Until Dawn

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Chapter 35 - Lilac

A soft smile played on my lips when he retracted his canines. He pulled back and those stormy blue eyes leveled over mine. His hands moving up to cup my face in his hands. His own face breaking out in a smile. I lifted my hand and traced his eyebrow and then to the corner of his eye.

"You can see," I said.

"I missed you," he whispered with emotions.

"I missed you too," I replied.

Twenty years with Alpha Joshua and Luna Jaclyn seems like a dream. I remember everything up to the day that I met Dominic. It feels like a wall blocking my memories and all it took was his mark for it to crumble.

His eyes never stopped searching my face. He is examining everything as I have somehow just appeared underneath him. I rested my hands on his shoulder and tilted my head to the side.

"What's wrong? Still, think I am not real?" I asked.

He chuckled. The slight ache on my neck reminded me that he had marked me.

"Is this payback for me marking you first the last time?" I asked further, pointing at my neck.

He chuckled some more before leaning down to capture my lips in his. It was a desperate, hungry, and a very emotional kiss. Through this kiss, I can feel all his pain and love in those past twenty years. He slipped his arm around my body and pulled me closer to his. I moaned and wrapped my arms around his shoulders, running my hands through his hair.

"Don't leave me again, Lilac. I can't lose you again." He pulled back enough to scattered kisses all over my face.

I laughed and tried pushing him off me. He wasn't having any of it. This mate of mine had me wrapped firmly around him. He squeezed me harder and moved his face to the crook of my neck.

"Dominic," I mewed when I felt him suck on the new mark.

He pulled us back up into a sitting position. My legs straddled him. My sundress rising over my thighs.

"I need you. Twenty years without you, Lilac. I need to feel close to you," he breathed into my neck.

I feel alive in his arms. I feel giddy and confident. It is like coming home after a long day after work. I don't know how to explain it.

"I can help with that," I rasped, feeling need throb between my legs.

Slipping my hands down his chest, I hooked my fingers underneath the hem of his dark emerald t-shirt and slipped it off his body, revealing his naked torso. Biting my lips, I took my time ogling my mate. He was too busy sliding his hands up my thighs and grabbing my ass, bring me forward to ground against his hard bulge.

"Oh," I moaned.

When the Gods placed me back on earth, they gave me a gift to come back to the one I love. They gave me a gift to experience the very first destined bond in centuries. I am fated to be his. I am fated to love him.

What I have said before about making all these choices again, I will make it all over again. He is worth it.

I unbuckled his belt before opening his fly. Slipping my hand inside, I wrapped my hands around his thick hardness before slipping him out. He shreds my cotton panties in seconds. I couldn't stop the giggle that erupted from me. He is, indeed, eager.

Lifting myself up a little, I placed him at my entrance with one hand while the other glided up to cup his cheek. His eyes opened to meet mine just as I slowly slipped him inside. The storm that brews in those stormy blue eyes reminded me of the day when we first met. They were filled with so much anger and self-hatred. Now, they were every shade of emotions.

When I slipped him inside me completely. We both felt an overwhelming connection and pleasure. I clenched around his thick length, getting used to his intrusion once again. It has been so long. He leaned forward and skimmed his lips up my throat. While wrapping both arms around my torso. I began moving up and down motion.

He nipped my jaw before returning his kisses back down my neck to my exposed chest. Yanking my hair back, my chest is thrust in his view. All this and I'm still rocking over his length. Biting my lips at the fireworks shooting through my body with every skin that touched.

An image of him sitting on the throne in the Superior court flitted through my mind. The strength and powerful aura of my mate heighten both my wolf and my sexual desires. We love how powerful he has become. We were proud to see how far he has gone without us. He didn't let go and fought for justice. He fought for me.

I heard a rip and turned down to see him ripping the top of my dress in half. I gave him incredulous to which he smirked cheekily in return.

"Is this going to be a habit?" I asked and moved to have better control in riding him. Wrapping my arms around his shoulders, I moved my hips. He groaned and brought in his bottom lip.

"I don't know what you are talking about," he said gruffly before capturing one nipple into his mouth.

I ran my hands through his hair, feeling incredible underneath his mouth. I increase my speed which in turn he nipped my nipple before moving to the other one.

