Velvet Valentine (MxM)

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Body and Soul [part 1] (Saroj)

We were kissing. Lips going mad, little moans and sighs. The whole shebang. My legs were around Daddy's waist and I was clinging to him while his hands roamed all over my body.

Suddenly we were moving. I didn't even blink an eye when he dropped me suddenly. I knew my back would hit a soft surface, and it did.

But I moaned when I felt velvet under me.

"Daddy!" I whined, desperate to have Ruhail's lips on mine again, to have his rough yet gentle touches push me towards insanity. I pulled on his shirt needily.

He just smirked.

He stood up, looming over me in his delicious looking dress shirt and slacks. The maroon of the shirt matched my dress, and did amazing things to his eyes. I panted just lying there, looking at him.

"Strip for daddy." He quietly ordered and I moaned.

"Yes, daddy." I replied and stood up on the floor. Pushing him lightly into the bed where he sat comfortably as his eyes watched my movements like a hawk.

His predatory gaze made me even harder in my skimpy panties, and I wasn't sure how long I could hide it from him.

I bit my lip and slowly stripped the dress off me. I made sure my ass was facing him when I pulled the dress down my thighs and legs. I stepped out of the dress and turned to him to see that he had also got rid of his shirt and his perfectly chiseled, lean body made my mouth water.

I couldn't help myself, I walked up to him and straddled his lap. His pants couldn't hide his obvious erection and I moaned when I felt it touch mine.

"Daddy!" I squealed when he spanked my ass. Hard.

"Get rid of your panties before I tear them off." He said and I quickly scurried off his lap to pull them off me. As much as I'd have liked to seem him tear them away, I really wanted to wear them again. Even though I preferred bikini bottoms or other women's underwear over briefs, I never really wore lingerie before. It made me feel so fucking sexy.

"Stop." He said when I bent down to open my shoes. I looked up at him and he pulled me into his arms, his mouth attacking my already hard nipples, making me throw my head back and gasp for air.

I melted into his arms as he attacked my stomach with his mouth, while simultaneously kneading the flesh of my ass in his big hands. His callouses were rough on my soft skin and I moaned.

"Ahhh! Daddy!" I screamed when he took my whole cock into his mouth. I was still standing and he was sitting on the bed in front of me, but I was pretty sure my legs weren't holding me up anymore. If he let go of me, I'd definitely fall to my knees.

He bobbed his head up and down while still sucking hard on my cock. I was already close and we just started. It was pathetic how much he could control my body, but I couldn't lie, nothing ever felt better.

The amazing torture went on for a few minutes until I was nothing but a moaning mess in his arms.

"Aah!" I screamed, when I was suddenly thrown on the bed face-down and then squealed when a hard hand slapped my bare ass.

"So fucking pretty, Princess." Ruhail growled and I moaned just hearing his voice. So dominant that my hole quivered with the need to have him inside me.

"Daddy, fuck me! Please!" I begged him, giving him the best puppy eyed pout that I could muster. He smirked and shook his head.

"Not so fast, Bunny. Daddy's wants to play with his baby boy." He said with a sadistic smile which made me wonder how much of his slow torture I could take. But I couldn't think that for too long because his tongue was right there. Inside me. Licking and biting my hole that was already so sensitive to begin with. I haven't had sex in over a year and I was nervous before coming here about it. But not anymore. His fiery touches made me forget my worries. The only thing I seemed to want was his dick inside of me, filling me up to the brim.

But I didn't want him to stop rimming me either.

"Fuck! Daddy, I'm gonna cum!" I whined as he abruptly pushed a finger in me, stretching me out. His finger touched my prostate repeatedly with practiced ease and that was it for me.

I came with a hight-pitched scream and writhed from being sensitive, but Daddy didn't stop his torture.

"Such a pretty pussy, baby." He said and my body felt an electric shock run throughout it. Nobody has ever called it.... Pussy. It felt weird, but it also somehow made me hornier than before.

"Thank you, Daddy." I blushed like crazy when he smiled at me. I realised that I was already semi-hard again.

"Do you wanna suck daddy's cock, princess?" He asked and I nodded desperately.

"Yes, Daddy. Please. Please let me suck your cock." I begged him with big eyes and he smiled a sweet smile at me.

"Get on your knees baby." The words were barely out of his mouth before I turned and eagerly waited for him to shove his cock down my throat.

"Fuck my face, Daddy. Please." I begged just like last time and giggled. He growled, which made my whole body quiver again.

"Open!" Was all he said before I had a mouthful of cock and my hair in his fists. I held onto his thighs in order to not pass out. I loved his cock in my mouth. I loved when he used me like this.

"Prettiest whore." He whispered and I moaned, taking my hand off of him to touch myself.

"Uh-uh, you don't get to touch yourself until I tell you." He ordered, his cock still stretching my mouth open. I nodded and whimpered around his length.

"Now. Will you be a good slut for daddy?" He asked and yanked my hair so that my mouth was free of his cock, I instantly wanted it back in.

"Yes Daddy, please. Give me your cock, please." I begged him desperately.

He pushed his cock inside my mouth again, but instead of fucking my face, he let me suck him. I gave it my all, worshipping his beautiful cock with my hands and mouth as much as I could.

"Fuck baby, your mouth feels amazing, princess." He said, looking straight into my eyes as I bobbed my head up and down, taking as much of his cock as I could.

"Do you want me to fuck you now princess? Is your pretty pussy begging for daddy's cock?" He asked me in a condescending tone and I moaned. Why was that so fucking hot?

"Yes, sir. Please. Please, I want your cock Daddy." I've wanted it since the day I met him at the club. And the need hasn't dispersed one single bit. I wanted him more than I've ever wanted anyone. I didn't care what it meant, I needed him.

"Turn around then. Lie on your back. Let Daddy see you." He said, gently laying me down on the bed while he loomed over me. He took my sensitive nipple in his mouth and I whined.

"Please." I choked out, when he abruptly pushed two fingers inside my ass. I whimpered and trembled as two became three and he stretched me out while simultaneously abusing my prostate.

"Daddy, I don't wanna cum without you in me again. Please." I whined, and he growled.

"Such a pathetic, desperate whore." He smirked and I just whimpered. It seemed like that was all that I could do now that he was acting so dominant. Every part of my submissive soul wanted to submit to him completely.

He went for a condom but I shook my head. We got tested a few days ago - his idea. And we were both clean. I wanted nothing between us, and he didn't argue. He just nodded and grabbed the lube instead. He poured some lube onto his hands and his fingers went inside my hole, which quivered around them. He was cautiously ignoring my prostate this time, which made me whine.

Finally, fucking finally, he pushed his cock in slowly.

"Ahhhh..." I moaned in pleasure and relief, not feeling anything above a sting - pain wise and feeling like my soul was on fire - pleasure wise. He bottomed out and squeezed his eyes shut. He was so damn beautiful when he tried to control himself, biting his lips in that sexy way which made me tingle.

"Are you hurting?" He asked and I shook my head, pulling on his head so he'd kiss me.

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