Until Dawn

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Chapter 30 - DOMINIC

She's dead.

I felt the bond snapped.

I felt her heartbeat slow down until there was no more.

I have lost control of my wolf. Killing everything in my path. Everything sounded like blurred out as if I am wrapped up in a bubble. Peyton tried to restrain me but I, all but through my only friend across the room.

She's cradled in my arm, close to my chest. Nobody walked near me but stood around me. Everyone feared me. That I will go berserk any second now. In their eyes, I am the most lethal animal in this city.

The most unstable one.

With one hand, I cradled her face in my hand. Touch. Feel. Learning every single delicate feature to heart. My mate, my life. She's dead.

My fingers brushed over her long eyelashes and my heart clenched painfully in my chest. I traced it down the bridge of her nose and over her soft lips. There are no breathing sounds. My throat constricted. I heard someone approach me and I growled lowly in a warning.

Don't come near me.

"Dominic, she's dead. You have to let her go." It was her mother.

I pressed a palm over her beating heart. There is no heartbeat. I blinked furiously to stop the tears from falling but they still dripped down my cheek. There is no life left in her. I can't even feel the bond anymore and my wolf and I are grieving for the loss.

"Dom- "

"Leave me!" I roared, picking up the nearest shattered furniture and throwing it at whoever it was.

It shattered against the wall. I pulled her body closer to mine and pressed my face into hers. She's here in my arms. She can't be dead. I pressed a kiss to her cheek and ran it over her lips.

My mate. My love. My life.

A painful whimper left my lips. My whole body is in pain now. The loss sends pulses of agonizing pain repeatedly through my body. I can feel it from head to toe.

Everything hurts.

I don't know how long I held her in my arms. I don't know how many times, I begged it to not be true. I can't count how many times I asked her to come back.

For five days, I held her in my arms. For five days, time stopped moving. Everything is spinning out of control but all I could do is hold her in my arms. I allowed the pain to consume me. I welcomed it with open arms. I didn't care how much it hurt. It was all I had left from her.

This loss—it will never go away. It feels like a part of me will always be empty now. Closing my eyes, I held her body closer to me.

"Alpha, we have to take her away. We need to bury her," Peyton's begged behind me.

"Bury?" I whispered the word like it has a whole meaning to me.

I turned to face my friend. I couldn't make out his face, but I can feel the sadness vibrating through our pack bond. Everyone is saddened by the loss of the Luna.

"She's dead, Dom. You have to let her go. We need to bury her properly," he spoke cautiously

My throat constricted, and my chest tightened terribly. Swallowing the lump in my throat, I looked back down at my angel.

"She's dead."

"That's right. Let me take her away so that I can bury her. If you continue to hold her at this rate, you both will be dead. You need your strength, Dominic."

I have to let her go. She's dead. The doctor's repeated words now roaming in my head. Her body suffered too much damaged. Her wolf and her couldn't fight it. She suffered from severe hypothermia. Her recovery rate slowed down terribly, and her wolf did everything she can to keep them alive.

Violet recounted the events that happened. She told me that every day they will come two times a day and beat them—tortured them relentlessly. On their fifth day, they returned but they only tortured Lilac and they did it for so much longer. They were instructed to do it two times a day but somehow this guardsman came and did it for the third time.

My hands tightened around my mate.

She wouldn't have been hurt if she didn't end up there. She wouldn't have been hurt if I have been able to protect her. She wouldn't have been dead if it weren't for them.

I stood up slowly for the first time with Lilac in my arms. I turned to face my friend. He walked over to me and accepted Lilac into his arms. My hand caressed her cheek.

"What are you going to do, Alpha?" Peyton could read me like an open book.

"I'm going to do what I was supposed to do in the first place," I told him.

I listened to Peyton walk out with her. My heart disintegrating with the distance that he brings between Lilac and me. Every inch of me wanted to run after her, be buried with her. Live with her for eternity. I am that desperate but underneath all that tormenting pain, there was something else.

Something that I have held at bay until now.

Now that my angel is gone, it is come flying full force to the surface.

Hatred and vengeance were the only things on my mind. After I end this, I will come back. I will come back to see her. I will make her death worth it.

It didn't take long before a thousand of my pack warriors and I stood in front of the Superior court The mercenary guards shifted on sight, immediately sensing danger. They growled and prowled to block our entrance. I snarled a threat to end their life if they blocked my way.

"Move. My fight is not with you," I growled.

"You will not enter the court, Alpha. You will return to your territory," the mercenary captain argued.

"Either you move, or your blood will stain the stairs and ground of this court."

"This is not a fight, you will win, Alpha."

