Velvet Valentine (MxM)

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When Danger Calls (Saroj)

After opening my eyes, it took me a few minutes to realise where I was. Then the memories of last night flooded my senses.



I grinned a stupid big grin, not being able to control it. I had sex with Ruhail Yusuf and it was the kinkiest, dirtiest and best sex I've ever had. And now I was lying there, in his arms, his big body around me, his face in my hair and his soft breath tingling the back of my neck.

I tried to turn and flinched. Pain shooted across my lower back and ass. I was sore, deliciously so, but it was more than a little uncomfortable. I shouldn't have underestimated how big Ruhail was - everywhere. He filled me and stretched me to my limits. I didn't notice it in the heat of the moment exactly how much, but my body wasn't used to something that big and it let me know that.

When I finally successfully turned to face Daddy, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Which kinda woke him up.

If anyone asked me to describe Ruhail, 'cute' probably won't make the top hundred adjectives. Maybe he was a little cute when he was in school, lanky, lean with a shock of shaggy black hair. But not now, when he was so powerful, intimidating and so fucking hot. I would never think of calling him cute, a million other positive adjectives- yes, but not cute.

But at that moment, lying beside me with sleep covering his features as he tried to blink away the sudden light while his lip jutted out in a slight pout - he looked fucking cute. And my heart skipped a few beats, while my stomach did the funny twisting thing.

"Hey Bunny." He said after a few seconds, voice gruff and deep, and let me tell you, that wasn't cute, because I felt it in my groin.

"Hey Daddy." I said back, cuddling into him. The memories of last night crashed into my mind and I felt my face go red and hid my mortification in his chest.

God I loved his chest.

He chuckled and I glared at his chest, but the stupid grin refused to leave me.

"Daddy?" I said after a few minutes of him almost lulling me back to sleep with a tender backrub.

"Hmm?" He asked distractedly, looking outside the window.

"It's hurting a little, do you have a painkiller or anything?" I asked, a little ashamed because my enthusiasm kind of brought this upon me.

His eyes instantly grew worried as he scrutinized my face.

"Where are you hurt baby? Is it because of yesterday? I'm so sorry, Bunny. Do you need to see a doctor?" He asked me a series of questions, his hands flailing on my body, as if trying to find the switch to turn my pain off.

See, in these times, he looked cute. I just never noticed it before.

"Daddy, I'm fine." I giggled, cupping his face and kissing his nose. "My ass is a little sore, that's it. You' Big, you know. I'll get used to it though." I promised, rubbing his chest.

"It was too fast, wasn't it? We should have prepared you more, given you a little time. I'm sorry, precious." He was so genuinely sad that it made me frustrated.

"Daddy, it was perfect! And never say that again. I would do it again, hell, I'll probably be begging you to let me suck your cock in a while. I loved every second of yesterday. I just need a little something to deal with the pain and then I'll be as good as new." I told him as I kissed his lips. He nodded, face still regretful- unfortunately and got me something from his overnight bag.

"I always carry some things for medical emergencies." He murmured as he handed me a small pill and a bottle of water. I gulped down the pill and drank some water to chase it down. I then made grabby hands at Daddy so he'll pick me up.

He was still frowning when he picked me up, but I giggled and threw my arms around his neck and that made him smile.

He took me to the bathroom with the intention of cleaning up and getting me a hot bath so I get to relax, but I ended up on my knees - sucking him off before said bath.

And between us, it was the best fucking bath one can have.

"You didn't try any of the toys." I remarked. We were home now. We left after the cleaning people showed up. We cleaned up most of the x rated mess ourselves but left the rest for them and Ruhail left them a healthy tip.

I had the best Daddy ever.

"Those are for later." He absentmindedly commented while browsing through Amazon Prime. We couldn't decide what to watch.

"Let's watch Supernatural." I said, seeing as he was clearly confused. I felt bad that I asked him to choose today.

"We always watch that." He smirked, "You have a thing for big guys?" He teased and I giggled.

"You know I do. Do you know who my favourite is?" I asked enthusiastically.

"The sulky one, with long hair." He answered and I pouted.

"How do you know that?" I hated when he was right. He just laughed at me. His deep voice sounded so beautiful when he laughed and it was such a rare occurance that he laughed so loud that I instinctively cuddled into him, to let his warmth seep into me a little and he held me close.

"Alright, Bunny, we'll watch Supernatural." He said and I beamed at him.

"You still didn't answer my question though." I murmured and he sighed.

"Baby, I told you - later." He said sternly and I whimpered.

"Sweetie, don't be so sad." He said when he saw me pouting. "There is no one else I want to play with. You know that, right?" He asked me, kissing my cheek and I nodded.

"Then why can't you wait a little?" He asked me and I tilted my head.

"Because I want you to tie me up, I want to be at your mercy, I want you to have complete control over me." I smirked when I saw his eyes flare up at my words. "The question is, Daddy, why do you not want to do all that to me?" I asked and he smirked this time.

That never bore good things for me. My thighs tingled in anticipation.

"You wanna know what I wanna do to you? What I'm gonna do to you?" He asked me. His voice dropping to a dangerous low that scared me a little but also turned me on so much that I rubbed my thighs together.

I nodded.

"I'm gonna tie your pretty little body up in ways you never even have imagined. Then I'll play with you - as much as I want and for as long as I want. You'll beg and beg for release but you won't get it. Or I'll rile you up so much, you just wouldn't be able to stop cumming. And you'll just keep begging, Bunny. And I will do all that to you and more. But. Not. Now. I'll do it when I think you're ready? You understand me?" He asked me and I nodded, whimpering.

"Do you understand me?!" He asked louder and I whimpered again.

"Yes." I whispered, tears threatening to fall at the thought that I had annoyed Daddy too much, and he didn't like me anymore.

"Yes what?" He didn't seem to notice.

"Yes, sir." I said as my tears escaped and I wiped them away.

I was hauled into Ruhail's lap and my face smushed against his chest and I sniffled.

"Did I scare you little one? I'm sorry, baby." Daddy said while rubbing his hand on my scalp, I melted into him.

"I thought you don't like me because I'm annoying." I muttered while tracing one of his tattoos on his shoulder.

"Baby." His voice was laced with amusement which made me look up. "Daddy's never gonna not like you. I'm kinda incapable of doing that." He said and kissed my head. I was going to pout for a kiss when my phone rang.

It was Rip.

I frowned. Rip wasn't a phone call kinda guy. He did check on my but mostly via texts. One time him and Ruhail talked to each other and gave each other silent stares for most of the time. Me and Rohit giggled a lot that night. But Daddy told me he really liked those two when we came back home. Said they were 'solid'.

But Rip wasn't a phone call guy.

I picked up the phone and slid the green button up to recieve the call. I was greeted by a choked sob when I put the phone to my ear.

"Rip?" I immediately sat up straight and Ruhail went on alert.

"Rip? Hey, answer me dude." I said and the sob turned into a voice and it wasn't Rip's.

"Ss.. Saroj? I'm Ro... Rohit. C.. can you put Ru.. Ruhail on the" His words were broken and interrupted by sobs and I think I nodded before silently handing the phone to Ruhail. I was worried but I also understood why Rohit would feel safer talking to Ruhail. Rip and Ruhail weren't too different personality-wise.

Ruhail took the phone from me and tightened his arm around me. I listened to one side of the conversation.





"Shit. Don't worry, honey. We're coming over, just text your location to Saroj's phone okay? Hand in there, bud." He said and cut the call.

I was answered before asking

"Get ready, Bunny. We need to go. Now."

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