Until Dawn

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I was trying to be nice by bringing him lunch earlier today. It had always made me happy when my mom did it to me when I was a child. I didn’t think for a second that he will make me stay with him the whole day.

I’m beginning to regret coming to his workplace. The meeting with his leaders and managers was taking forever. He introduced me like a close family friend to his human employees but his pack members that worked under him, they knew differently. They knew I was so much more to their Alpha.

I’m sitting here next to him while drawing random images on a piece of blank paper in front of me. My mind not completely focused on what was going on. I love thinking about math and problem solving but this didn’t really involve me or my opinion. It was a time like this I wished I brought a book to read.

A throat cleared, and I looked up to see them staring at me. The throat cleared again and I turned to the person who had drawn my attention from my paper. One of Dominic’s thick eyebrows raised in question before he dropped them to my legs. I looked down to see that I have been tapping my heels against the pristine marble floor. It is a habit. I do it when I am bored. It isn’t because I am antsy, but it keeps me focused and a little less tired. My heels stopped clicking and I offered an apologetic smile to him.

He turned back to his employees and resumed the meeting. I set my pencil down and looked at every single person in the room. The human employees seemed to be a little older in age. A few with white peppery hair and facial lines. On the other hand, the pack members looked like a little fitter due to their required trainings and almost immortal genes. Aging seems to not be an issue here when it comes to werewolves. We do age but very slowly.

I am twenty-two years old. Dominic is much older. I would reckon he is about thirty at this moment. Although, he looks so much younger.

A pang in my belly made my body stiffen. One palm going to rest on my belly. Glancing at the clock and I realized this meeting is well over an hour now.

I wondered how many meetings Dominic has in a day. After lunch, I have been in a total of four consecutive meetings. Most of them lasting only thirty minutes but there was no break in between.

I chewed my bottom lip as I leaned down to my purse that was resting underneath the table. There I unzipped the zipper and pulled out a bag of barbeque chips. Once I had it in my hands, I slowly straightened up, eyeing the yummy, salty, fatty treat in my hands.

Ever so slowly, I popped it open. The noise of the plastic bag rubbing against each other. It was making so much noise and so I decided to just end it all at once by pulling apart the bag revealing me the chips inside.

Putting one hand inside, I pinched one curled, yellow chip into my hands and popped it into my mouth. The salty sweet flavor rolled across my tongue in total bliss. I don’t care what anybody says but chips are the next best thing to French fries ever created in this world.

I have never been a sweet tooth kind of girl. I love my fatty food and that’s it. Nobody is going to take that away from me. I dived right in for a second piece.

A throat cleared again and I looked up from underneath my lashes at Dominic who was looking at me again with a scowl on his face. Sometimes, I wonder if he was truly indeed blind. How can he know where I am every single time? A voice in my head told me I was sitting right next to him so it wasn’t that hard to find me.

Still! It’s like he sees me.

“Sorry,” I whispered, bringing yet another piece of chip to my lips. He can get mad at me all he wants but he will have to pry the bag of chips from my dead hands if he wants to.

He exhaled in annoyance before turning back to his employees. They were talking about cash investments and product sales. Something along the lines of their future product.

I continued to eat in silence and when I finished the bag of chips in my hands, I tossed it in the small trash can behind me before turning to look at every one. I feel so much better now. The queasiness in my stomach was now gone.

I glanced back at the clock and it is passed five in the evening. Sighing loudly, my shoulders slumped and I leaned back in my seat. The action did not go unnoticed. It seems I am attracting a whole lot of attention in this meeting.

“Dominic, I think I am going to go take a walk,” I whispered while leaning closer to him.

He sighed before announcing, “The meeting is over. Tiffany will schedule another meeting with you in a week.”

I blinked and wondered if it was me that had halted the meeting. I did try not to be so loud. I swear I even tried chewing slower to produce less crunch in my chew.

Dominic stood up and I quickly followed him by snatching my purse off the ground and standing next to him. As soon as he felt my hand wrapped around his arm, he and I started walking out of the meeting. He didn’t even say bye to anyone but I didn’t waste a second to wave goodbye to them all before leaving the room.

Dominic and I walked together towards the elevators. I leaned forward and pressed the down arrow before returning to my position beside him.

“I am sorry,” I said as soon as we stepped inside the elevator. “I stopped you from completing your meeting.”

