Until Dawn

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Chapter 33 - Dominic

Every day since the day she died, I delivered her flowers. I visited her every day; even on raining or snowy days. Staring at her name across the tombstone, I can still feel that twinge of pain in my chest. It hurts and I miss her every damn day. Disrupting her peace and resting place is a sick move of mine but I am desperate. If it is false hope, I want to end it—at least then I would know the truth.

"Alpha, I don't think this is a good idea," Peyton said from beside me.

Today, the sky was gloomier than usual. My heart is throbbing painfully in my chest but I put up a front. My face is masked of any kind of emotions. This is not easy for me. I should just let it go. I should let everything go but I keep clinging onto that last string of hope.

"It isn't but it is the only choice," I replied.

"This is wrong morally and legally. I just don't feel right about this. Last night, I saw her. She looks exactly like Lilac and even if she may not be your Lilac, she is still your destined mate."

I threw him a glare. I don't need him to tell me what I already know. The destined bond is there. I don't understand why it is but it is. I know what she is to me.

"I need to know, Peyton."

"Are you serious? Are you really going to disturb her peace? You can't be that sick, Dominic. Let it go," he urged.

Immediately, a surge of anger rushed through my veins. It is so fierce, Peyton felt it. He looked down on the ground. He didn't speak or say anything because he knew he had pushed me a little too far. He overstepped. This is not his place. I know he means no harm. I know that this is some sick way to learn the truth but it needs to be done.

"Dig," I commanded in a low, warning tone.

Slowly, the workers began digging. I watched them unearth my love's coffin. Inch by inch. Shovel by shovel. I ordered them to dig and disrupt her sight. I am the sick bastard here yet I can't bring myself to look at them do the dirty work. I closed my eyes.

When I heard the loud thud of impact, I knew they had reached the coffin. Snapping my eyes opened. I stood rigid in my spot. I watched the workers throw down their digging tools. I watched one of them jump down to the grave and opened it.

Everyone was just as curious. They all bent forward hoping to see a pile of bones or rotten body parts but when a look of shock surpassed on their face, I knew something was wrong. Peyton was the first to move forward. He walked closer and looked at the coffin. His own eyes widening upon seeing what is inside.

Unable to restrain myself further, I appeared next to him. Looking down, I am just as speechless as everyone. A shudder ran through my body and my mind turns blank. Peyton turned to look at me with questioning eyes.

"What-I-I don't understand," he muttered in a shocking state, taking a step back.

I grabbed onto the collar of his shirt and brought him closer to me. Anger coursing through my veins, I'm pissed. What the fuck is this? What is the meaning of this? I didn't give a shit if he was my friend. If he fucked me over, I'll kill him.

"Where is she?" I growled.

"She-she's supposed to be in there, Dominic. I swear! I will never lie to you. She was inside the coffin when we buried her."

"Then why isn't her body inside?" I snarled, shaking him.

He grabbed onto my fists. "I am your friend, Dominic. We have known each other since we were pups. Do you really think I am capable of doing something like this?"

I closed my eyes tightly and fight against the confused rage inside of me. I don't know what to think. She's not inside. Where's my mate? Where is she? I know Peyton. He's right. He won't do this to me. He won't betray me. That still doesn't answer my question.

I released Peyton. He looked at me annoyed and fixed the collar of his shirt.

"As a friend, you're a dumbass and I'm pissed that you think I would do something like this." Peyton is hurt.

"I don't understand, Peyton. If she's not in there, then where is she?" I asked out loud.

Peyton glanced back at the empty grave. I can see confusion glinting in his eyes.

"There are no signs of rotting. It is like she just up and disappeared. Vanish."

I took a step back and ran two hands through my hair. I am trying not to freak out and demand my pack members to score the city for my mate. Could it be that someone had disturbed her grave without me knowing?

It can't be. I would have known if the grave was disturbed. I have been here every single day. I touched her resting place many times. There was nothing out of the ordinary.

"Does this mean..." Peyton's voice fell.

I turned to look at him. I can see what he was trying to say. Could it be that the woman I met is indeed my loving mate that has died?

"I don't know," I replied.

I can't deny the sudden blooming of hope inside of me but at the same time, there are still so many questions to be answered. If she is my mate, why was she living with Alpha Joshua and Luna Jaclyn? She didn't recognize me when we first met. To her, it was the first time meeting me.

I turned to watch the workers worked in cleaning up the grave. They closed the coffin and refilled the grave with dirt again. I don't know how I feel about this. All these years, I have been coming here to see her. I came here when I missed her. I came here when I needed somebody to talk to. I have been talking to an empty grave.

