Until Dawn

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Darius sat on his father’s chair in the Superior courtroom. Although he is still considered an infant with seven years only underneath his belt, he is every bit as demanding and pouting as his father. His eyes scanned the room that is currently filled with his baby cousins and siblings and a sense of authority falls over him.

“Silence,” he growled, making sure it came from deep within his chest as his father had taught him.

Another round of giggles and laughs. Everyone starts talking at once and he rolls his eyes at his underlings. They were supposed to heed his commands, not laugh at him.

“You guys, I think Emily pooped in her diaper,” Cassia, his cousin announces to everyone in the court.

“Eww, Harmony, go and change it.” Electra, his twin sister pinched her nose.

“It’s not my turn. Someone go tell mama.” Harmony made sure to look at everybody. No one volunteered of course.

“Have we forgotten who is in charge right now?” Darius felt like he needed to remind everyone.

“Nobody cares, Darius,” Electra snapped back with a roll of her eyes.

The two fraternal twins had their father’s genes—dark midnight hair and the sharpest color of blue for their eyes. Their father, Alpha Dominic is known to the werewolf world as a just Alpha Superior. He rules alongside four other Alpha Superiors who have taken a strong liking to him. They value his opinion and have continued to push their kind to be better. In his current reign, there have been less pack territory battles, increase in pack negotiations and contracts, and with the support of his mate, they have helped many packs who needed aid in rebuilding their homes and territories.

“Oh my god! There’s poop on my hand!” Cassius cried out, lifting his hand up in the air in evidence.

“Eww! Get away from us, Cassius!” His twin, Cassia said in disgust.

“I’m going to wipe it on your face, Cassia,” Cassius screamed while chasing after her.

Poor Cassius is known to be the clumsy one out of the cousins and like always he tripped on his feet and went flying. Everyone watched him fly and swatted Harmony on the face.

Harmony, being the oldest of them, screamed her head off and stomped off to the bathroom. The room went silent as they watched her disappeared around the corner.

Slowly, there was a giggle. Then another. Then another. And everyone burst out laughing. It was hilarious to see Harmony freak out. Cassius’s hand is still tainted with poop but that didn’t stop him from laughing.

“I don’t want to play anymore,” Darius announced, clearly upset with his cousins and sister. Nobody ever listens to him.

“Stop being a baby, Darius,” Electra teased his brother.

“Shut up, Electra,” Darius growled.

“Make me,” Electra taunted further.

Darius stomped down the steps just as his mother and aunt walked into the room. His face wore a look of determination. His sister and him always fight. One time, Electra gave him a bloody nose which he returned shortly after. Their father, of course, punished them both but Electra and him always tend to try and establish who is a better twin.

Lilac walked into the room with her sister beside her. It has been seven years since she has returned. She still can’t believe that while she was in Alpha Joshua’s pack, her sister had given birth to five pups already. Harmony being her oldest, then the two fraternal twins Cassia and Cassius, then there was George and just recently Emily who has just turned one.

Darius grabbed onto Electra’s shirt just as Cassius ran after Cassia again. Emily pushed herself up into a standing position before wobbling after the siblings—a baby giggle each time she watched them run in circles around her.

“Oh god,” Violet groaned, clearly tired from her pups.

Lilac giggled until she saw Darius and Electra rolling on the ground.

“Darius! Electra!” Lilac snapped.

They didn’t pay attention to their mother. Their attention is thoroughly invested in beating their sibling up. Lilac walked up to the two pups and grabbed them both at the collar, lifting them into the air.

“What on earth is going on?” Lilac growled.

“Darius is being an idiot,” Electra snarled in her brother’s direction.

“Electra doesn’t know how to play ‘King of the World’. She’s the idiot,” Darius snapped back.

“Stop. Stop it. I mean it. Stop!” Lilac’s boomed at the end, demanding attention.

Everyone stopped in their antics. Emily plopped to the ground the instant she heard her Aunt Lilac ordered. Violet walked over and grabbed Cassius’s hand.

“Go to the bathroom and wash up, Cassius,” Violet ordered.


“Go!” Violet’s voice held no arguments.

Cassius huffed before doing as his mother ordered. As soon as Cassius’s excited, Dominic and Alpha Nathaniel walked in. They stopped talking when they felt the tension in the air. Dominic’s eyes immediately landing on his mate and his two pups dangling in her arms.

“What’s going on?” Dominic asked, walking over.

Violet walked over to Emily and picked her up before running to the bathroom to change her. Alpha Nathaniel walked to the three that are left from his pups.

“Darius is a donkey,” Electra taunted further and crossed her arms.

“Electra,” Her father warned her.

Darius smirked before giving his sister a smug, conceited look that she wanted to punch off his face.

“I swear, Dominic, I will-”

“I’ll take care of it, love,” he leaned over and kissed his mate’s nose before taking hold of his pups. He brought the two over to a corner and they sat down to talk.

“Darius, what did I say about your temperament?” Dominic arched an eyebrow at his son.

“I didn’t mean to. I just wanted to play a game,” Darius grumbled.

“He was demanding! Ordering us around. How is that even fun?” Electra tattled.

“We said we would take turns being Alpha Superiors,” Darius shot back.

“You were Alpha Superior for the fifth time. We never got a chance,” Electra glared at her brother.

“Ok, alright, stop it.” Dominic prayed for patience. If they continued this, Lilac will never allow him to impregnate her again and he is itching to.

Beta Peyton walked into the room. He’s been gone for two years working on a case for Dominic. He came to the Superior court to report back his findings but is surprised to see the whole family there. He hasn’t settled down yet. Part of it had to do with all the things he has been doing. He’s too busy to settle or to even think about dating. He doesn’t mind it but god knows how much he craves this. He wants pups. He wants love and happiness.

He has seen Dominic with his mate and pups. It both hurts and makes him yearn for his very own.

“Dom,” Beta Peyton got his friend’s attention.

Dominic looked back down at his pups and gave them a look that told them to behave before standing up and walking over to Beta Peyton.

Beta Peyton is happy for his friend. After years of working with the Alpha Superiors, Alpha Superior Frederick finally admitted that Alpha Superior Emerson is a tyrannical leader. He sought more power and hated those who are being favored. As his colleagues are relying more and more on Dominic, he grew a little jealous and undervalued. They discovered many illegal financial transactions being sent to other supernatural beings. When they found this out, the Superiors grew furious. He is working in alliance with their enemies, creating chaos where there shouldn’t be. All in all, he grew fearful of Alpha Dominic and his business. He was afraid of the discovery of his malicious ways and wanted to eliminate the threat when he could. Now, the Superiors can rest that with Dominic working alongside them.

Beta Peyton is relieved to see this happening. After he completes this mission, he believes he might take a little break himself and see what is out there for him. He just needs to pass all his findings over and ask for a temporary leave from his position.

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