Until Dawn

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Chapter 32 - Dominic

Twenty years later

It has been twenty years since the death of my mate. In those twenty years, I have worked harder than I have in any other years of my life. It was rough for the first five years. Honestly, I was a major dick to everyone. I didn't want anybody close to me. I wanted to be left alone.

Now though, I have discovered that by working I am able to keep my mind off the numbness that is still inside of me. I distracted myself with abolishing and amending laws. The first law I amended was the blood oath. When the amendment was introduced to our kind, everyone was shocked. The Alpha Superiors have modified an ancient law. It's unheard of but didn't mean it was unwelcomed. The amendment was fair and came with clauses.

I have also gained most of my eyesight back. Not entirely but enough for me to see. I am now what humans called nearsighted. Sometimes the light irritates me, and I get a throbbing migraine from being out in the sun too long, but it is better than nothing.

Today is a special day for our kind, at least that's what Lance keeps telling me. A party held at the Superior court in honor of my twentieth reign as the fifth Alpha Superior. Alphas from all over the States will be traveling here to celebrate.

It is only a few hours until the party. A knock sounded at my office door until it opened to reveal Lance and Peyton. Lance is a good man. One of the reasons why he vouched for my position as Alpha Superior was because he saw potential. According to him, new eyes will bring in new changes. He's too optimistic in my opinion.

Peyton is still my Beta. I am still ruling my pack at home and spend part of my time here at work. Again, I am always working. There is no time to rest. My eyes flickered away from my computer screen to Lilac's picture on my table. Violet had brought me a photo album from home. She thought I would find it comforting to have pictures to remember her by.

"You aren't dressed yet."

"No," I replied curtly before returning to the report I was writing up.

"Dude, this party is about you," Peyton added.

"So?" I quipped.

"Can you at least pretend to be excited?" Lance rolled his eyes.

"I didn't ask for the party," I growled.

"Well, you got it anyways. Get over it." Lance brushed me off.

"I don't see why my outfit won't work." I glanced down my business suit.

"Because you are supposed to wear a tuxedo."

"No," I replied. They sound like mothers who are fussing over their children.

Another knock sounded at the door before it opens to reveal Rebecca and Kylie. They did a quick scan of the males in the room before looking at me.

"Seriously? Where is the tuxedo I got you?" Kylie snapped.

"It's at home," I answered, still typing. I spoke too soon, all of them sound like fussing mothers.

"Why? Why do I even try?" Kylie growled.

"I didn't ask for this," I snapped.

"You don't ask for anything! Whatever it is, get off that fucking high horse and at least fix yourself to look decent. There are hundreds of Alphas downstairs. You will put up a fake smile and pretend you are actually excited to meet everyone," Rebecca shot back. She rarely swears and she's usually the calm one.

Begrudgingly, I finished my report. Peyton went home and came back with the tuxedo. I decided to play my part and got dressed for this event.

I've learned to manage the pain and the unbearable loss of the bond so far. My wolf has been surprisingly calmed these past few days. I haven't attempted in ripping anyone apart yet if that counts.

Walking out of my office, I tugged at the tie around my neck and jerked the bottom of my tuxedo jacket. Feeling irritated and out of place, I shoved a hand through my unkempt hair to at least try to make it look decent like I tried.

As soon as I made it to the court, people's eyes snapped in my direction. I stared all of them down, forcing them to look away from me. To everyone, I am intimidating. An unstable werewolf who can snap at any moment. Staring at my eyes too long, I might take it as a direct challenge.

My eyes found Alpha Nathaniel with his arms wrapped around Violet, his mate. She is round with his fifth pup already. Violet gave me a smile, but it was full of sympathy. She reminds me so much of Lilac, but she is not Lilac.

I walked over to the Alpha Superiors' throne where I sat down in my chair. Slowly, one by one Alphas from all over the world walked over to greet us. They exchanged respectful introductions and discussions before disappearing.

Some of these Alphas know who I am. I was the same rank as them. They have worked with me through my GPS tracking industry. Now that we see each other again, we are all not the same people. I am of a higher rank now. Respect is given without question.

Suddenly, my wolf came barreling to the forefront. Sensing something is off, I sniffed unconsciously and caught a whiff of a perfume that tugged at my heartstrings. I know this smell. It is a strange mix of coconut and like the outdoors.

It grew closer and closer. My heart thumped hard in my chest and my wolf is fighting for control. I looked down and pinched the pressure points between my eyes. He is restless and I'm fighting him off.

