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Until Dawn

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Chapter 3 - LILAC

Born as a werewolf, our senses are more heightened than a normal human being. Our sense of smell, vision, hearing, stamina, agility are innate strengths. Unfortunately, there are some werewolves that are born with birth defects. Some might not carry one or two of the many innate strengths. It is rarely that a werewolf will be born not carrying any. In that case, it is referred to as a werewolf with a dormant wolf spirit. Incapable of transforming and are often compared to as a human in our population. We do not discriminate against the less fortunate wolves. They do earn a living in our society and are still sworn into secrecy about our kind.

In addition to being born with high senses, agility, and stamina, we are born with our natural predatory wolf instincts. Masters at hunting, tracking, pursuing, and capturing. This is one of the many reasons why Dominic’s GPS Tracking company is flourishing. Underneath all the technology is a highly effective werewolf hunting business.

In my werewolf studies, Dominic is a famous legend in our world. He is renowned for his stealth, brilliance, and combat tactics. Obviously, one of the most competitive werewolf packs there is in the United States. For human gang members and gang leaders, Dominic is a mafia king. Lethal as an enemy but frightening as a friend.

It seems like Dominic is invincible. They say when you are at the top, there is nothing to be afraid of, but being so high will attract jealousy, nasty contempt, and places you in danger.

Dominic’s eyesight may or may not return. The damages to his eye sights involved the use of pure silver-ground into small specks and aimed at his eyes. Whoever his enemy is, they wanted to impair him and whoever they are, they knew silver can heavily damage a werewolf.

After Beta Peyton appeared upstairs to discuss some business updates with Dominic, I went downstairs to make him some lunch as directed by Beta Peyton. Apparently, Dominic’s appetite hasn’t fully come back and that was also a huge concern as werewolves have higher metabolisms than humans.

Three of the kitchen maids looked in my direction as soon as I opened the kitchen doors. Two of them were working in the kitchen. The other maidservant was chopping up some vegetables. As soon as silence pierced the air, another person appeared from behind another wall.

He had on a white dress shirt, black trousers, and a white bistro apron over his outfit. His sandy blonde hair was wavy and swept to the side. When he smiled he also had dimples just like Beta Peyton. His eyes instantly connected with mine.

A look of surprise appeared on his face, “My name is Marco, private chef to Blackwood’s residence. Is there something I can help you with, Miss-?”

“My name is Li-Violet.” I quickly corrected myself.

He nodded with a smile on his face, “Are you hungry?”

I shook my head, “Actually, I am here to make something for the Alpha.”

“Alpha Dominic?” Again, he looked surprised.

I giggled, “Well, is there another Alpha here that I am not aware of?”

He smiled in return before tossing the hand towel that was in his hands onto the counter before him. He moved around it and walked in my direction. My giggle stopped the second he stood before me.

Tilting his head to the side, he lifted a hand and placed a finger underneath my chin. I don’t believe he knows who I am. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so bold as to touch me.

“Sei bellissima (You are beautiful).” He whispered.

I blinked several times before stepping back and giving us more space. Glancing at the ground, I can feel my cheeks heat up. I may not speak any other languages, but I have watched enough dramas and read enough romance book to know what he meant.

“My name is Violet. I am Alpha Dominic’s betrothed mate.” I spilled the words so quickly that they slurred together.

His light blue eyes widened in astonishment before he shook his head again.

“I mean no offense, Luna.” He corrected.

“It’s okay. You didn’t know.” I replied without looking at him but at my white ballet shoes as if they were the most interesting thing I have ever seen.

“I didn’t-”

I looked up at him, “It’s fine. I know you didn’t know.”

He smirked, “What I was going to say was that I didn’t know you were his betrothed, but I meant it when I said you are beautiful.”

I can feel my face heating up almost like someone lit a fire underneath me. I ducked away from his penetrating light blue eyes and towards the maids. I needed a distraction and cooking was as good as any.

The maids looked at me with a skeptical look. I didn’t know how to cook but I wanted to make something for Dominic. After all, Beta Peyton told me that he hasn’t been eating so well.

When I am not feeling well, I always settle for warm comfort food but the only comfort food I could think of was a grilled cheese sandwich. Marco crept up behind me to my side with one raised eyebrow. He must have seen the puzzled look on my face.

“What is it that you are looking for?” He asked.

“Bread, cheese, and butter,” I replied.

He looked at the maid behind me and nodded his head. A few minutes later, the maid walked up to me with everything I needed. I made quick work while Marco leaned against the counter with his arms crossed and looking at me. It was unnerving and completely inappropriate.

“Do you know what you are doing?” He asked.

I gnaw at my bottom lip while I focused on placing bread butter-side-down onto the skillet and then adding a slice of cheese. While it was cooking, I turned away to butter the other slice of bread. A few minutes later, the smell of burnt food floated into the air.

“Oh no!” I turned towards the slice of bread on the skillet. Swiftly, I grabbed the spatula on the counter next to the stove top and flipped the slice of bread over. It was burnt.

“Crap!” I flipped the burnt slice of bread off the skillet and onto the stove top, creating a greasy and cheesy mess.

I heard a sigh before Marco tried pushing me away, “You will ruin my kitchen at this rate.”

“Hold on!” I dropped the spatula and butter slice of bread to push him back. They fell to the ground and he let out a frustrated sound, running his hands through his hair.

