Until Dawn

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What is it about this woman that drives me into an unreasonable state? It could be the fact that she stood up to me even though no other person dares to. I can still recall her poking my chest. The incredulous feeling that must have reflected on my face when she did it.

It could also be the fact that in a matter of two days, I am able to see that she’s a clumsy fool with a mouth that runs, or it could be the simple fact that she feels good against me and I like it. I like it a lot.

I also like the fact that she’s sitting on my lap right now. Latching onto her neck was an instinct I couldn’t stop. The urge to taste her all day was overpowering. I couldn’t even stop it.

“Please, let me go,” she whispered. “I-I can’t.”

“You can’t what?”

“I can’t sleep with you,” she spoke in a low voice. I could barely hear her even with my werewolf hearing.

“Why can’t you?” I asked, my voice shook and was raspy from the barely controlled desire to spread her legs and pummel hard inside of her.

There was a moment of silence as if she was debating over some mind matters.

“I just can’t,” she replied.

A thought occurred to me, did she not want this? Did she have another male mate in mind and was coerced into mating with me due to the contract. My hands tightened around her-one digging into her thighs and the other one around her hips.

“Is it because of someone?” I questioned, an inexplicable feeling hitting the bottom of my stomach and crawling its way all over my body.

“Yes,” she replied.

So, she does have someone else in mind.

Finally, I recognized the emotion that was hitting me hard right now. I am jealous and possessive of her. I hate the fact that another man got to her before I did. Although at first, I didn’t want her to see me in this state, I found that I don’t mind her company at all. She pisses me off, but she talks to me as if I am not handicapped and a nuisance to her. There is no sympathy in her voice. I feel normal around her.

“Who?” I dared to ask.

Again, she was silent.

I scoffed with a short laugh. Shaking my head, I realized that if she did indeed didn’t want to be here than I do not want to force her.

“You were forced to come to me,” I stated not questioning her, but she answered anyway.

“Yes,” she said.

“My offer from yesterday still stands. You can leave. I do not need you.” Even when I spoke the words, I felt that they were the wrong words to say.

“You will let me go?” she asked, and I can hear the curiosity in her voice.

I nodded. “If you love him, I won’t hold you back. The contract that our parents-”

“Wait. What?” She interrupted me.

“I’m not going to stop you from what you want. If you love another man, I will let you go. The contract that our parents signed on. I will have my lawyer look it over. If there are any repercussions, I will handle it because I am the one who is ending the contract,” I answered, feeling my guts churned.

“Um...” Her voice dropped off a little. “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Now, I am confused. My grip around her lessened and she moved right off my lap onto the seat next to me. I heard shuffling around and figured she was cleaning up some stuff.

When the noise stopped, she let out a soft sigh.

“Explain,” I am a very impatient man.

Silence followed but after a minute, she spoke up again.

“I can’t explain,” she grumbled.

Again, my patience is wearing thin and I rubbed my temples to stop me from lashing out. It was clear that she is conflicted, but she doesn’t trust me enough to talk to me. Whatever it was, she wants to keep it.

“Fine,” I responded, “I will allow it, but you will have to answer these questions.”

There was no protest coming from her and so I continued.

“Do you want to be here?”

There it was again. Silence.

“Violet?” My voice came out harsher.

“Yes,” She didn’t sound very convincing.

“Are you sure?” I wanted a firm answer from her.

“Yes, Dominic. I want to be here. I want to help you,” she answered.

I sighed and rubbed one hand over my face.

“I don’t need you to help me,” I snapped and have no clue why I am upset with her response.

“Well, what did you want me to say?” She was confused as I was.

She made it sound like she was providing services to me. Right this moment, she sounded like every nurse, doctor, and even Peyton that talked to me. It triggered me.

“What if I want more?” I ignored her question.

“More?” She sounded so confused.

