Until Dawn

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Chapter 27 - Lilac

We stopped in a high-class restaurant for a late lunch after Dominic's ravenous appetite in the car ride there, I realized quickly that I am also getting hungry. I feel different lately. It wasn't a bad different. It was good. I feel more self-assured and worried less about what is going on around me. Having Dominic around and receiving his approval even for the littlest thing must be getting to my head. His presence and acknowledgment are making me more confident. That's probably why I enjoyed it so much while riding him in the back of the car.

The restaurant looks small on the outside but once you enter, it is a whole entirely different feeling. It looks a lot bigger from the inside. We were seated and waited on. After receiving our orders and eating halfway through our lunch, our little bubble of happiness suddenly stopped.

I can feel it through the bond. Dominic is irritated and tense. I looked up from our plates to look at him.

A second later, I felt it too. A powerful presence illuminating the restaurant. I looked towards the door and found a tall, dark skin man except he wasn't just a man. I've seen him in pictures before. He is part of the Werewolf Affiliation. He is one of the five. His name is Emerson Peters.

He was already staring at us from across the room. When he finally caught my attention, he smiled revealing a pair of white and straight teeth. Ignoring the waiter, he walked up to our table.

"Alpha Dominic, what a pleasant surprise," Emerson greeted.

"Alpha Superior Emerson," Dominic greeted with a nod.

Emerson's eyes traveled back to me, "And this must be..."

"Violet," Dominic lied. I turned to look at him. He looks like he didn't want to be anywhere near Emerson right now, but he hid it well with an indescribable expression.

Emerson raised one eyebrow.

"She's your mate." It was a statement, not a question.

Emerson took it upon himself to pull up a chair across from me. He sat down and unbuttoned his suit jacket. Leaning forward, the man did nothing to stop the intimidating aura he was sending throughout the restaurant. It was intimidating and it commanded attention to his presence.

Alpha Superiors are the strongest and purest of our bloodlines. They are direct descendants of our cousins, the Lycans. One of them can kill an entire pack. They are our political figures when it comes to negotiation with other supernatural beings and the human government.

His eyes flitted to mine. His irises were dark as the night with hints of blood bleeding through slits. It complements the dark chocolate flawless skin. I tried to maintain my composure underneath his intense scrutinization.

Finally, one corner of his lips lifted but it did not reach his icy eyes. I tried to get a read on him, but this man is enigmatic. It makes me extremely uncomfortable. It feels like he can read my deepest secrets just by looking at me.

Dominic must have sensed how uncomfortable I was because he placed his hand on my thigh, squeezing it lightly to assure me. I blinked and looked back down at my plate.

"I see you have marked her, Dom," Emerson spoke up. "So soon? We didn't even get an invite."

"It is unofficial, but it is done."

Emerson burst out into a chuckle. It was cold and unfeeling. It was a disguise.

"In the eyes of the law, it is not recognized until it is official on paper," he argued in a casual tone.

"The mark on her neck clearly states she's mine," Dominic responded.

"Yes, well you know how those trivial things go," Emerson said nonchalantly with a wave of his hand.

Dominic grip on my thigh tightened. I had to place a palm over his hand to calm him down. I gave him a light squeeze. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Emerson is pulling his button, testing his powers, and exercising his dominance to Dominic. Dominic might be an Alpha, but Emerson is far superior.

"What are you doing here, Emerson?" Dominic asked.

He gave another pearly white smile. His eyes again flying back to me. There was an unreadable message in his eyes. One that sets a heaviness in my chest.

"I was investigating a case a few towns over when I had the sudden craving for steak and fries."

It sounds like a casual conversation but everything about this is setting off alarm bells in my head.

Investigating a case? Since when did Alpha Superiors come out to investigate? They usually send their hellhounds and mercenaries out to investigate. There must be something else besides this. I looked at Dominic to see if he came to the same conclusion but was surprised to see he wasn't surprised. In fact, it looked like he knew what was going on.

Now, I am not so sure anymore what is going on between the two Alphas. I feel a little lost and left out. Did this case had to do with what happened to Dominic's eyes?

I thought I remember Peyton telling me something about how the rebel group was caught along with their leader. Was that not the case or was it my imagination? I have been so consumed in my mating and heat that I didn't realize there are pressing matters knocking on Dominic's door. I have been living in a love bubble and didn't think with my head.

"Violet?" Emerson's voice catches my attention.

I looked up to find him looking at me.

"Yes?" I asked, my voice voided of emotions.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

It might have sounded sincere, but I hold little trust in the Alpha Superiors. The Werewolf Affiliation are strung on ancient laws which makes them almost cold-hearted bastards at heart.