Suddenly, he flips us over. I'm on the bed underneath him. He grabbed both of hands and placed at the sides of my head. A smirk still on his face. I think he has grown a little cheeky over these past few years. Deciding he needed a lesson, I clenched around his hard length. He hissed and his eyes darkened.

I arched an eyebrow in a challenge just as he withdrew to the tip and thrust deep inside of me. I couldn't stop the soft gasp leaving me. He chuckled and intertwined his fingers through mine. Leaning down he captured my lips and began a steady pummeling, bringing us both higher and higher.

His lips slid over mine before I felt his tongue slip inside. He glided his tongue over mine, creating a consistent rhythm with his thrust and tongue. It was sexy and my core throbbed with more. I needed more. He seemed to realize that because he increased the speed, tearing his lips away and pressing his forehead against mine. His eyes bore into mine. The emotions between us buzzing around us, sending our desires on overload. The attraction and the distance are driving us to the brink of insanity. It was like this wasn't enough. We needed to get closer. His thrust became relentless. The bed shook. His grunts grew heavier. I couldn't stop crying out his name and begging him to increase his speed. It was pure need.

His pants went down to his thighs but he didn't even care. He didn't want to bother wasting a second to take it off. He wanted my orgasm. He wanted my release. He wanted my cry of defeat.

"Dominic!" I cried and squirmed underneath him.

He pumped quicker inside of me. My hands still firmly intertwined in his. He had me in a lock hold and I know I am nearing my release.

"Dominic!" I tried one more time, squirming once again in desperation.

He listened to me this time. Releasing my hands, he moved to grip my hips. Steadying my wiggling while he worked on bringing us to the brink. My canines sharpened and my lips pulled back. The string inside of me is about to snap. I am grasping at the last strand.

"Shit," he groaned when he felt how tight I am holding him inside of me.

My arms wrapped around his torso, I pulled him down and placed my lips at the crook of his neck. He moaned when he felt my canines pressing against his sensitive skin.

"Do it," he growled, just as the last string inside of me snapped.

Moaning, I sunk my canines into his skin. His blood seeping into my mouth and our bond completing once again. A lot of stronger and more powerful than anything else. I felt his emotions flooding through the bond. It was overwhelming and intoxicatingly good. It was like on a drug that I can't come off of. I needed more.

He roared. His thrust becoming jerky and erratic. I felt his semen coat my womb thoroughly. His face dropping to the crook of my neck and sunk his canines into my neck. I couldn't believe it. One time wasn't enough, he needed to mark me again. I'm really going to be exhausted for the next few days. An orgasm pulsed through me the second time.

When we both stopped, he collapsed on top of me. His head on my breasts as a pillow. I ran my fingers through his hair while we both focused on breathing.

That...I don't know what that was but it was incredible. I feel insanely good and I couldn't stop smiling.

He lifted his head and propped his chin in the valley between my breasts. His lazy blue eyes looking at me. A small lazy smile appearing on his face. So, he can't stop smiling too. At least I am not the only one smiling like an idiot.

"I missed you," he whispered again.

"I know but it looks like you did well in under twenty years," I replied with a yawn.

He moved to spoon my body to his. He didn't even care to clean us both off. I have a feeling, he wasn't done yet and just needed a break. I won't get any sleep at all. I will for sure be exhausted for the next few days.

"I worked every day for twenty years. I didn't miss a single day. I found if I rest, I will start missing you again. I'll go insane thinking about you. So, I did the only thing that kept my thoughts away from you. I worked hard for twenty years," he replied, pulling me closer and inhaling the side of my neck to calm his wolf. He wants to make sure I am still here.

"It is not a dream," I mentioned.

"It feels like one. I held you in my arms for five days, Lilac. I felt your heartbeat stop. I died the second you died. My heart got buried along with you. In my world, you were dead and now you are back in my arms. I can feel your heartbeat." He places a palm over my heart just to make sure it is beating.

"I don't remember much after my death. I just remember being really tired then waking up to meet Mortem." Mortem is like the angel of death.

"I know, I saw them too." When I looked at him in surprise. He explained to me his vision while marking me.

"They gave me another chance. Sent me back to earth but wanted to teach you a lesson. You didn't believe in them. So, they wanted to take the opportunity to punish you."

"They are a bunch of assholes but I am grateful that they brought you back to me."

He cupped one side of my cheek and brought my lips to his.

That day, he made love to me nonstop to make up for the time we lost.

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