I ran a hand through my hair. I’m frustrated and pissed. Being contained in a car isn’t a good thing either. It only adds to my agitation. My fingers dug into my palms while I fisted them in my lap. My wolf claws lengthened and dug inside my skin hard.

“Dominic?” She touched my arm.

“Forget it.” I spat before leaning forward and tapping on the headrest in the driver seat to get Cody’s attention.

A minute later, “Yes, Alpha?”

“Where are we?” I asked.

“Just about to turn the corner and then we are home,” he replied.

“Drop Violet off here. I am not going home yet.”

I heard her a shift in her seat. I can feel the heat of her eyes on me. I don’t know how it was even possible.

“Where are you going?” She was curious.

“I can’t go home yet,” I told her.

“Then I am going with you.”

“Damn it, Violet. Go home.” I snapped, feeling on edge.

“No,” She responded.

I ran, again, a rough hand through my hair in frustration.

“Just go home,” I ordered again.

“No,” she responded yet again.

“Alpha?” Cody hinting that we were there at the gates. The car stopped moving.


“It’s dark outside! What will you do? You can’t see anything,” she snapped from her side of the seat. It was the first time I have heard her angry. She wasn’t that angry yesterday but today was another side of her.

“Where are you going? Is it safe for you? Are you meeting someone?”

She was ranting and her questions were colliding with one after another. I reached for her. My hand touched a soft cheek before I slid my hands through the roots of her hair and yanked her to me. My lips slammed onto hers in an instant.

The kiss was harsh, angry, and demanding. I wanted her to shut up and I wanted her not to at the same time. I wanted her to listen and just stop arguing with me. I needed to vent. I needed to be alone but she won’t allow me to fall back into darkness. She’s bugging me like an annoying little pebble in my shoe.

Her lips parted and I dived right in. My tongue tangled with hers. Her body fell against mine. I can feel every curve of her body. The soft pressing of her breasts burned through my dress shirt. My hand tightened in her hair, bringing her deeper and closer.

She tasted so good and she’s a damn good kisser. I liked the way her tongue met me with each glide and stroke. I liked the way she didn’t hold back but at the same time allowed me to take the lead. It was fucking hot and sexy.

I tore my lips away from her. I can hear her ragged breathing. The sexual air tension between us was as thick as fog. I felt her shift away from me. Pushing against my chest and I slowly released her hair.

“Where is Cody?” she asked.

I smirked, “Probably waiting outside.”

“I didn’t hear the door close,” she mumbled and I can hear the confusion in her voice.

“You must have been distracted,” I told her.

There was a long silence and I am willing to swear on my parent’s grave that she was blushing. God, what I would give to see that.

“You aren’t going, are you?” She asked, changing the subject.

I sighed. “No.”

I was pissed and needed space but that kiss did calm me down a bit. I knocked on the window and a minute later, Cody opened the door and sat in the driver seat.

I can feel the car moving again. The sound of gates opening and us going up the driveway. Violet remained quiet the rest of the way up to our room. She mumbled something about me taking a shower and she will prepare my sleeping wear that will be on my bed.

Then I felt her leave the room. Alone, I thought about her. What was it that she really hiding? Did she mean it when she said she wanted to stay and was I that desperate to have her close? I should push her away. I am completely blind at night and can only see glimpse and lights during the day. It’s like trying to see through a blindfold. It is aggravating for someone like me.

With the bedroom lights on, I can see a little bit. I know my room enough to know where I am going. I walked over to the closet. On the right side was a small drawer. I grabbed the fragments of Violet’s phone. Her SD card and SIM card are still in there.

I make a living tracking people. Her SD card and SIM card should be able to get me the information I need about her. I placed her broken phone, SD card, and SIM card into a small leather bag with drawstring. Closing it, I placed the stuff on a high shelf in the closet. One that I know she can’t reach.

I could have Peyton look into this but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It was an invasion of privacy. I’ll give her time to trust me but if she doesn’t, am I willing to commit such a crime?

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