Until Dawn

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Chapter 28 - Lilac

The reason it hurts so much to separate is that our souls are connected.

Nicholas Sparks couldn't have expressed it any better. I want to remain positive for him. I want to tell him that I will be okay that, we can resolve this but the words seemed to fail to slip past my lips.

I pride myself as someone who is fairly intelligent but right now, I can't think of any way out of this one. Dominic had avoided going home. Two hours was not enough time to travel in the busy streets of San Francisco.

It was Emerson's intention all along. He wanted us to fail.

Cody is speeding as fast as he could through the heavy streets. Dominic leaned towards me and buckled my seatbelt in. I closed my eyes because everything is falling apart in front of me. It feels like a tsunami taking over my dreams, my love, and my life. I am drowning and unable to escape this whirlpool.

I can't cry. I have to be strong for him because that is what he needs. Dominic doesn't need me to cry. He doesn't need me to add to his rising frustration.

We both know we can try to fight this but we also both know that even if we did, there was no escaping fate.

Blood oaths are absolute laws for our kinds. Any exchange of blood to use a promise or truce between packs are adhered by the Superiors. These laws are carved on stones behind the Superior court just as a physical remembrance for how stringent and ancient our laws are.

The Superior Court is in Mendocino which is a three to four hours drive from San Francisco. We arrived in front of the solid cement building by a hair to the 2 hours mark. We both unbuckled before rushing out of the car and running up the steps which seemed to be hundreds of steps to reach the propylaea.

Frightening mercenary guards stood guarding the steps. They watched in silence as we ran passed them as if they were expecting us. I gripped Dominic's hand tightly in mine while rushing. When he felt me stopped, he moved forward and he pushed it opened. Immediately, we were faced with the five Alpha Superiors.

They sat on their thrones and dressed in expensive suits. Their calm yet icy expression sent a terrifying shudder through my body. Dominic and I were both breathing hard from the race with time. I felt his hand clenched around mine as he moved closer to my side.

"You made it." Emerson was the first to speak.

"We barely made it. You didn't give us enough time. It was a miracle that we made it," Dominic snarled.

"I'll be careful with my tone if I was you, Alpha Dominic. Are you that blind that you do not realize superiority even when it's standing in front of you?" Frederick warned in a sneer.

The five Alpha Superiors were Frederick, Emerson, Lance, Kylie, and Rebecca. Frederick is a much older werewolf. He has lived for a fairly long time now. Emerson is around Dominic's age. Lance is the opposite of Frederick, newly fulfilled his positions in the five. Kylie has reigned her throne for more than a decade. Rebecca reign is just as long as Frederick from as far as I can remember.

Frederick and Rebecca rarely step out to the public unless it is absolutely necessary. They prefer to judge from the court when needed. Emerson is seen more often in public than most Alpha Superiors. Rebecca's hometown is in the Amazon. She's a proud warrior from a very strong warrior lineage. Kylie also does not live in the United States. She lives in Asia but visits the States six months out of the year.

Dominic's hand gripped mine tighter that I felt slight pain. I turned to see him fighting to disobey and say what is really on his mind. I moved to touch his arm which did help a little in calming him down. I am sure he realized how important this is. Any wrong moves and things will not go well. We are here to plead our case, not to damage it even more.

"I apologize for my outburst, Alpha Superior Frederick," Dominic said coolly before inclining his head to the side as a sign of submission and asking for forgiveness.

"Thank you for coming on such short notice, you two." Alpha Superior Kylie directed our attention to her. Her long black hair braided down one side of her to her waist.

"It would be easier if San Francisco's street isn't filled with those god awful metal contraptions. If the United States is more like where I live in the Amazon, you can run freely and hunt freely." Alpha Superior Rebecca scrunched up her nose in distaste.

"Not everybody likes to live in the wild with no regards to humanity like you, Becca. We like to be able to carry civil conversations and not have to worry if little creatures will be crawling into our warms bed at night," Lance retorted with a smirk her way.