I needed more answers and I am not getting them in San Francisco.

"Peyton, book me the first flight to Chicago. Send me the flight information to my email. I am going to see my mate and her family," I ordered before heading to my car.

"How long will you be gone?" Peyton shouted from his spot.

"I will be back within the day," I answered without turning back to look at him.

I unlocked my car but stopped. Suddenly remembering that I needed him to do something else.

"Peyton," I shouted his name to get his attention.

He looked my way.

"I need you to let the omegas know to clear out a guest room by the time I return," I said before entering my car and pulling into the street.

It didn't take long. I arrived at the Chicago airport in a little under five hours. Alpha Joshua greeted me personally at the airport.

"Alpha Superior Dominic, I am extremely honored to have you visit Chicago. I hope your flight here was pleasant," he greeted me with a bow to his head.

"Thank you for accepting my unexpected arrival. However, I am here only for the day and then I will be returning." I looked around the busy airport and then back at him. "Is there someplace private we can talk?"

He also looked around before looking at me and nodding. His driver was outside waiting for us. As soon as he saw us coming, he quickly ran to the door and opened it for us.

I got inside first before Alpha Joshua followed in after me. If he was nervous to be sitting in an enclosed space like me, he didn't let it show. I watched as the driver pulled into traffic and headed to our location.

"If I may ask, are you here because of my daughter?" Alpha Joshua asked.

My eyes flashed to him. So, she hasn't been quiet. She did tell her parents.

I nodded, "Yes."

"So, it is true? She's your destined mate?" Alpha Joshua questioned further, in amazement because this ancient bond disappeared for centuries.

To hear about its very existence in the present day is like hearing that God has saved us from global warming. It is a miracle and it is renewing hope for our beliefs.

"When I met your daughter, I felt the instinctive pull. When I touched her hand, our connection immediately combined. She is mine. There is no denying it," I replied honestly.

Alpha Joshua leaned back in his seat, shaking his head in shock. He is still processing the information. His brown eyes glimmering every now and then.

"Are we at your packhouse?" I glanced out the window to see a large and expensive apartment building.

He nodded, "No worries. Everyone is expecting you. They are very excited to have an Alpha Superior here in the city."

I didn't care about anybody else. My heart is thudding against my chest. My pulse is racing even when I am trying to damper it. My eyes scanned the building slowly. She's inside. I know she is.

The car pulled up to a rounded driveway where the driver stopped before hurrying out and opening our door. Alpha Joshua stepped out first. His spine straightened with pride. My eyes skimmed the group of people loitering the front entrance until it stopped on her.

I stepped out of the vehicle and her eyes immediately flew from her father to me. That instinctive pull doubled between us. The air grew heavy with the bond. She didn't look away or look down this time. This time her eyes leveled with mine and a small, innocent smile appeared on her face.

"Jacklyn, my dear love, I swear you didn't have to come out here and wait for us."

"We weren't waiting for you, Joshua. We were waiting for Alpha Superior Dominic," she waved her mate off with a hand.

Joshua snorted and I couldn't stop the smirk from appearing on my face. I wanted to speak to them but I want to speak to them without Lilac there. I want to obtain information without trying to explain why I am obtaining this information. She doesn't need to know—at least until I know.

"Is there somewhere we can talk in private, Alpha Joshua and Luna Jaclyn?"

I didn't miss the disappointed look cross my mate's face. She wanted to join in. Her smile disappeared and she looked crestfallen. My heart tugged but I ignored it.

"Of course, let us go to my office," Alpha Joshua directed me inside.

We walked through the modernize apartment lobby and took the elevators up to the top floor. It is a complete suite of its own. It has a kitchen, bedrooms, and living space. I am impressed at how nice it looks.

"This is the Alpha suite. My office is just right over here," he did a quick introduction to his home before directing me down a hallway and into a double door office. Luna Jaclyn followed silently behind us.

His office space is rather big. White walls, tall glass windows, and a semicircular glass desk.

"Please sit," he gestured to a black leather chair in front of his desk. He sat down in the leather office chair behind the desk. His Luna stood behind him.

"I don't have much time. My flight to return will be in a couple of hours. So, I'll get straight to the point. I am here today to find more about Lilac," I started.

"What about her?" Luna Jaclyn asked.

"Are you her biological parents?" I asked.

Their curious faces fell and they look a little taken aback.


"It is important that you tell me the truth, Alpha Joshua and Luna Jaclyn." My tone held a sudden danger to it that warned them to not lie.

Luna Jaclyn looked at her mate and they exchanged a silent conversation back and forth. I can see the emotions flying between them before she turned to look back at me.

"We aren't her biological parents," she announced.

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