Until Dawn

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Chapter 25 - Lilac

Initially, this is not what I came for. I missed Dominic so much today and my wolf wouldn't leave me alone until I went to go see him. So, I stupidly ordered the resident chef to make me something so that I can use it as an excuse to visit him. He's been gone for a while and I have a feeling, things aren't going well for him.

Now, I'm trapped with my legs wrapped around my mate's waist. I have never done this before and everything is new to me. I've read the books. I've seen my fair share of romance and erotica but experiencing it first hand is a whole different playing field. Not to mention, the privacy of this room. There was no privacy. Half of his walls were glass windows. Anybody on the same floor level will see if they look this way.

I should really tell him to stop but his kisses—they make me speechless. My mind is not operating normally and I can't seem to form a single coherent sentence. I can't speak at all. He changed direction and began tasting my neck and shoulders. Sucking me like he's some sort of vampire but the way his tongue brush up against my sensitive skin, it's making my stomach do flips and my core pulsed with need.

I want more.

He released me and my feet dropped to the marble flooring. A breath later, he flipped me around and pressed my front up against the cool wall. With his hips pressed to my back, one hand on my mid-back, and the other in my hair, he was able to effectively still keep me pinned, unpin my bra, and unbound my mass of hair from the hair clip I used to keep it up. It fell down my shoulders. My upper body pressed against the cold way and I shivered at the cold contrast to my body.

"I have had the worse day today. So I am asking for an intimate and private favor from my Luna, I need to feel good buried deep inside of you, sweetheart. Are you going to give your poor, troubled mate a moment of ecstasy?"

"Kind of hard to say no, isn't it?" I whispered, almost didn't recognize my voice. It was deeper and sultrier than usual.

"Fuck, baby, if you said no, I can't say I won't be disappointed. I want you so bad," he breathed.

I felt his lips on my back shoulder. Nibbling while the hand that slipped of my bra, slipped under the cotton shorts I had on and cupped me.

"You're soaked. You like it when I talk dirty?" he whispered huskily and ground his bulge against my back. I moaned and boldly squeezed his hand that was between my legs to keep him there.

He slid his fingers up and down my slit and every time he reached my sensitive nub he will swirl and pinch before sliding it back down and inside of me only to thrust once and pull back out. He repeated his action to the point where I couldn't handle it anymore.

"I want you too. I am yours, Dominic," I admitted.

He thrust three fingers inside of me suddenly. I cried out as he continued to pump into me at a continuous hard and slow pace. The sound of my soaking wet core, moaning, and his harsh breathing was the only noise in the room right about now. His mouth latched onto my neck.

The way he touched me, it was rough and a little harsh but I think it hard to do with how badly he wanted me and that in turned fuel my desire. I whimpered when he thrust all four fingers in. His palm was palming my clit and my legs shook at the intense and overpowering sensation that was running through my body. It felt so good that even my skin had goosebumps.

"Dominic, I-I, shit!" I couldn't finish my sentence. The tightening inside me snapped and I couldn't stop riding the waves. I cried out, tears streamed down my face at how intense it was.

Once I gained some sanity back, he released me. Faint shuffling behind me had me awkwardly turning around and leaned my back up against the wall for support. My legs felt like a newborn calf trying to walk.

I watched him strip out of his clothes quickly. His hard erection stood up and ready. It was so big and thick that I think I excreted a little more between my legs in anticipation.

His eyes flickered up for a second and I watched those stormy blue eyes turned dark with raw need. He took one step forward and grabbed my hips, hoisting me up and above his erection. I'm still a little shaky from the orgasm he just gave me a minute ago but I am more than ready to feel him inside of me.

Just as that thought appeared in my head, I felt immediate shame for wanting this so much. I feel like I should have at least some kind of self-control instead of focusing only on my desires and wants.

"What's wrong?" he asked and I realized he must have sensed it through the bond.

"I..." I didn't know how to explain it to him.

He dropped me down to the ground, his erection still hard as ever though between us.

"Tell me," he encouraged.

I smiled, feeling like an idiot right now because he clearly wants me and I am ashamed of the thoughts going through my head.

"I'm thinking about how much I want you," I admitted.

"And you don't want to feel that way?" his eyebrows are furrowed and he looked a tad hurt.