“I don’t like this.” He waved a finger at me like I was a child. “I am the cook. I will cook the food.”

“I want to cook.” I insisted before pushing him away again. “Who is the Luna here?”

His lips pressed into a thin line and his eyebrows crinkled so close together, I swear, it almost transformed into a unibrow.

“Luna, please-”

“I will do the cooking.” I interrupted and pointed a finger at my chest.

He shook his head, “American women.”

I watched him walk out of the kitchen. Inhaling deeply, I turned my focus back to the grilled cheese sandwich I was about to make. Finally, uninterrupted and away from scrutinizing eyes, I could relax.

Thirty minutes later I was carrying a tray upstairs. It took several attempts, but I have to say it is a job well done. The grilled cheese sandwich is perfectly browned on both sides. I decided to liven the dish up with some steamed vegetable medley and a cup of orange juice.

I knocked at the door this time. Hoping that Beta Peyton was gone. A few seconds later, Dominic’s voice came from behind it orders for me to enter.

I walked inside to see he was sitting by a small table near the window. His face tilted towards the sun. When I got closer, I peeked at him. His eyebrows were furrowed and his nose was twitching. He turned towards my tray. A smile appeared on my face just as I set the tray in front of him.

“What is that smell?” He asked.

“Grilled cheese sandwich. I made it especially for you.” I sat the tray on the table.

He sniffed again and his face turned towards me. It all happened so fast, I didn’t have the chance to defend myself. Dominic’s hand wrapped around my wrist yanked me towards him. I fell into his arms. He held me tightly around the waist while his nose sniffed my stomach.

“What are you doing?” I tried pushing him back.

“You need a shower.” He growled, releasing me as quick as he captured me. I stumbled backward.

He picked up my sandwich and took a bite out of it. He chewed and then coughed. I saw his hand groping and feeling for something to drink. Quickly, I grabbed the juice and handed it to him. He gulped it down.

“I’m sorry. I am not very good at cooking.” Immediately, I apologized.

Once he got his coughing under control, he sat the cup of juice back down onto the tray.

“It’s fine.” He muttered and continued eating.

I examined the bread closer and realized I forgot to add the cheese and there wasn’t much butter to start with. Yet Dominic continued eating.

“Let me ask Marco to make you something else.” I tried to grab for the sandwich.

He grabbed onto my hands as soon as he felt it wrap around his hand that holds the sandwich.

“Go and shower, Violet.” He ordered.

I frowned, “But-”

“You stink like burnt food and of another male werewolf.” He snapped in irritation.

This is great. My first day here and already Dominic must think I am an incompetent klutz who doesn’t know how to cook. I watched Dominic gobbled down the food that I made before hesitantly heading to the bathroom to shower.

While showering, I couldn’t help but think about Dominic. He didn’t like the smell of other male werewolves around me. Marco barely touched me and Dominic was able to smell him. The man seriously had a keen sense of smell. My mind wandered in a different direction. Being an Alpha, it is common that he is demanding. I know that Dominic no longer has parents. Blackwood pack was attacked twelve years ago when Dominic was eighteen. His parents died during the attack, leaving him the sole successor of the GPS tracking company and leader of the Blackwood pack.

I wondered if he was lonely. Living his life alone and leading such a large pack. Underneath those hard exteriors was there some part of him that yearned for a companion? Many believed that the higher your position is the higher your burden is--the lonelier you are. Was this the case with Dominic?

I shut off the shower while still thinking over Dominic’s situation. After drying myself, I glanced at the bathroom counter to see that I had forgotten to bring some clothes to change into. Cursing underneath my breath, I wrapped a towel around my body before slowly opening the bathroom door.

I didn’t see Dominic on the bed or by the window. A huge sigh of relief left me and I thanked him silently for giving me privacy. I stepped out and headed for the closet.

Opening the door, I looked through the drawers for a bra and panties. I picked a sky blue matching set. I set the bra aside and undo my towel. It dropped to the floor. Bending down, I slipped the underwear on. After pulling it over my bottom, I turned for the bra but my eyes caught sight of a pair of black shiny shoes.

I blinked several times before looking up.

A scream eagerly crawled up my throat but was immediately snuffled when Dominic’s hand covered my mouth and his body pressed me up against the wall.

I struggled against his body weight.

“Scream and you will have twenty servants running up the stairs and another twenty to thirty guards in our room in seconds.” He whispered.

“Get off me,” I mumbled into his palm while pushing against his chest.

He pulled back and released me.

“Get out. I’m naked.” I lashed at him before pushing him hard in the chest. He didn’t budge.

“I can’t see you.” He replied the obvious.

I scoffed, “It doesn’t look like it.”

“I can only see shadows and light. Mostly shadows. I followed your scent into this room. I didn’t realize you were naked.” His eyes didn’t roam my body or look at me hungrily. They were staring past me to the wall. I relaxed in front of him. I guess it was fine because he wasn’t really seeing seeing.

“Even blind, I feel violated by you,” I mumbled before moving to pick up my bra.

He sighed before turning his back to me.

“Better now?” He offered over his shoulder.

I clipped my bra on while eyeing his backside. His white dress shirt was neatly tucked underneath a pair of black dress pants before turning my attention to getting dressed again.

I pulled on a dark grey t-shirt and a black lounge pants before moving around him and out of the closet. I am starting to think, sleeping in the same room as Dominic is not a very good idea.

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