn

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Chapter 22 - LILAC

I remember learning something about cuddling. It is a way to relieve stress. The body releases a natural hormone that is supposed to calm you by lowering your blood pressure and your stress hormones.

I believe it.

Waking up, cuddling next to my mate and feeling and hearing his breathing rhythm is soothing. I am starting to adore and become addicted to the mate bond. The tingles that erupt when his skin touches mine.

The way he touched me last night—it was unbelievable—magical. That mouth—I crave more.

I realize he is asleep still, but I couldn't stop myself from feeling the bond. My open palms slid up the middle of his back and up towards his shoulder blades. Every chisel of that back muscle amazes me. It felt like a new territory that I must explore.

Inhaling, I turned my nose towards his chest and breathed in his scent. Smiling at how good he smells. My lips brushed up against his chest and tingled immediately. In awe, I continued to graze my lips over his chest and up to his neck.

His arms tightened around me the second my lips stopped around his beating pulse. Opening my eyes, I pulled back to see his eyes closed but his breathing has changed. He's not asleep.

"Good morning," I whispered.

He grunted before tucking me nicely back into the groove of his body. My head nicely tucked underneath his chin and his legs wrapped around my hips. I'm in a warm cave, locked, with no escape route. Yet, I am happy.

Oh god, I am happy.

Dominic is my mate.

My heart could burst at any second now. This beautiful man is mine for life. My wolf is in complete bliss and I couldn't blame her not when me, her human, is feeling the same way.

Wolves are naturally more compliant when it comes to the mate bond and going with the natural process. In this instance, my wolf knew before I did that this man will be the sun in our world. It's frightening but elating at the same time.

All my life, I lived fighting for perfection, but I found perfection in a handicapped Alpha. I was taught everything I needed to know. I never back down from a challenge. I should know what is right and wrong.

This was wrong, but it is right.

Little memories shot through the mate bond. Pictures of last night. How he envisioned me. Everything he felt physically and mentally. Then I felt something else, pure sexual desire.

Something poked my stomach. It was extremely hard.

"See what you do to me, love?" he whispered and pressed his lips on my forehead before releasing me.

I pulled my head back and looked up. He began rocking his hip, gyrating against my stomach. Heat stirred between my legs.

"You shouldn't be thinking those thoughts during the day," I mumbled, embarrassed.

"I can think about it, whenever," he shot back, and I can hear a hint of amusement in his voice.

He proved his point by sending me another image. One of how he imagined me splaying in bed with my legs open. His head between my legs, feasting on my core. I gasped before pushing hard against his chest.

He chuckled the second he started falling back. However, his arms didn't move from around me. Instead, he rolled me along with him until I settled on top of him. My hair falling over and creating a curtain against the sun that is streaming through the window.

One arm firmly wrapped around my waist. He lifted one and cupped my cheek. I watched his alluring sky blue eyes turn soft like calming waters. His hands and fingers grazed my face as if he was memorizing my features. He settled on my lips last. Pinching my chin, his thumb grazed every inch of my lips. My skin tingled with every swept of his fingers.

"My female," he whispered his verbal acknowledgment.

A warm wave of pride hit me. My wolf's chin lifted, breaking out of her lovestruck trance.

"I will never let you go."

The emotions in my heart grew, and I don't know how I am able to handle this before my heart bursts out of my chest and into his arms.

"Thank you for not pushing me away last night." His lips captured mine.

My eyes fluttered closed and I savored this moment. The feel of him all over me. The way he holds me as if I am the most precious thing in his life. This mate bond strengthens the feeling that we already have for each other. I can feel his heart thump against my palm that was resting against his chest.

I don't know what it is today but I am filled with so much positivity. So much hope-

His cellphone rang.

I broke away first from the kiss, pushed against his chest to get off from him but he wrapped his arms around me tight, signaling for me to stay. I stopped struggling. He reached for the phone sitting on the nightstand the second I stopped.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Alpha, I need you at the office," Peyton's said from the other side of the phone. He sounded stress.

