Until Dawn

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Chapter 26 - Lilac

Three weeks went by like a blink of an eye. Everything seems to have settled down and I am beginning to enjoy my life here. It has finally sunk in that I am mated to Alpha Dominic. Our daily routine consisted of Dominic getting up early and going to work. He will work all day but that's where I come in. I think he expects me to visit him often. He hasn't ordered in for a while now. I will meet him for lunch and I will see him during dinner. We will eat in the office and then he will take me all over again. He's insatiable and can't keep his hands off me.

Today, however, was a different story. I didn't feel like traveling to meet him. I am exhausted and just wanted to do what I used to do at home which was hidden away somewhere and read.

With a city pack, I can't run into the woods for some fresh air. Besides, even if there were woods nearby, Dominic would be angry to hear that I had traveled into the woods without him near. After the attacks on his pack, he's always wary of what goes on in the woods.

Honestly, I am getting tired of sitting at home and doing nothing. I wanted to go out and explore the city. I didn't want to ask Dominic because he has been so busy lately and so I figured I will go out alone.

On my way walking down the driveway, I catch the eyes of several pack guards. Most of them watching me with interest but none of them stopping me until I got to the gate.

"Luna, you can't leave the premises," one of the guards whom I have learned his name is Rasmus stated.

"Why not? Am I a prisoner?" I asked.

"No," Rasmus replied.

"Is there a threat outside these walls?" I cocked an eyebrow.

"Well, not really, no," he answered uneasily.

"Then I don't see why I can't step out for some air," I replied and started to walk around me.

Immediately, he moved to stand in front of me.

"Luna, please, we are under strict orders by the Alpha to keep you inside," Rasmus pleaded.

"But I have gone out to see him during lunch hour and dinner as well," I argued.

"Yes, but with a guard and a destination in mind," he easily responded.

"Rasmus, I don't need a guard. I am-"

"Luna, I am not questioning your ability to take care of yourself. I am trying to reassure my confidence in your safety. If you are going to step out of these walls, I need to know where you are going, and I need to have guards with you," he replied.

Ok, so he got me there. I am being irrational right now and I had to briefly remind myself that I am no longer just a female wolf but a Luna to a huge pack. My safety needs to come first for the pack.

"Ok, Rasmus, you win. Assemble four guar-" I stopped when it looked like he was about to argue.

"Six?" I rose an eyebrow.

He nodded.

"Six guards to follow me while I explore San Francisco," I told him.

He nodded before looking behind me. He made a curt nod to someone in a distance and raised his hand in silent command. A few minutes later, six guards stood with me.

Before walking out of the gates, I turned to Rasmus.

"I was hoping to explore the city unnoticed but, in this case, I think I will be a little hard to miss," I grumbled.

He smirked before nodding and waving his hands, ordering the pack guards to follow me. I sighed and exited the residence. After walking down the sidewalk to the corner, I stopped and turned to look at the pack guards.

"I understand where Rasmus is coming from and I am more than willing to allow you all to follow me for my safety and for the pack. However, I want to be able to breathe. If you can, stay at a far distance but close enough to still come to my aid if needed," I watched them all look at each other before nodding.

I was about to turn and continue my walk but stopped and turned back to face them.

"Oh and try to act normal so that the humans don't think you are some kind of terrorist," I looked at their attire which was black suits and ties. They slipped off their shaded sunglasses in an attempt to look normal.

I turned and continued walking.

Today is a particularly sunny day. I didn't realize this but after stepping out of the home, I feel relaxed. The tension between my wolf and I while confined in the walls of our home was making us tense with stress and frustration. Nonetheless, coming out was an excellent idea. I feel immediate relief and the tension evaporating with each step I took farther away from home. My wolf is content.

I had no destination in mind. I guess I just needed a walk, stretch my legs. I didn't think any of it until I found myself in the middle of the city. We passed the popular cable cars zipping through the streets. We even past the local parks.

After some time, I found myself inside a bookstore. The pack guards were all inside too. All within sights from me. A few were pretending to read books, others were looking around. I told them to act normal but six buff men in suits and in an old bookstore isn't normal. The cashier was eyeing them with confusion. A few old ladies were narrowing their eyes with suspicions.

They stuck out like a thumb. Huffing, I turned to one of the guards who was nearest to me.

"Can you all wait for me outside?" I asked.

"We can't do that, Luna," he answered.

"There is no threat inside this bookstore, Eli, unless you think the five elderly human customers in here are a threat to me, there is no threat." I reasoned with him.