"I'm fine," I whispered.

I'm ransacking through my brain. Reviewing every past conversation, I have had with Dominic and Peyton. Did I miss something? Was there a huge case going on that I am not aware of? Did Dominic and Peyton know? Is this why he has been spending most of his time at work?

Dominic squeezed my thigh again to get my attention.

"Are you okay?" he asked, concerned now from my lack of response.

"I'm alright," I replied once again.

I looked back at Emerson who was quietly regarding me. His eyes never stopped observing me. He was watching my reactions as if he can read my thoughts.

Alpha Superiors don't simply swing by. He came here for a reason. It wasn't something insignificant. No, it has to be so much more.

"Violet?" Dominic whispered my sister's name.

Realization dawned on me.




"Lilac," Emerson said from in front of me.

My eyes snapped to him.

This visitation was about me. It was not about the rebel group. Emerson smirked and a cold smugness fell over his exotic and chiseled features. It felt a little like he had caught me right where he wanted me.

"What about my sister?" I tried lying but knew already that he knew.

"Let's not lie to ourselves, Lilac. I know who you are."

"Her name is Violet," Dominic said through clenched teeth.

"Dominic, really," Emerson scolded Dominic like he was a child. The disrespect is clear. Dominic's grip on my thigh tightened.

I wanted to flee.

"What do you want Emerson? She's my mate. I marked her," Dominic growled lowly.

"The law does not see her as your mate."

Dominic growled louder this time which earned us a few glances in our direction from humans. People were now looking at us, realizing that both Alphas were sending our waves of displeasure and dominance. It is almost suffocating.

"I'll be careful, if I were you, Alpha Dominic," Emerson warned.

"She's mine, Emerson."

"That is to be determined by the other Superiors."

The anger that roared through my mate tore down our magical mind barriers. I felt his panic, pain, and rage. My heart couldn't stop beating in my chest. I am finding it hard to breathe. Emerson turned his attention back to me.

"I will not take you now, but I expect to see you present at the Superior court in the next two hours. If you do not appear to face your trial, I will send hellhounds out and they are well aware that I do not need you back alive," Emerson threatened in a casual voice before standing up and walking away.

Today started out so good. How did we get here? How did one simple step out of the city ended up with my identity being revealed? Who revealed it?

"Lilac," Dominic noticed how still I have become.

He moved to kneel before me. He cupped my cheeks to get my attention. His eyes mirrored the tsunami of feelings plowing through him. He is feeling all sorts of emotions but one is more prominent than the other. Fear.

The fear of losing me.

"We will be okay," I found myself saying.

I moved to cup his cheek. He leaned in and kissed the inside of my palms and I fought back the tears that were threatening to escape.

We left shortly after Emerson did. Sitting on the car ride home, I still haven't spoken. Dominic is talking on his phone with Peyton but everything he said is muffled words to my ears. It feels like time and space is whizzing by around me, but my body is not. I am stuck.

These ancient laws are firm. There is no clause or amendment. It has been written and used for centuries to keep our kind in line. They are there for a reason. Emerson and the other Alpha Superiors are here for a reason. I committed a crime. I broke a contract. Violet...

"Are my parents aware?" I asked Dominic out of nowhere.

He nodded. This means that Violet is aware of what is happening currently. Will Violet be punished just like me? What started out as a small little swap turned out to be a horrific ending.

"They will be arriving at the Superior court too."

I nodded just like how he did before.

"We will be fine. I will not let them hurt you," Dominic assured me.

"What can we do, Dominic? My sister and I broke the law. You know the Alpha Superiors well. They don't give leniency."

"They won't take you away from me."

"If they do take me away, I want you to be strong, Dominic. You are strong." I started but Dominic is already shaking his head.

"Don't. I don't want to hear it. You are not leaving me."

"If they are going to take me away, I want you to promise me something-"

"Stop it!" He growled, his eyes flashing a dark storm in my direction.

He's angry with me. He doesn't want to think about what can possibly happen. I took hold of his hands and gripped them in mine. Scooting closer, I savored his warmth.

"I want you to promise me that you will be strong for me. I want you to know that I love you that I will never stop loving you," I rushed to say.

He swallowed hard and squeezed his eyes tightly shut before yanking me into his arms. He hugged me tightly, burying his face in the crook of my neck to hide the fact that he is crying. His shoulders shook, and my heart broke for my mate.

"I love you," he whispered gruffly. His voice filled with broken emotions.

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