"We are not here to discuss living locations, Lance. We are here to discuss the unfortunate rumors we have been hearing about Alpha Dominic and his mate." Emerson needed to remind everyone of the sole reason we were here today.

Frederick grunted but the ladies merely studied us. Their eyes moving from Dominic to me and then back to him. Their eyes finally resting on the marks on our neck.

"You two are marked," Alpha Superior Kylie mentioned when she saw the mark.

"So, it is true? You marked the twin sister, not your betrothed," Alpha Superior Rebecca said but I couldn't tell what she was thinking. She hid her emotions well.

"She is my mate, regardless of whom I mark," Dominic stated.

Suddenly, the doors opened and my family came rushing in. Violet stood next to my father. Her eyes immediately sought out mine.

"Mom, Dad, Violet?" I questioned, surprised to see them.

Violet walked up to me and grabbed both of my hands. She looks sad but still smiled.

"I am sorry. You weren't the one who started this. You shouldn't be punished."

"What? No, we both did it. I knew it was wrong but I agreed."

"Only because I manipulated you. I am not a child anymore, Lilac. I realized my mistake. I didn't think. I have failed you as your sister. Ever since you left, I have been thinking about you; every second of the day. I want to prove to myself that I can be better. I also need to redeem myself in your eyes and correct my mistakes. This is my fault." Violet countered.

I shook my head. Tears running down my cheek.

"We both committed this crime together."

"You have a mate." She glanced over at Dominic before looking back at me. "I don't."

I glanced at Dominic who stood beside me. He heard our conversation. Everyone in this room heard us. Choosing my mate and letting my sister face this alone seemed wrong. Standing next to my sister and letting my mate go is also wrong.

"In the eyes of our ancestors and the Gods above, you both have committed wrong. There is no right or wrong person. You two were called here today to be trialed for your debaucheries," Alpha Superior Emerson interrupted with a glare in our direction.

"It is true that my sister and I swapped identity but we meant no harm- "

"No harm? You two committed two crimes. One, with your identity. You wrong your ancestors and your rightful mates' ancestors. Two, you two disregarded the gravity of blood oath contracts. The punishment that follows after not complying to such contracts," Alpha Superior Frederick's thick bushy eyebrows furrowed.

"Frederick, really, after all these years you have underneath your belt I would have thought you would be a liberal," Alpha Superior Rebecca chided Alpha Superior Frederick in an amicable tone.

"It is an ancient law, Rebecca." Alpha Superior Frederick reminded her with a pointed look.

"Pish posh, I say we abolish the damn law," Alpha Superior Lance smirked, finally speaking up.

"You are close to blasphemy, Lance," Alpha Superior Kylie warned him.

"I'm just saying, we can use a polish here and there. God knows you all do," Alpha Superior Lance grumbled.

"Although the idea is pleasant, we still have to look at what we have on our plates. The laws have not been 'polish' as Lance has said. It is still there, written in stones behind us. We, as Alpha Superiors, are forced to adhere by the laws of our ancestors and Gods." I can see how irritated Alpha Superior Emerson is with Lance.

"Tell me, why did you two do it?" Alpha Superior Rebecca was the first one to ask us.

"It was because of me. I didn't want to get mated, let alone to an Alpha who is blind. I wanted freedom and so I manipulated Lilac to take my place," Violet admitted with shame.

"And you went along with her even though you knew it was wrong?" Alpha Superior Kylie directed the question at me.

I nodded, "She's my sister. I will do anything for her."

"Fools," Alpha Superior Emerson leered which caused Dominic to shift back and forth on his feet. He is getting angry. I can feel it through our bond. I opened my mind pushed comforting waves his way.

"If I had the chance to redo this, I would do the same thing all over again," I replied, looking straight at Emerson.

His lips curled up in distaste. His sharps crimson colored eyes narrowed into threatening slits.

"And why is that?" Alpha Superior Rebecca inquired.

"Because I fell in love. I love Dominic with all my heart. I want this male and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Silence settled in the air. The Alpha Superiors exchanged silent conversation back and forth. Their eyes moving from one another. Alpha Superior Frederick was the first to speak up.