"It is not about winning. It is about justice," I snarled before shifting. My warriors quickly followed my lead. The sound of clothes tearing and loud growls.

I haven't fought for a very long time. It isn't easy fighting blind, but I remember what Peyton and Lilac had always been telling me. My blindness is only a disability if I make it so. I have four other senses that I can use and that is more than enough for me to be lethal.

We attacked, tearing apart throats and ripping spines. It was bloody, of that I am sure. The scent of blood stained the ground and filled the air. My fur is soaked with the guards that I have killed.

The mercenary guards wouldn't win. They barely made a dent with my warriors and I. We made our way up the stairs. I shifted when we neared the entrance. I pushed the door open to hear and smell hundreds of scents. The Alpha Superiors among them.

"Alpha Dominic, you killed a hundred of my mercenary guards," Alpha Superior Frederick snarled.

"My mate is dead," I growled back, my chest tightening at the thought of my mate's lifeless body in my arms.

"It isn't-"

"I held her for five days. For four days, she suffered through high fevers, chills, and pain. She didn't gain consciousness until the day of her death. When she died, she gained consciousness. She-"I gulped down the pain and replaced it with my fury.

"Her death might have been caused by her imprisonment but her sentence is a light sentence compared to other-"

"Fucking liar!" I roared.

"I will watch what I say next, Alpha Dominic." Hellhounds growls and pants hit my eardrum, but I am unafraid. I am unafraid of death.

"My mate was supposed to receive two torture sessions each day for five days, but you made sure on the fifth day that she wouldn't make it back alive. You ordered a secretive third-"

"Are you suggesting that we are not being truthful?" Alpha Superior Rebecca's voice rang and vibrated with fury.

"I am saying, someone within your ranks ordered a third torture session that ran on for hours. It got so bad, my mate couldn't survive it. She died because of it!" I lashed out, shifted and attacked.

I ripped through the hellhounds, using my unrestrained rage to tear through the ancient beasts. My warriors clearing a path for me. I knew who it was that ordered that third torture session. The only person who has full control of the prison. The only person who manages it and assigns duty.


I caught his scent nearby. He is a coward, hiding behind hellhounds. One hellhound swiped my belly. I felt pain and it causes me to lose focus as to what is around me. Suddenly, I'm being attacked. I feel the hellhounds biting into my hind legs, front legs, stomach, and neck.

Blindness is not a disability if you don't make it one.

You are strong, Dominic.

I want you to promise me that you will be strong for me.

I will never stop loving you.

Through the pain, I focused in on the hellhounds in front of me. My jaws snapping in on the nearest one. I bit into its bitter skin. It growled as I tore a huge chunk off. I kicked the other two with my hind legs.

Pinning Emerson's scent out of everybody's was easy. Using whatever energy that I had left, I met him halfway. He had shifted into his wolf. Granted, he is stronger than me but that doesn't mean that I won't go down without a fight. I will fight this until my death.

His paws came out and swiped across my throat. I dodged it when I felt the wind. Using my body weight, I knocked him down onto the ground. I snapped onto the side of his neck. He kicked me off with his hind legs. I flew a good few yards before I hit the cemented ground.

Growling, I got up and charged back to him. He tried snapping at my throat and ripping it apart but I knew better. I used my claws and dug it into his hind leg. Ripping a good portion of his flesh. His howl of pain can be heard. Quickly, I latched my jaws tightly around his neck and sunk my canines in. No matter how much he kicked, no matter how much the hellhounds attacked me. I held on, making sure I caused him as much pain as he caused me before I jerked and ripping his throat apart.

His lifeless wolf body fell to the ground.

Immediately, everything around me stilled. I thought killing him will make me feel better. I thought killing him will lessen the pain.

I'm satisfied, victorious but I am still alone. I still feel the loss in my chest. Shifting back to my human self, I roared in pain and in anguish.

"Seize him!" Alpha Rebecca ordered.

At once, silver chains bound my wrists and ankles. Someone threw the chain over my chests and wrapped it around my torso to prevent a shift. The silver chains burned through my skin. I let out a howl of pain before collapsing to the ground.

"You started a war by entering the Superior court. You brought thousands of warriors, killed many mercenary guards, and killed an Alpha Superior. Your sentence should be death. However, from the events you have recounted we will thoroughly investigate the case before we determine what to do with you. Until then, Alpha Dominic, I suggest that you do not try our patience and kindness. I will not be so lenient next time," Alpha Frederick warned with a chilling threat before I was dragged off into the Superior prison waiting for my trial.

Author's Note:

Ok, last chap for the day, possibly week as well. Yes, she is dead and I am not joking. I'm serious. Like, really serious. It's ok though guys. Really. I think we were getting tired of HEA anyways.

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