"No, that's not what I meant. I feel like I should have some kind of self-control. I've always had some kind of self-control. I never 'let go' before and when that thought slipped into my mind, I couldn't help but feel like I failed somehow," I muttered. Now that I have spoken it, I feel kind of stupid.

He sighed before cupping my cheek and kissing me chastely on the lips.

"I'm your mate, Lilac. You don't have to feel ashamed of who you are or what I will think of you. There isn't a single thing about you that I do not like. I love everything about you."

"You do?" I asked.

He smirked, "I do."

I looked down his body and to his erection. It was still staring straight at me. I wrapped my hands around it and he took a sharp inhale.

"Then can I do anything I want with you?" I asked, boldly.

He gulped before nodding.

While gliding my hands up and down his length, I leaned forward and scattered open mouth kisses over his chest. His breathing became ragged. His cock hardened even more. Engorged and pumping with blood, ready to be inside of me. Biting my lips, I guided us back until he fell into the leather couch in his office.

Straddling him, I positioned him at my entrance before slowly slipping down the length of him. Allowing him to enter and stretch me slowly.

"Fuck," he hissed, his grip on my hips tightened, digging hard into my flesh.

He is a big guy down there and so I had to do a little swirling of my hips to stretch myself. When I finally stopped, he was in me so deep I can feel his cock throbbing deep inside of me.

His hands slid up to cup my breasts and bringing it to his lips, "Your body is mine, Lilac."

"Yours," I agreed and began moving up and down.

At first, it was slow and steady. I took my time because I wanted to feel every second of pleasure that we both can create together. I wanted to see the sweat bead his forehead and the way he bites his lips to stop himself from groaning with pleasure. The strict concentration he wore on his face as he fights to not take control.

He bit his lip once again when I brought myself back down on his length, completely taking him in. Cupping his cheek, I kissed him. He parted his lips and I thrust my tongue in before he could stop me. His tongue tangled with mine and I increased my speed. He groaned out loud and I know I am driving him insane.

Riding his thick length is indescribable. It sends electric waves of pleasures over and over, all over my body. We are both sweating and breathing hard. I clenched around his hard length and he can't stop from groaning. It's like we are two machines, fueling each other, needing each other to operate—to breathe and survive.

"Faster," he ordered, tearing his lips away from me.

I rode harder and faster. Taking him almost completely out and bringing him completely in. He tossed his head back and I leaned forward to suck on his mark.

"Lilac, baby." his Adam's apple bobbed.

I knew he was close. His voice was harsh and hoarse. He could barely talk and I can feel how engorged he was inside of me. More determined, I rode him so hard, my ass slapped against his thighs. He threw his head back just as his hands came to my hips. Torture yet pleasured sound escaped his throat. He stopped me because he needed to control this. He pumped hard and fast inside of me and I felt his release coat my inside.

His speed slowly slowed down but he didn't stop pumping inside of me. Cupping one side of my cheek, he smashed his lips onto mine. Telling me silently, how much he loved it. How much he enjoys me being on top before he stood up with my legs still wrapped around him.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked.

He gave a short, coarse laugh.

"It's my turn," he murmured before dropping me on the floor and turned me around to face his desk. He placed a palm on my back to lean me forward. I propped my hands on his desk and looked behind me to see him thrust hard from behind me.

I moaned and threw my head back. Taking me this way, exerted a new sensation through my body. More goosebumps appeared on my skin. He leaned forward and cupped my breasts while sucking on my neck, still thrusting hard and slow behind me.

"This time, we both will come together," he promised.

It didn't take long before I screamed in exquisite pleasure, loving this position because it excited both my wolf and I. We liked to be taken from behind like the beasts that we are, dominated by our mate with his bite to our neck. It was erotic and raw.

Oh, he made sure he followed through on his promise. Sending me up to the clouds before shattering my world completely minutes later.

When we both were done and spent, he carried my weak sated body over to the sofa and laid me down. Covering me with his blanket and pillow he kept in his office for nights when he didn't go home. Once I was covered, he pulled back and slowly got dressed, pulling on his jeans he wore for work today.

"Aren't we going home?" I asked drowsily.

"Not yet, love, I got to finish a few things here then we will go home," he whispered, leaning forward to kiss my forehead and brush my hair back. I nodded and watched him walk back to his desk. I fell asleep immediately afterward.

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