"You two committed a crime that can't be exempt," he said.

"She's my mate!" Dominic growled.

Alpha Superior Rebecca finally looked Dominic in the eyes, "Because of the services you have provided us, you have earned merit, Alpha Dominic. We will be lenient in not ordering the death of your mate."

Dominic didn't look convinced. No death? Then what will my punishment be?

"I will have to disagree," Alpha Superior Emerson interrupted.

"This is not about you. It has been agreed upon in unison, Emerson," Alpha Superior Lance spoke looking serious now.

"Your mate and her sister will be imprisoned and will suffer the same torture like any other prisoner. There is no special treatment down in the cells," Alpha Superior Frederick warned.

Alpha Superior Emerson's lip curled up into a smile that ran a chill down my spine. In all my years of studying, I know that Alpha Superior Emerson controls and handles the matter of imprisonment. All werewolves who have committed crimes are cuffed with heavy silver chains and shipped into the deepest cave up in Antarctica where there is barely life out there. In those caves, I have heard awful stories of hellhounds attacking and ripping werewolves apart. There is no time for healing. There is only time for torturing.

"No," Dominic immediately disagreed, moving me behind him in a defense mode.

"I agree with Alpha Dominic. No, my daughters will not go there," my father argued, stepping forward he took hold of Violet and shielded Violet away.

"You have no say in this, Alphas. We are being kind when we are ordering their imprisonment," Alpha Superior Kylie said.

"Unless you want us to kill them instead?" Alpha Superior Emerson slyly grin with anticipation.

Dominic's anger burst through the invisible bond between us so fast that I felt my own blood pressure rising. He shifted in his wolf. He was so large that he stood way above me. His soft black furred brushed against my skin just as he charged in Alpha Superior Emerson's direction, scenting his scent in the air immediately.

Hellhounds appeared out nowhere. They were large vicious dogs with no furs on them. They were so skinny you can see their ribcage but never underestimate the powers of hellhounds. They are powerful creatures that are controlled underneath Alpha Superiors. Hellhounds are no shifter. They are basically powerful creatures that has served under the Alpha Superiors for centuries. They are the very first creations made of our kind.

One of them stopped Dominic's advances by knocking him down and pinning him. Dominic snarled and tried to fight the hellhound off but he is so much stronger. However, my mate wasn't giving up. He realizes this but his anger and need to protect is so much stronger.

Suddenly, mercenary guards appeared behind us. They grabbed both my sister and our arms. Violet tried shoving the guards away but he had a tight hold on her arms. Dragging her away. She screamed and shouted for them to let her go.

"No, wait," I pleaded. "I want to talk to him. Please let me talk to him."

Dominic heard my protest. His head whipped in my direction and the urge to run back to me replaced his rage for Alpha Superior Emerson's blood. He growled and tried to get out from underneath the hellhound's weight.

"Dominic!" I shouted.

He growled and tried kicking his paws before shifting on the floor and returning to his naked human form, but he didn't care if he was naked or not. He only had his attention on me.

"Let me go!" I pushed the Mercenary guard away, finally freeing myself. I ran towards Dominic. Crouched on the ground and cupped his cheeks.

"Lilac," he whispered.

"It's ok. I will be fine. I will survive it and I will come back. I need you to be strong for me while I am gone. When I return, we can finally be together." The mercenary guard grabbed my arms again and began dragging me away on the floor.

"Lilac!" Dominic roared.

"Dominic! Let me go!" I screamed and kicked as hard as I can on the ground. I couldn't get traction enough to stop me. My eyes were only on my mate. He was struggling to free himself and run after me but the hellhound had a strong hold on him.

When I disappeared from the courtroom with one final glance at my struggling, helpless mate and to my parents who were crying, I felt something pricked my arm before coolness ran underneath my skin and black dots clouded my vision. I struggled to keep my eyes open, but it was hard. Eventually, I conceded to the darkness.

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