"Do I need to be at the office to discuss this?" Dominic asked, irritated.

"Yes." There was no humor in his voice.

Dominic turned his eyes to me. I know he can see me it is morning and I am close to him. He said like seeing the silver of lights.

"Ok, I'll be there in an hour," he replied.

His arms loosened from around my waist. I pushed away from his chest and my legs ended up straddling his hips which resulted in my core rubbing right on a very familiar crotch that is still very hard.

I gasped at the new sensation. It felt good and on impulse, I rolled my hips.

He dropped the phone and grabbed onto my hips the second I finish the roll. A moan slipped from me. I did it again and another fire erupted inside me. It licked between my legs and followed my movement. It was enticing and sensational. My hands slid down to his lower abs and I rocked over the thick bulge.

"Lilac." It came out at a throaty groan, so husky and raspy.

My wolf hurdled her confidence and swagger at me almost blindly throwing me off his hips. I swear she's too eager to mate. Biting my lips, I slipped off his hips but my hands slid lower until my fingertips touched the hem of his dark grey sweats. The bulge poking out like a mountain.

Moving upwards my mouth hovered over his crotch and his fingers clutched the sheets.

"I have-"

"I want to try something," I said confidently, "I know you have to go but I want to try something."

His wide eyes looked down at me. I dug my fingers underneath his sweats and pulled down until his shaft stood straight in front of me.

Dear lord, I did not realize how big and long he was. I'm beginning to have second thoughts about this.

That is going to be inserted between my legs. Oh, Gods above, you must be kidding me.

I looked past his erection to look at him. His face is red with strained control. Releasing my lips from my teeth, I moved forward and decided to go easy.

Flicking my tongue down and up to his length until it reached the top where I wrapped my mouth around it.

"Fuck," He hissed and his hips bucked off the bed, sliding the length of him a little more into my mouth.

I looked up to see how dark his eyes were. They were storms raging in them. So beautiful.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on taking him in. It took some time but eventually, I learned how to move. The ache in my jaw started ebbing away and I've become interested in how soft, velvety the skin was but how hard it was at the same time.

"Wait," he said in a hoarse voice, "God, baby."

I stopped with pop and tilt my head to the side. His cock was slick with my own saliva. The pre-cum coating the top of his erection increased the fire between my legs.

My fingertip touched the pre-cum before I rubbed it in circles around the tip. He moaned and his head fell back.

My wolf sent a thought my way asking me what I am waiting for and that I do what I feel is right. Reaching for my panties, I slipped them off before hiking up my satin sleeping gown. I crawled back up to straddle his hip. Slowly, I lowered myself until I felt the tip of him stretch me. Biting my lips, I focused on getting it right. Only to feel his hands on my hips and raising me up.

"What are you doing?" he rasped.

"What does it look like I am doing?" I felt rejected—maybe he didn't want to do it yet.

He smirked. "Are you sure, you want to do it?"

I nodded before I realize he couldn't see and answered him with a 'yes'. It all happened so fast. Him flipping me over. The phone clattering onto the floor.

"Then we should do it the right way," he whispered.

"And that is?" I asked.

I sounded confident but my insides are a mess. I don't know what to expect. Am I really letting this happen? Let nature take over because it is inevitable. To hell with my future and all my worries.

I shoved that tiny reasonable voice in my head to the back of my head. I squashed the doubt simmering in the pits of my stomach and allowed my needs and wants to shine.

For the first time, I ignored the voice of appropriateness and allowed me to feel what my mate can give me.

I remember my mom telling me how males are very aggressive when it comes to mating. She said they can go for days and still have the energy. Needless to say, I am excited about this. Letting go and allowing a bit of pleasure.

My eyes swept my mate who has stripped from his sweats and landing on his lengthy cock.

Butterflies fluttered all over my body at the thought of feeling him that close to me. The idea of him marking me. Me, saying yes to this will mean he can mark me. It will count as consensual.

I gulped just as he spread my legs and settled between them. Each hands on my breasts. He captured my lips.

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