His eyes scanned the room once again before he looked at me. He looked a little hesitant but nodded his agreement.

"We will be outside. I will have two guards scope the surroundings and two check the back doors."

"Yes, right, you go and do that," I nodded my approval.

I watched them slowly, one by one left before I relaxed and turned back to the bookshelves. I picked up a modern day American literature book off the shelf and flipped in my hand to read the synopsis. My mind was completely focused on the book until I heard the bell hanging on the entrance door chimed. The air shifted in the room.

I looked up from my book to see Dominic standing in the doorway. His eyes scanned the room and I heard him inhale slowly. He was analyzing how people were in the room with his nose and memorizing their scent before he pinpointed my scent out everyone's. His eyes landed on me. Leave it to my mate to find me so easily in his city. He started my way.

The bookstore was lit enough for him to follow the little slither of lights. One of his handheld onto one of the bookshelves to guide him my way. He stopped in front of me was now my scent has completely wrapped around him.

He slipped a hand onto the curve of my back and leaned down to kiss my temple.

"What are you doing here, babe?" I noticed he had switched endearment. He didn't want to use mate in front of the humans.

"Finding a book to read," I replied and set the book back onto the shelf. I grabbed another book off the shelf and flipped it in my hand to read.

He took a step closer and slid his arms around my waist easily, pulling me close to the crook of his body. He placed a gentle kiss on my exposed shoulder. I had on an off-shoulder baby blue cropped top. His thumb slipped underneath the hem of the cropped top and did little circles. Sparks tingled all over the skin he was touching.

"You didn't come to see me today," he said.

I shrugged, "I wanted to go out."

"I realized that after calling home. You didn't tell them where you were going."

"Well, seeing that my man is a very powerful and influential man within this city, I saw no issues in stepping out and exploring the city. He found me easily," I moaned as quietly as I can when he purposely sucked on his mark on my neck. Thank God, we were in at the end of a book aisle which provided us more privacy.

"Your man?" He smirked against my neck.

"Yes, mine." I bit my lips when his lips side up to nip my earlobe.

"I like the sound of that," he growled seductively in my ear.

He turned me around to face him. I pressed the book to his chest and tried to push away. His grip is so much stronger. He yanked me back into his arms.

"Dominic, we are in a public bookstore," I whispered.

"And?" He pressed me up against the large oak bookcase.

"And we shouldn't be doing this," I pushed on his chest again.

"Nobody will see," he answered.

"Someone will see."

"If they do see, then it will just be me kissing my woman," he replied before leaning down to capture my lips. I slapped my palm over his mouth.

"Dominic, behave," I growled impatiently even though my body wanted nothing more than to follow through with what he wanted to do.

He sighed and dropped his forehead to my shoulder.

"Fine I will behave but I haven't eaten yet since my woman decided to abandon me and explore the city today. So, we are going to out for lunch." One hand wrapped around my wrist and he took a step back. He's pouting bad. It's adorable.

"Aren't you going back to work?" I asked.

"I canceled my meetings. Peyton is taking care of everything else that needs immediate attention."

That's another thing. He and Peyton have been working hard almost every day. Peyton rarely visits now. Sometimes, Dominic will send him outside of the pack to run errands for him. He will be gone for a few days and return.

I set the book I had in my hands back on the shelves. Dominic bought the books that I wanted. After we paid, we stepped out and I noticed that the guards were now all gone. It was just him and me.

I hooked my hands through his arm and together we walked to his car where Cody stood waiting for us. He opened the door and I slipped in first before Dominic followed me. Once we were inside, Cody closed the door and walked to the driver side where he slipped in.

"Where to, Alpha?" Cody asked.

"Let's head outside of San Francisco, Cody."

I turned to look at Dominic curiously while he moved to press a button on his right. Slowly the privacy window slid up and blocked Cody from seeing us. Did he recently get that installed?

I didn't even notice until now.

"Why are we stepping out of the city?" I asked.

He slid an arm around my waist and lifted me up to straddle his lap. My bodycon jersey skirt hiked up my thighs. His hands dropped down to caress my thighs. He leaned forward, and place open mouth kisses up my throat. I tilted my head back to give more access.

"I can't keep my hands off from you," he growled.

"We did it this morning," I moaned.

"Exactly what I meant," he said huskily.

"My body is still throbbing from your vigorous and ferocious pounding into me," I admitted sheepishly.

I felt him smile against my throat.

"That just makes me want to fuck you some more and we have some time. Cody has to make his way out of the city first."

"Didn't you say you were hungry?"

"Fuck yes, I am," he groaned.

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