Until Dawn

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Chapter 23 - LILAC

Underneath our skins is something that is so powerful and ferocious that even sometimes we find it hard to contain. We put up a façade and try to be as humanly as possible out here in the city but behind closed gates and walls, there is something so much more. Deep in the pits of our stomach, running through our veins, and driving adrenaline through our hearts is our wolves.

They are born predators, hunters, and overpowering. I've heard stories and even read a few of them about werewolf mating. I've even seen pictures of mating. The sweat, the pure sexual tension that hits invades the air—people say that keeping our emotions bottled up inside of us will not do us any good. That one day it will explode like a bomb and we can do nothing to stop it from overfilling or destroying.

Dominic's lips on mine are brutal, bruising. Harsh and demanding. His tongue invaded my mouth and sought out my tongue to tease. His fingernails changed to claws. I felt it digging at the top of my breasts before there was a loud tear and I'm completely exposed to him.

"I wish I can see you-" He discarded the shredded nightgown onto the floor, "-but I am glad that I can't."

His hands wrapped around my neck, his eyes were closed as he starts caressing my neck to my shoulders.

"Because now I can feel every inch of you." His fingers settled over my bare breasts and squeezed before his thumb brushed over my nipples. His voice was deeper and raspier. I arched my back off the bed.

He leaned down and captured one of my nipples into his mouth. In seconds, he was knocking down all defense walls I had up. Every ounce of sanity and reasoning seemed to have dispersed into thin air.

He released my nipple with a pop before I felt the stubble on his jaw graze my nipple. Biting my lips, I closed my eyes at the new sensation. His lips skimmed down the valley of my breasts before he took the other nipple hungrily. The intensity of his sucking had me crying out. My hands flying from my sides to grab at his shoulders for support.

"Dominic," I breathed.

He nipped the side of my breasts before venturing further. I felt his canine then. His cock gliding against my inner thigh as he explored my stomach. Scattering small little open mouth kisses over my sensitive skin and sending the ache between my legs into an extreme. I moaned and squirmed underneath his exploration. His hands never missed a curve or skin on my body. He's exploring everything, not leaving a single part of my skin untouched.

When he finally reached my core, his hot breath touched my inner thigh and he sucked. It is apparent that his canines are now out. I can feel it digging into my skin but not enough to mark me yet. He wanted to leave me wanting and needing.

"Gods above, Lilac, you smell delicious," he growled.

Goosebumps touched my skin upon hearing his wolf peeking out. His canine dug deeper into my inner thigh and I couldn't keep them open any longer. I closed them but he didn't seem to mind. Instead, his hands slipped underneath my bottom and grabbed my ass.

My eyes flew open just as he sat up with my ass in the air and core right at his mouth.

"W-what-AH!" I cried out the second I felt his mouth feast on my sensitive spot.

I grabbed at the sheets behind me. He was holding me like I'm some kind of basin he was drinking water from. Any higher and I'll be dangling. He slurped and licked me clean. The sensation was overwhelming. The heat of his mouth, his tongue, and his groans of satisfaction were driving me nuts.

"Oh shit!" I cried.

I felt his smirk against me while his tongue slipped inside me. I squeezed my eyes closed tightly. My toes curling and my muscles tightening. I squirmed as much as I can for more. How addicting and wonderful his mouth was. All I need was his mouth and whatever he was doing.

"Oh god, don't stop," I begged.

He increased the speed. His lips and tongue moving back to my sensitive nub and latching onto it. His tongue flicking it back and forth before I felt him bite. This time hard. His canine digging into my skin. It should hurt but it didn't.

It actually did the opposite.

I screamed as my whole body got pushed over the edge. I spasm in front of him. He held me close, unrelenting in releasing me. I came in his mouth. He took every drop of me.

I collapsed in exhaustion. He slowly lowered me before crawling back up to capture my lips. His right hand sliding down to cup me. Slowly again, I began burning for more. It was like I couldn't get enough like he didn't just make me feel like I was flying on clouds a second ago. I moaned into his mouth. My hands sliding up his backside to his shoulders.

I was slightly disappointed when his fingers disappeared and the burning feeling between my legs disappeared. My eyes flew open to look at him and saw that his eyes were closed. He shifted and I felt something large and thick slowly slip inside.

Inhaling, my body tenses as a slow uncomfortable burn began spreading between my legs. The fog of euphoria is dissipating fast. I began pushing away from him, not liking how he was stretching me. He grabbed onto my hips to steady me.

His eyes opened. "It's okay."

"It hurts," I said.

"I know, I'm sorry," his voice came out heavy. Each time he talked, he seems to slip further inside of me.