"Alpha Superiors, it is an honor to meet you all today. This is my Luna, Jaclyn. The one standing next to her is my daughter. Her name is Lilac."

My eyes snapped open. I looked up and my eyes connected with familiar emerald ones. My heart stopped beating. I couldn't breathe. The Alpha Superiors all stood up, recognizing the face.

However, none of them mattered. What mattered was the instinct connection between us. I felt my soul intertwining with hers. I feel my heart started beating again. I feel alive again. This bond had stopped centuries ago but now it is here again, and it is here to stay.

We both feel the effects of it. Our wolves recognize each other as mates.

Everything about her—she's Lilac. Everything is the same. Those eyes. That nose. That long lustrous chestnut hair.

"Lilac?" I whispered inaudibly.

She blushed and tried to look away.

"No!" I stood up in a panic. Anything but looking away. Don't look away.

Her eyes flew back to mine in curiosity. This feeling inside my chest and deep in my guts. It is telling me she is mine.

She's mine by fate.

A million questions are running through my mind. We all know that the destined mate bond has been demolished and its place the Gods have given us the choice to choose our mates but staring through those eyes, I feel it deep in my chest and straight into my heart. This woman and I have a destiny together.

"Dominic," Rebecca reminded me of the present.

Reluctantly, I tore my eyes away from her. It physically hurt to not look at her. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say. I don't understand.

"How about you take Lilac out for a spin on the dance floor?" Frederick offered, literally pushing me towards Lilac.

Speechless still, I nodded insentient before offering my hand to her. She looked down at my hand and then her curious eyes fluttered up to mine again. For the second time that night, she took my breath away. She looks exactly like Lilac and that is hard to say because Violet was Lilac's twin. This woman—it doesn't make sense.

She slipped her hand into mine and the surprise sparks erupted the second her fingers brushed my palms. Both of us snapped our hands back. Our eyes colliding once again. Her lips parted and I visibly gulped. The power was addicting. The bond is intoxicating and tense between us.

The sound of Frederick clearing his throat made me offer my hand again to her. This time, when she slipped her hand through mine, we both welcomed the touch.

I guided her to the dance floor and when I brought her curvy body against mine, I felt like I was home again. I am feeling all kinds of emotions right now and I am not sure all of them are good. There are signs of pain, loss, and confusion lingering underneath all those feelings.

Her scent wrapped around me and I realized how much I missed this scent.

"What is this?" she whispered to me in a soft, confused voice.

"Didn't you study this?" I asked, knowing what she was questioning about.

"I feel connected to you. Why?"

"The destined mate bond has been demolished by our Gods for centuries yet here we are with that very connection present between us. I don't know why. I don't understand too. Regardless, if you listen to your wolf, your wolf will tell you exactly who I am to you. Even if we deny it and find some other explanations, we both know what it is already."

"But how?" I looked down and couldn't help but feel my heart skipped a beat. She looks adorable confused.

"I don't know," I replied honestly.

"Does this mean you are my destined mate?" She looked up at me from underneath her eyelashes.


I have one mate. Her mark on my neck is almost disappearing. I feel so many emotions. I don't know what to do with this situation.

"I don't know," I said once again.

"Then we aren't mates?" She raised an eyebrow.

My heart twisted in my chest. I don't know. She's asking questions but I don't know. I spun her around and back into my body. My hand settling again around the curve of her back.

People were staring at us.

"Where is your pack?" I asked.

"My father's pack is in Chicago. We are a city pack just like you."

So, she studied me.

"Do you have any siblings? Were you adopted?"

She frowned at my sudden questions.

"No and no. Those are weird questions to ask me."

Is she my Lilac or is she not my Lilac? And if she wasn't, am I willing to let go of what the Gods have given me? A bond that I didn't ask for.

"How old are you?" I asked.

"Twenty," she replied.


Twenty years since Lilac's death. My hands tightened around her hand and waist, pulling her closer. Her lips pursed into a frown.

Is this some sick joke from the Gods? After years of hiding and watching us fight, rage war, and kill, they interfere? For what reason? What did I do to earn this? What do they want from me? Who truly was this woman in front of me?

I am a hard believer in my Gods. When I have gone so long without my prayers being answered and when I have lost my mate, they want to throw a destined mate into my lap? I can't trust them. So, what do I need to do?

I can only trust what I can see and touch. This means that I needed to go see Lilac. As sick as this may sound, I needed to disturb the peace of my love one.

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