“There wasn’t much left to go over. All the important details have been relayed and I have already made my decisions. They just need to draft up proposals and do some more research,``he assured me.

Was he being nice?, I thought to myself.

We were quiet the rest of the way down to the car that was waiting for us outside. The driver which was also a pack member opened the door for us. I waited for Dominic to get inside before I slip in right after him.

Now we were alone. If we don’t count the driver. I sat on one side of the back seat and Dominic on the other side. I folded my hands in my lap and looked out the window. The sun was beginning to set over the tall city buildings.

“Did you want to go somewhere to eat?” Dominic’s thick and deep voice interrupted my city observation.

I pulled away from the window to look at him. He was still looking straight ahead. His face was masked from any kind of emotions. It was hard to see what he was thinking when he wasn’t really looking at me.

Today, he was dressed in a sophisticated and traditional tailored business suit. His would suit jacket was not button up making him look more relaxed. I looked down at the black leggings and light blue cashmere blouse I had on. I look way more comfortable than he does.

“Can we stop by a drive-through?” Why? Because he is dressed too fancy for a stop at a fast food restaurant and I do not want to go anywhere fancy.

“Where would you like to go?” he asked again.

“I don’t know,” I said with a shrug. “I just want something fatty and greasy.”

His face twitched and I swear he was fighting off a smile. He sighed before ordering our driver to take us to the nearest drive-through. I settled back in my seat with a smile on my face. A smile that I couldn’t wipe off because I was happy that he and I were having a normal conversation. Much more normal than yesterday.

Fifteen minutes later, the smell of greasy hamburgers and fresh out of the fryer french fries hit my nostrils and filled the car. I had asked the driver to order himself something as well. He had declined and convinced me that he had eaten before he came to pick us up.

I opened the bag and realized that Dominic will not be able to feed himself. It would be difficult for him to eat without seeing. Especially in the dark. I remember Peyton telling me something about that.

I reached for the box of French fries before unbuckling my seatbelt and scooting closer to him.

“What are you doing?” His eyebrows were so close together, it almost looked like he had a unibrow. The scowl on his face I was becoming used to fast.

“Feeding you.” I picked out a french fry before raising it up to his lips. “Say ‘ah’.”

His scowl deepened. “Put on your seatbelt, Violet.”

“Later. First, feed the beast.” I replied and realized what I just said. I winced and cursed myself in silence before risking a glance at him.

The scowl lines disappeared from his forehead and his mouth opened. I popped the french fry into his mouth before grabbing another one.

“I’m sorry. They didn’t provide any ketchup,” I mentioned to him while feeding him.

“That’s fine,” he replied.

I continued to feed him until we were halfway done with the fries. I put it back in the bag and took out the hamburger. Unwrapping it carefully, I brought it to his lips. He took a bite out of it before the car jerked and I went flying to the front.

A scream passed my lips but was immediately halted when Dominic’s arm wrapped around my body and brought me over to sit on his lap. Surprised, I wiggled in his lap in a sorry attempt to get off.

“Stop,” He demanded and I noticed how deep and raspy his voice has become.

I stopped immediately. I must have hurt him with all my wiggling. Turning my head, I examined to see if he was hurt but all I saw was how heated his eyes were. That look...

I’ve seen it before it other males who lusted after their mates and I am not all that innocent. I have watched my fair share of porn videos. It was then I noticed something hard was poking me from underneath. Immediately, I fought against him. A slow heat stirring between my legs. The ache intensifying with each passing second.

Then the unspeakable happened. My core rubbed his clear as day arousal. I stopped. I stopped because if I moved even one inch, I will feel him.

“Dominic...” I whispered softly.

“I’m sorry, Alpha,” The driver said from the front seat. His eyes remain cast to the street before him.

“Just fucking drive,” Dominic said through gritted teeth.

“Dominic, let me go,” I whispered.

“Stop moving, Violet.” His lips were by my ear and I shivered in response. My body liking the feel of his lips touching us.

“I-I...” I stammered.

“Cody put on your headphones,” Dominic ordered our driver who immediately did as he was told.

“W-what are you doing?” My voice wavered.

His arms tightened around me and leaned into the crook of my neck. The hamburger in my hands dropped to the seat when I felt his lips locked onto my sensitive skin. The air stuck in my lungs and the burning ache in my legs grew.

When he pulled back, his eyes were hooded with lust.

“Stop moving unless you want me to fuck you until you are screaming my name over and over.”

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