"I don't think-"

"It will fit," he assured me.

"How would you know?" I questioned.

"I don't. This is actually my first time doing this too. I just-I promise you that it will only hurt temporarily," he said.

I looked into his eyes. How hard it must be for him to have this much control with me? His eyes are dark with lust and untampered desires. I'm here, afraid to get hurt but he said only temporarily. Plus, I do want to get mated to him.

Gulping, I opened my legs back up. He relaxed the second he felt me relax. Bending down, he captured my lips into his and slowly moved his fingers back to my sensitive nub. Immediately, my body began responding again. Moaning, I arched my hips higher for more of his fingers only to realize I totally forgot the head of his erection is embedded inside me. It caused him to slide more inside. I hissed and tore my mouth away but he didn't give me another second to tell him to stop. He thrust inside of me, tearing me apart.

I cried and pushed him away.

"No, stop!" I pushed harder.

He stopped but he was completely inside of me—well most of him is.

Tears streamed down my face and I struggled against him. He didn't stop me struggling in any way. In fact, he let me hit him, push him, shove him away.

"I'm sorry," he kept whispering.

When the pain slowly moved away and leaving in its place a little pinch. I sniffled. His hand slid up my neck to wipe my tears. He pressed his forehead against mine which caused him to shift a little between my legs. The ache disappeared.

I wiggled.

He pressed his lips onto my eyelids.

I did a big wiggle.

He groaned and pressed his forehead against mine again.

"I...it doesn't..." I pulled back and pushed forward again, taking him in and out again. Each time I moved, a new feeling hit me.

"Shit," he hissed between his teeth. His hands dropping to the sides of my head and grasping the sheets in his palms.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and continued the rhythms of my hips. Finally, a moan slipped from me and I threw my head back. My fingers and hands clawing at his back. I buried my face in the crook of his neck.

"Werewolves heal faster-" he croaked, trying to explain.

Lord, how can he be explaining right now when all I am feeling is the need for more friction?

I flipped us over. He fell onto the bed in surprise. His eyes widening when I have taken him deeper inside of me. I gasped the second I felt him hit another new spot. Addicted.

I'm addicted to this new feeling and I needed more. That was the only thought that was running through my mind. I began rocking my hips. Hard and fast. Pulling him out almost completely before settling him back inside of me. He hits me in all the rights places.

"You will only experience a little bit-" His voice hitched the second I slammed back down on his cock, "Shit!"

Smirking, I opened my eyes and watch his head thrown back and his eyes squeezed shut. His fingers digging into my thighs while I took him on a ride. After this, I don't think I will go on any more rides. What fun is that when I have one right in front of me?

I increased my speed, almost bouncing on him, settling my hands on his chest to steady me. He stopped blubbering about the healing process. The friction is unbelievably delicious, sending ripples of pleasures through my body that I couldn't stop myself. I let out a soft cry and felt his arms wrapped around my mid-section.

Distantly, I hear something buzzing like the sound of a phone but we can't stop. My front pressed against his. His arms wrapped around my waist. He lifted his waist and controlled the speed. Pummeling and pumping into me. I felt his mouth latch onto the crook of my neck. Sucking, licking, picking the right spot.

Each time he hit me deeply, white lights appeared around my vision. Too many things happening to my body. The tingling from our skin on skin, the way he is touching me in all kinds of places between my legs and the way his mouth is sucking on my neck are quickly sending me over the edge. I clenched around his hardened member and felt a sharp pain in my neck. I cried out when I realized he had found his place—his mark on my neck. Lights like crazy fireworks setting off in my visions. I curled my body close to him while he sucked and our bond strengthened. The connection high and vibrating between us.

He growled from deep within his chest. His wolf awakening to the bond. His thrusts increasing. He hit me once, twice, and on the third time, I screamed his name. He grunted and growled when I felt his own seeds coat the inside of me. His thrust began slowing down and becoming jerky until he was finished.

I can still feel his canine deep inside of me but he slowly retracted it the second he was able to control himself. My blood dripped down his chin and between us. I pulled back into a sitting position and he immediately hardened inside of me.

My eyes widening at how quickly he is gaining back his energy. Damn, Alpha libidos. His hands snaked from my hips, waists, and breasts to cup them.

"I can feel your emotions," he rasped.

I smiled before sending him a mental image. He growled and pushed off the bed to wrap his arms around me. My legs still straddling him. He began moving my hips up and down his erection slowly. Scattering small kisses on my neck.

"Sexy," he whispered, "so fucking sexy."

I sent him a picture of me...of how I see myself when I look in the mirror.

"Now you know how I look," I whispered.

He thanked me by sending me again on another wonderful wave of ecstasy.

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